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  1. I love .58

    Spoiled by 0.57 is right! I haven't started my character on DayZRP yet (just got accepted.) but my last two chars that I rolled on public servers either starved to death or came very close to it. My character is like, "Where da food at?!"
  2. How did you get your nickname for your character?

    I'm Kevio! (Pronounced Kev-EE-OH. NOT Key-VI-OH.) No big secret to how I got this name. My real name is Kevin. Around the year 1998-1999 my childhood buddy and I played various online games with a guy named IamDavio (David.) After playing with him for a year or two he passed down his name and that's how I got IamKevio.
  3. Good to be back

    Hello everyone! I used to play here on DayZRP about a year ago, but had my computer break down on me. I'm still in the process of building a new PC for gaming and streaming, but my old rig is still kicking for now. It's great to be back here in the DayZRP community and I hope to see some of you guys in game!