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  1. I agree with AthanHunter. Although I think hero / bandit / survivor already does this for a big part. There might be a possibility to construct some lore around this tho. But I personally don't see a real necessity for this, either then the fact of it adding some extra storyline. It could just aswell restrict the freedom of RP that little more if not done carefully imo. If anything I think groups shouldn't be too big (clustering together on the map) so people can still meet and run into eachother by accident while they wander about Chernarus.
  2. + I never sujested the wipe, in contrary ... Still thinking my post hasn't been read thoroughly or is at least misunderstood. I'm not having any issue with bandits, I'm having an issue not meeting any due to them being grouped at 1 location in whole of chernarus. Is it my english? I can take the punch, so please tell me.
  3. People hunting down and disbanding groups that are 'a menace' would be a perfectly natural thing to happen too. And I thought I was pretty clear on having no issue with neither bandits or super soldiers myself. Imho I even think the term super soldier is a funny way of wording the problem. Have you actually read my post at all? You're not adressing any of the issue's I have stated some people seem to think there ARE.
  4. I thought it could be usefull to create a Post in which people can think of ways to adress the issues that have risen from Shiro's post "A fresh start?". The issue being large groups of bandits. Some people even called them super soldiers. Although I myself wouldn't mind to be overpowered by a group of bandits and be sacked (there's no shame in that), I think I can grasp what some people meanth by it. My personal worry with large groups is that people in a group would likely want to play on the same server. When a group grows to near or over 20 members this would mean that half the servers population is clustered together, leaving a large part of Chernarus arid and abandoned. My sujestion on Shiro's post was to let 'lore masters' or 'admins' appoint groups (army / police / other hero groups) to hunt down the leader of the group in question and thus disband groups that are getting too large in their opinion. This by itself could lead to nice role- and gameplay. Another solutions could be to set a maximum to the number of members in a group. Or possibly a combination of these idea's. I for one think this is an option worth exploring before even thinking about wiping lore and characters, as there will Always be people that just started off, even when a month's notice has been given. I would love to hear your thoughts on this and any other idea's you might have. Maybe you don't even have an issue with groups growing in members to the point they occupy half of the server population? Please let us know! ^^
  5. Quote: " A solution other then a wipe to that could be something like this: By reinstating "Police" and/or "army" It could become the objective for them to capture a group leader and thus disbanding a group they have been given permission to by 'lore masters'. " Sorry for quoting myself, but what are thoughts on this? I'm curious about other ideas to adress the issues some people seem to have with large groups of 'super soldiers'? I personnaly think this is a path worth exploring before thinking about a wipe.
  6. @Jetwells Thank you for making me understand the problem better. Adding to my previous post: A solution other then a wipe to that could be something like this: By reinstating "Police" and/or "army" It could become the objective for them to capture a group leader and thus disbanding a group they have been given permission to by 'lore masters'. This is just one idea, I am sure there are others. Even if their leader doesn't get caught, it could make their actions more isolated and force them to operate 'under the radar'.
  7. I'm kind of new and just getting used to the lore so I won't "+" or "-" this, but I think it would be helpfull for people that are considering a wipe to state what exactly they feel like the current lore is restricting them to do, for others to better understand. That way maybe people can come up with a fix rather then wiping the whole thing. Or agree on the necessity. Adding police / fire fighters sounds like a nice thing tho, but I personally feel like the reinstatement of these services could be explained in the current lore aswell.
  8. I agree with the above. Not everyone comming to the party just to mingle could make the RP even better, as long as the party doesn't get crashed right away.
  9. Yes, that's what I meanth, maybe I should have said this OOC. My idea was to set up some target practices with backpacks containing the ammo participants have gathered, sharing all the guns freely. Maybe some1 could bring his truck to shoot out the tires for movable or moving targets, some repair kits could help with this. I just thought this would be something 'non-bandit' survivors might be doing in days of peace. Could be fun to meet people aswell. A good way to play out some RP of being good or weak around guns / teaching / learning..
  10. Physiotherapist here, you have obviously tested another population then I have. You don't need strength to run. It is actually more likely to make you think you can defend yourself.
  11. I can't realy say if I agree or not, but I would like to add that kids are actually very likely to survive an apocalyptic scenario. - They usually have the right response, which is to run and hide. - They have the ultimate physical fitness. - They are protected by all morally sain adults. These would be the reasons for me to make 'losing them' a sad thing. I do agree it would take a very special some1 to roleplay this in a good way.
  12. Pretty neat idea! ^^ I would love to meet and get to know any survivors in a festive way! I think it's no more then natural to have a party now, while we seem to have driven off most of the infected. Could be a good place/time to make some connections as well. I will be looking out for any posters anouncing the date and time around chernarus! Cheers
  13. While we seem to have driven off most of them infected, we have no idea what is to come... I was thinking it might be a good idea to prepare ourselves for the worst. Setting up shooting ranges and sharing our guns for everyone to familiarise with each weapon. We could carry all our ammo and some targets (preferably destroyables) to meet somewhere. To all survivors reading this note, please add to it and I will regularly come by and check your comments. (Date / weapons & ammo you can bring / nice location / ...) I'm calling out the military survivors to share their knowledge and help in this undertaking! We might need people to check on how far off target we are too for those that don't like guns! ^^ [ //Could use some help setting this up, pretty new here... ]
  14. Charls


    They told me there weren't any zombies... Managed to run into one near Novodmitrovsk and took a screenshot. Any1 else found some anywhere else yet?
  15. Charls

    Character's Weapon of choice?

    1: What is the weapon you use? Charls will be using any weapon when the situation brings the need to. 2: Do you have a roleplay reason why your character uses it? Having no military background he will leave behind weapons that easily jam (irl) near any garbage bin. In future I will be giving every weapon a time limit in which it will expire. 3: How much experience does your character have with it? Only occasional usage after the apocalypse, although his regular use of epinephrine can make him a real good shot at times when he had his fix.