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    Fifty Two | An IC Focused Survivor Group

    What a sad day. After having spoken with the boys of the group, we're going to be joining those who've recently fallen to the archive. I don't believe this is the end of Fifty Two, and that the group itself still has much promise in the future with a fresher mindset and a good break. This is the first proper group experience I've had with DayZRP and the pals I've made in the process are amazing. I'd like to thank all the boys who helped make this group what it is today. We will be back, but for the time being... @Saunders - You know what to do big man
  2. Luke


    It's a sad day for Fifty Two...

    sad jim carrey GIF

    1. Saunders


      All the hard work.. It's a sad day 😢 

    2. Whiskayy


      Fifty-Two might be gone but we aren't ;( @Saunders @Luke

  3. Luke

    Prosthetic limbs

    I'd use it as something to have people remember you by, if you wear trousers you can just further your story by explaining the leg to them and emoting it in * chat *. I mean if you decide to wear shorts given it's Summer you could also just set up a bind as Xavier said so whenever someone interacts with you they forced to notice it as soon as they see you. Would be cool to see someone do this in-game!
  4. Luke

    My Character

    I'd agree with GMAK here Jelly. It is only a few hours so you can get that back in no time but I'd just make another character page with the exact same details and remove the old one after. If you want though you could always try asking an admin.
  5. Luke

    Easy pickings.

    @NastyNatePhotoshop mate, I'm going to be installing Lightroom too for real-life stuff but photoshop does a treat for screenshots and graphics in general. And fuck yeah I pay for the real thing.
  6. Luke

    Digging for the fallen.

    From the album: Luke's Edited Stuff

  7. Luke

    Luke's Edited Stuff

    It's simple. Epic gamer moment? Screenshot. Load photoshop. Edit. Post.
  8. Luke

    Appreciating what's above.

    From the album: Luke's Edited Stuff

  9. Luke

    A moment of rest.

    From the album: Luke's Edited Stuff

  10. Luke

    The rising sun.

    From the album: Luke's Edited Stuff

  11. Luke

    A helping hand.

    From the album: Luke's Edited Stuff

  12. Luke

    Running low on gas.

    From the album: Luke's Edited Stuff

  13. Luke

    Easy pickings.

    From the album: Luke's Edited Stuff

  14. Luke

    Heavy lifting.

    From the album: Luke's Edited Stuff

  15. Luke

    Heat shot.

    From the album: Luke's Edited Stuff

  16. Luke

    Hold your breath.

    From the album: Luke's Edited Stuff

  17. Luke

    DayZRP 19.7.3

    Tasty update guys, the hard work is appreciated! Looks like I'm gonna need to use my duct tape more efficiently ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  18. Luke

    New to DayZRP, enjoying it so far.

    Glad to see you're enjoying it fella. As Banshee said, the best moments are with the mates you find on here!
  19. Luke

    The Boys From the Ends Media Thread

    This represents not only half my town, but also half my friends. Epic thread fellas, and that car video is perfect.
  20. Luke

    Priest clothing

    Yes from me. Whilst I've never played a religious character or even intend on doing so, this could be a good start to introducing a wider variety of clothing options rather than regular survival or military outfits.
  21. Luke

    Change naloxone effect to make it realistic

    Yes please, sense / nothing > no sense.
  22. Luke


    I like de blood @Major
  23. Luke

    Unity and Peace - United Peacekeepers (Recruitment Open)

    Honestly happy to see the roster has grown, I'd love to see this in-game. Best of lucky Shanoby!
  24. Luke

    Fifty Two | An IC Focused Survivor Group

    It's been swell having you R3d. Your compliments mean a lot to the boys and it's sad to see you go but gotta completely agree with Jane's decision to leave . I'm sure our paths will cross again, make sure to keep in contact!
  25. Luke

    The Meatball Glitch

    This made me chuckle, was thinking the exact same thing before I even read it. Never personally come across the meatball men but have had many friends who have, wasn't aware it was still a thing though!
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