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"Feeling like a 300μg Hoffman."

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  1. New rank, new profile, lookin' good.

    shaq looking good GIF by JCPenney

    1. Saunders


      Thanks to my personal graphic designer 😉 

  2. Luke

    George's Orb

    Kyle, look out there's a mine in front of you! Damn... He has his fucking airpods in again.
  3. Luke

    Luke's Edited Stuff

    It's simple. Epic gamer moment? Screenshot. Load photoshop. Edit. Post.
  4. Was this you dude?


    1. Kordruga
    2. Craig


      I don't believe it, no one can kill a Raider with a Mosin.

    3. Kordruga


      Was tabbed out looking at your thread 😉

    4. Craig


      Knew it, no one kills a raider legitimately.

  5. You are free to raid other camps and take stuff you want, as long as you do not grief their buildings. You must also break into their camp legitimately. Check the rules page for further clarification. https://www.dayzrp.com/rules/
  6. Hey Nik, when you say before despawning do you mean as in if it's on the ground?
  7. Just my two cents, I don't feel like we need the crosshair at all. This community focuses on the RP within DayZ and with that comes immersion. The crosshair would be pretty annoying for those who like playing as realistic as possible.
  8. Think it's obvious already but in regards to the forums, it could be a good idea to create three subsections of the "Groups" area on the forums for each of the three ways to play. That way both consoles and PC have their separate 'IC worlds' in which different groups and people are a part of, and they could access frequencies, pages etc of their respective world. And forgot to say, wishing you all the best with these servers Rolle, hope these do some real good bits for the community as a whole. Very excited to see how it turns out!
  9. Extremely interested in this. Read the whole thing and thoroughly enjoyed it, top stuff.
  10. Short and sweet suggestion, possibly for Roland (or website admins). Currently, in the "How to join" section it shows the following: I am suggesting that we add the following to help clarify the difference between display name and character name to new members: If the added sentence could be put in the DayZRP red it could look quite nice. I'm only suggesting this as I often see a lot of new members joining and not realising. This has also been the case for some of our older members. Not a huge change but it could help people out a tad, at least those that read it .
  11. How long ago was this ban sKz? If it was under 365 days ago then you must wait until a year has passed since the ban to whitelist for DayZRP.
  12. I see you have an account alert. Have you received a VAC ban in the past year?
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