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  1. Martinez Lopez lived with his father for most of his life in the state of California. Two weeks after the outbreak had begun to occur, Martinez's father was unfortunately killed by an unknown assailant. Upon entering Chernarus, his father was shot in the chest by a man wearing a brown balaclava. Ever since then, Martinez had striven to hunt down the man that did harm to his family. Time passed, and Martinez had ran into many different factions and groups. None of which however, housed the target he searched for.
  2. John Wolf was man to lived alone to himself in the state of california. He occasionally visisted his great grandmother in san diego. He considered her a mother for the duration of about 5 years until she passed away due to her old age. Eventually John became a hermit in his home. Only coming out when it came to his job or food. Living alone had never got to him though. He was used to it at that point.John's father had abanonded him at birth where his mother died in a tragic accident while he was at the age of 14. His grandmother was the one to continue taking care of him for the next 5 years.
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  4. Yeah, I was one of the people there that saw it, the guy had an fnx and kos'ed u
  5. hey hunter its me the guy that was gona kill myself
  6. Yeah I need to know if I have another acounnt
  7. Hey, I need help. When I try to sign in on steam when whitelisting, it says it thinks I have an alt account and won't work. It says an administator has been notified under all the text. I don't remember ever making another account. Please help