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  1. I've just joined and this thread makes me think I may play as an older man. Someone who lost a lot, but has hope from seeing social disorder before. He could waiver between despair, risking it all to call out behavior he finds abhorrent, to a determined hopefulness... "Get of the grass, you marauder! Ohhh, I remember when the grass was so green." Ha.
  2. New to DayZRP, but I have a story from some time ago in the mod's Namalsk map... A friend and I are exploring Vorkuta, a city in the north, when we come down with a sickness that has us coughing rather loudly. He was pretty unhealthy as well, and we're dehydrating. We're near the top of building, so he lays out on top and considers suicide. We notice the server is about to restart though, and there is a helicopter at the town's center when it does, so I convince him I'll fly it to the hospital at the Middle, East side of the map and gather supplies. Restart... I run down to the chopper and take it up, making a beeline for the hospital. I get there unscathed, and run in, finding both antibotics and water. I'm there about a minute when I hear a helicopter. "Oh no!" I think "someone saw the helicopter and it's being stolen!" Worse - Another helicopter saw mine, landed outside town as well, and I'm being hunted. I run through some construction tubes back to my helicopter, taking fire the whole time. I manage to get it in the air when I hear the second helicopter starting up as well. The chase is on... I have a pretty good lead, but can hear the gun behind me as I fly as fast as I can back NW. I start wondering how I'm going to land, and realize that will be impossible. When I see Vorkuta again, I take a deep breath and start to ascend, right into the sweet spot for the guns of a pursuing chopper. I start to hear the sound of bullets tearing into metal and make the jump - The helicopter I was in swiftly became a fiery wreck, burning above me. Despite the parachute, I thought I would land on broken legs, but all is well when the ground comes. I run to the nearest building and hide. My pursuer(s) hover a bit, but lost interest after about a minute of window checking. With the area clear, my friend and I were able to heal up and play for another few hours. Most stressful, but favorite memory.
  3. Thank you for the thoughts, Mebogal. I'm thinking of playing a character native to Chernarus, so I'm looking at Georgian names, given the proximity to the Black Sea.
  4. Been playing since the mod and looking forward to trying roleplaying. Had a few interesting experiences, from a successful medical run that involved a helicopter chase in good ol' Namalsk (I hope that map returns in Standalone one day) to a most inopportune fall from the tower of Devil's Castle after a sneaky gear run in a lit up NE airfield. Thinking of becoming a once-idealistic, now disillusioned bureaucrat (aren't they all?) in DayZRP. We'll see were it takes me!