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  1. Where is Everyone From?

    Austria, and no there are no kangaroo's , we have muhkuhlies (Cows)
  2. PC Specs?

    Intel i5-4690 CPU @ 3.50GHz, Nvidia GTX 970 8 GB RAM 125 SSD & 1 TB HDD
  3. Black backpack and more black stuff because there are only one black pants
  4. New hiking jacket?

    Already found 3 different colour types and the red and green one are my favourites by now. Love them
  5. How many perma scars do you have

    No scars yet but one of my toe is missing
  6. Back so soon!

    Welcome back hope we See us sometime!
  7. Hello Guys

    Thank you guys, i really appreciate that !
  8. Hello Guys

    Hello DayzRP now that my whitelist application got accepted i cant wait to get started here i hope we meet soon ingame friends looking forward to it. Your survivor buddy Samuel Taylor