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  1. fprimezero

    Server 3 has been closed

    I play the US server for the ping. We play as a group of 7. If there are not 7 slots available, our entire group will have to go elsewhere. We only play together because we are IRL friends. A warning would have been nice. All that food and gear we both loot and RP trade for is now gone. A weekend to get a base camp established would have been nice. People can't RP and must loot when they spawn in with their food gone.
  2. fprimezero

    Question on Rollbacks

    Thanks all. Sounds like everything that can be done has been done from this end.
  3. fprimezero

    Question on Rollbacks

    This keeps happening. An entire's day worth of gameplay gone. This issue should not be marked solved as the problems continues.
  4. Ha... No one got shot because of confusion. We had the situation perfectly handled. Everyone in the group knew they were being initiated on. Sure you guys were confused because you didn't know how many of our guys we had, but that's the point of inside maning it. The initiation was very clear and you guys all made clear indication that you knew you were being initiated on. You can't just bend the wording on an encounter and expect different results. Text initiations are there for mass initiations, and that is exactly what it was. I am glad you know what everyone is thinking. But I was confused. Chuck was confused. Moe wanders in and cannot interpret what is happening. The initiation was horrible and vague for the reasons I cited. Suggesting that it be discussed is a reasonable request.
  5. I wouldn't say there was a INTENTIONAL abuse of game mechanics. However, given the range of in game text chat, so many people standing around, an no clear indication who is initiating the robbery, or even if it was on the same street as yourself, the form of the initiating created confusion in my opinion. Players were then shot in that confusion. If the goal is to be real, one has to at least wonder if a discussion should be held about people being robbed by someone, somewhere, communicating by disembodied voice, with no indication who or how many of the crowd standing around were involved. Note I am again reiterating that I am not saying it was intentional, but the initiation was, in my opinion, unclear as to who was where and wanted what initially with a very short time to comply. In essence, practically everyone in Stary in text chat range would be getting held up, so it was unclear at first if it was the group or a person on the next street who was being robbed. The net effect of this is that the result was people were shot in created confusion. There was more shooting than role playing in that sense. Initiating by text is within the rules, but there may be circumstances where it does give unintended advantages. Perhaps there is a forum to suggest a discussion of the rules and their application as it relates to this?
  6. I am glad you clarified Moe. I appreciate your bandaging me and hope you took notice of the text OOC where I indicated my character was stuck in the F2 animation at the time and couldn't bandage myself. When the robbery was occurring a hoard of zombies came through and I, still under orders to have my hands up, was quite vulnerable. When we encountered that guy at the pond I did not recognize him as a participant. I, like yourself, was responding to zombies, and having killed them, was just standing there talking to whoever was present. This is why I feel we need a rules clarification. If I understand the above comments, the thinking seems to be I was still under the original orders of the robbery several minutes before and was somehow suppose to identify all the suspects. Having no idea who I was with in the confusion, of course I defended myself from the zombies in the area. At the pond there were, to my knowledge, no further orders given or expectation made of some additional surrender. Perhaps the admins can clarify what responsibilities a robbery victim has if the the robbers leave the area, leave the person subject to zombie attack, and then re-encounter the victim. That is why there are reports and admins, to clarify these issues I suppose.
  7. When we contacted the support staff they asked for all POVs on one report Moe since we were all part of the same incident.
  8. Code: Server 2 Stary Sobor: Approx 2:30AM (SERVER TIME): Rick Murphy: Moe, Josh Murphy, Chuck Deuce, Ryan Miller: Suspect initiated by chat so logs should give this information: Robbery initiated by chat after a group created chaos. Player Moe assisted with me bandages and saline. I was shot as he was shot in the back after no new robbery initiation or demands, or any opportunity to comply. There was no identification of them as the robbers an no attempted retribution by me. I was just standing with my back to them when I was killed. I observed player Josh Murphy being killed as he was complying with the demands to put down weapons in addition to other players who I cannot identify.:
  9. fprimezero

    Danny Monday! [Open Freq]

    *Rick squeezes the mic, not wanting to utter the words he is about to speak* "Gina", *a lengthy pause and a long breath as he faces the dread of his words* "I have searched Danny's favorite hunting stands and hideaways. I have found no sign of him or his recent presence. We won't stop looking until we find him. Please, try not to worry." *He drops the PTT and looks at the horizon.* He utters to himself "No idea where in the hell to look next"
  10. Great time rolling with you too man! hope to see you again soon, and hopefully the others can meet up with you and the rest of outrun and the gun runners! It was a lot of fun!
  11. fprimezero

    To the Free Peoples Republic and any survivor (Open Freq.)

    *Upon hearing Ryan's radio call, Rick Murphy waits for his normal calm demeanor to return before keying the mic* Ryan, I will start my journey to your location. We can rendezvous at our predetermined spot. *He cares about little, except for the few he trusts* I will bring you what supplies I can carry. *The bass in his voice deepens* Then we go hunting.
  12. Thank you! I have my fingers crossed!
  13. Thank you! I appreciate the welcome and the information!
  14. I am new to rp as it relates to this kind of game. Although MMORPG in D&D and LOTRO are familiar to me. I wanted to say and introduce myself to the community here. fprimezero