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  1. *Martinez Lopez press down his PTT * *Thank you my friend for making me happy by helping me make a shop that made others happy* *You would hear Martinez sobbing while saying his goodbyes to Jackson* *And thank you for protecting me ever since I met you thank you for the adventures we had and for treating me like a brother* *you would hear a long silence* *At least you're in a better place rest in peace Jackson and Yuri let your soul rest* *You hear Martinez drinking and sobbing while saying "ve al cielo mis hermanos y descansa"* *Martinez release PTT*
  2. DancyMrBob

    DayZ vybor tings

    look at my shop she looks pretty
  3. @[email protected] @TIMELAPSE @[email protected] Navid Had fun with all and happy that my shop went well today besides getting attacked once and having three of my customers killed XD but other than that it was fun.
  4. your shop still around?
  5. bro i was doing the same thing but hopefully ur shop goes well :}
  6. "We the Runners, apologize to Anarchy for the multiple acts of violence committed by us against Anarchy. Our actions have caused more bloodshed than needed. Also we apologize for banning weed"
  7. Yeah for you at least your not the one who got shot in the back LOL XD
  8. I was heading out of Polana after reaching up a hill next to a red barn I heard my leader Chris talking to Luka a wolf pack member after one minute I heard guns shots out of nowhere a bunch of of legion and wolf pack woke up and started shooting at us even though when we went there the town was empty.Also before the firefight a prisoner was talking to us for help but she never talked on the radio in game at all.
  9. I'm a newer member to the group. Dynasty told me about this guy in lopatino who tried to break into his house. So I did what I was told and we busted in then took what we needed (guns).
  10. DancyMrBob

    Good boy Sumata

    need a ride lol
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