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    I come here to listen to your profile song a lot lmao

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  1. Damn! your character page is one number lower than mine. (Old school boys)

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      You know it princess ;)

  2. Reminder: Wipe of character pages!

    Rest in peace, I was always sorta proud of having one of the earliest characters. Oh well
  3. Qué?

    Welcome back bebbeh
  4. Finally getting back to making these damn radio broadcasts.


    -peace \ / ~~


  5. *You tune in to hear the last part of Fatman Scoop - Be Faithful being played over a station radio. As he begins talking, Biggie Smalls - Juicy begins playing* "And we're back ladies and gents, of the very welcoming community of Chernarus. For those who've just tuned in, your host Clancy, yes that is I, has finally made a long-awaited return. Keeping the life-story short, my disappearance can be explained from what I can only recognise, a failed kidnapping. Haha, yes I know what you're thinking. Who did it, and why. Well I'd be buggered if I knew, and as to why? Why, it must be my damn good looks. Oh, and during this kerfuffle, I've managed to find a load of new CDs, hence explaining the new genre haha." "Well I've been keeping an ear out for recent shenanigans, and it seems we have a new President. David Mack, so er, yeah congratulations on that. Haven't met the guy myself, but from his little radio speech, he seems like a good fit. In other, exciting news, the Hobo Depot, haha I liked that, have moved to Vybor! They're a nice bunch, offering virtually anything you can grab your hands on, worth giving it a visit sometime." "If keeping safe, or just in general need of hired guns is your thing, then you should tune in to 75.7, Kapitan Alexei, hope I said that right, and his boys are offering their services. What you need 'em for, your business, just don't send them my way, it'd be much appreciated. However, if you're looking to steer away from guns, a generous survivor is offering food and card games within Stary Sobor, not sure how long for, but it's definitely worth heading down for." "It sounds like someone is in need of help, Isaac? Not too sure on the fellas full name, just heard someone call him it, but our friend Isaac is offering any work for some food, preferably a couple months' worth for two people. Sounded a bit nervous, but I'm sure the fella's committed to working for it. And lastly from radio frequencies, if you have seven-hundred rolls of duct-tape lying around, please can we get it to the bloke trying to build a sailing boat. You'll hear him on an open frequency, I didn't even catch his name, but, well... I don't think any of you will be packing that much tape, so not to worry." "Oh listeners, survivors, scavengers, bandits, murderers, doctors, parents, even kids. Remember, this is everyone's station, a station for all to listen. A piece of society, a place to learn. I hope all are coping well, in the mean-time, I have a question for each and every one of you. Was sand, named sand, because it's between sea, and land? I'll leave that with you, I hope you remember this song..." *Clancy stops talking, and switches the broadcast to the music, OutKast - Hey Ya! *
  6. Hey all! Many of you won't remember me, to be honest it was a few months back, probably around 3, that I made another one of these 'I'm back!' threads, but college whipped me up again. However, the Summer Break is about to arrive, and I'm finishing my first year at a Technical Military College, *woop woop*. I'm excited to hop back in game and continue with forum-related projects I had set out before. See you all soon, stay awesome dudes and dudettes, Luke (Freak)
  7. Back I go, Thank you guys

    Thanks guys, means a lot, and Simatho I'd give you beanz but I've given 5, I'll pass em tomorrow <3 And Pontiff, I probably just need to sit back and think about some stuff, write some things down, but if I ever need a hand I'll shoot you a message
  8. Old ghost, new name.

    Howdy, welcome back old man
  9. Hey DayZRP, Some of you have probably seen me pop up out of nowhere on the forums recently, wondering who the fuck is this Freak kid. Well my horrific activity is due to college, which is a (sort of) military college, which has major restrictions on how I use the internet. I go back tomorrow afternoon. This being said, hopefully I should still be able to make occasional posts and keep up with the community, because to be frankly honest, just reading and posting stuff on here is one of the few things that actually makes me really happy. I sorta feel like an attention-whore about what I'm gonna write, and many of you will see it as irrelevant but I see the people in this community as actual decent people, something a lot of my IRL friends aren't. So getting to the point, I'm at a point in my life where I'm struggling, like bad. I'm at a college I hate, and have signed a contract, which basically forces me to sign a contract into the British Army for three years as an Officer. I'm only 16 for those wondering, but it's to do with my whole college thing. If I were able to back out I would, but some of you probably know the struggle of not wanting to disappoint or cause extra struggle for your parents, and making them pay the government thousands of pounds, you know... I can't do that. So right now, I feel locked in a tunnel that I want to leave, but there's no exit. Damn cringey... I'll admit, I've thought about suicide loads, and it's almost a daily occurrence that I picture myself dying, which apparently is pretty normal so... I sorta need other people's opinions, on how they feel about this feeling; "People tell me it'll only get better from here, then life pushes me down. Then it offers me a hand, and as I use it to get up, it kicks me back down." That's sorta how I feel... Also just losing a relationship that's lasted almost two years, one being at long distance due to my college, only to find out (today) that it was because of another guy making moves, and that it had been going on for months before it ended. Ok, I'm like super sorry for posting this sort of thing. It probably is attention-whoring, but like I said earlier. Stupidly, this community and the base behind this whole forum, really fucking helps. In the upcoming holidays you'll probably see my activity fly through the roof or something, but thanks guys a fucking bunch for just being actual cool dudes.
  10. [Whilst not required, it is recommended listening to the MP3 whilst reading] *You tune in just as Money Honey is ending. The host, Clancy Road, begins talking* "Another favourite from Mr Presley, I wonder what'd be like to be him. Tell me, would you want the fame and fortune, or would you hate it? There's been a bit more chatter on the radio in recent hours, so sit tight for a few minutes listener, and I'll fill you in with all the good stuff." "A recognisable voice, Teddy, yes from a previous broadcast, is looking to trade. His willing to give up his ol' trusted Steyr AUG for... Let's see, SP-6 rounds, I think that was it? Oh and a 10 round VSS mag. He's holding a load of 5.56 to go with the AUG and can be found on the open frequency." "A, sad moment, or at least for some it seems. There's been a death reported, a man by the name John Moody, seems to have had an accident involving a staircase, that's one way to go out. The man to have claimed this also claims to be the new leader of a group named the 'Saviours'. Apologies for, being to misinformed on this, but I'm not too sure who they are or he is so I can't say anything at the moment, but judging from people's responses he wasn't the most liked, but, but, but! I didn't know the man, so rest in peace." "Lastly in radio chatter, a fella by the name, Connor, is looking to hire musicians, yep you heard that right. An unusual request, but hear his story! It's for his ageing father, and as a caring son he'd like to give him a surprise. It may be worth taking note his father is said to be a pretty rich man, however has an expensive taste." "I do wonder sometimes, how much time is left? When will we drop? You know, that's a bad subject, however time can still be interesting. One man who certainly knows that is coming straight up, welcome Bill Haley, with Rock around the Clock." *The next songs plays, and is followed by other music*
  11. Hiring Musicians [OPEN]

    *Clancy hears the man's request, and replies instantaneously* "Hey, Connor was it? I myself couldn't play an instrument for my life, however I'll try and reach out to as many people as I can regarding your request. Hopefully you'll get other listeners, stay safe." *He closes the transmission, and begins writing in his notepad*
  12. 404 posts, ha.