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  1. I have said twice now i have broken the rules by killing on sight so give me my ban it is plain and simple. (No disrespect)
  2. I walked up to the gates and yelled "whats up yall" then he approached me and he previously killed me for no reason on saturday or sunday or atleast seemed familiar so i shot him knowing my punishment. Also i was planning a heist so thats why i came prepared so im guilty ban me.
  3. Can you please post your full POV regarding this situation? I don't record while i play because my fps goes bad but i can say it was me 100% no child play on my end.
  4. Yes i am guilty i accept my punishment. False, i had a CR75 pistol.
  5. *Reaches into bag to collect radio. Takes a heavy breath and places it up to his mouth. "If you're out there.... I ... i want too know if you're safe. I got to the airfield up North West. I'm hoping that battery i gave you came in handy. For all i know a group of bandits could be listing, but if you're listing Maja Ollsen, you helped me. You brought me... you brought me back into reality. I could have shot that assholes head right off for hitting you, i went back... i .... found him dead. But im going off topic i hope you keep that hat, im keeping yours. But meet me at green mountain. Ill be there every hour of the day, i need to know you are ok. Nathan signing off." *Takes deep breath and places radio back into the bag
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