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  1. Server 3 has been closed

    I play the US server for the ping. We play as a group of 7. If there are not 7 slots available, our entire group will have to go elsewhere. We only play together because we are IRL friends. A warning would have been nice. All that food and gear we both loot and RP trade for is now gone. A weekend to get a base camp established would have been nice. People can't RP and must loot when they spawn in with their food gone.
  2. Question on Rollbacks

    Thanks all. Sounds like everything that can be done has been done from this end.
  3. Question on Rollbacks

    This keeps happening. An entire's day worth of gameplay gone. This issue should not be marked solved as the problems continues.
  4. Danny Monday! [Open Freq]

    *Rick squeezes the mic, not wanting to utter the words he is about to speak* "Gina", *a lengthy pause and a long breath as he faces the dread of his words* "I have searched Danny's favorite hunting stands and hideaways. I have found no sign of him or his recent presence. We won't stop looking until we find him. Please, try not to worry." *He drops the PTT and looks at the horizon.* He utters to himself "No idea where in the hell to look next"