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  1. I mean there were times where I'd set a bear trap with the intention of trying to trap a zombie, only to realize that they don't trigger them. So when I tried to disarm it in an attempt to take it back, it won't let you. I think the only way to get it back is to set it off, which I wasn't going to do so I'd eventually abandon it. Maybe they were doing it just to see how it works not knowing they can't pick it back up, but I don't know, I wasn't there.
  2. I've genuinely cried once, but it was on a Terminator RP server a long time ago. I hadn't cried since, but I've gotten pretty close a couple times. Just not on DayZ thankfully.
  3. Oh no kidding? Wow, I've been gone for too long hahah.
  4. I mean to be fair, when was the last time you've seen anyone use a flashlight or let alone a head torch. Granted it's been a minute since I've last been on but I remember that the night time wasn't all that dark. It wouldn't be all that unrealistic to think of one who might be tech savvy enough could re-power an old street light. Is it necessary to, not entirely, but let's not pretend that all street lights won't work because it's been a few years.
  5. This is a mod where old derelict street lights have been converted to take solar power and are powered by car batteries. I felt that it would be appropriate for the setting being for either Chernarus or Livonia and it would help provide another form of lighting to certain prefabs or independent camps for those who have the resources to dismantle old street lights and revamp them into what you see now. I'm a little conflicted with the mod because the description is all in Russian but it looks to be a legitimate mod design with a decent amount of ratings. What are your thoughts? Thanks.
  6. I got cornered in a house by three zombies and wasn't able to shoot because they pushed me against a wall and knocked me out in three hits. I think the difficulty is fine to where it's at.
  7. Oh well I read it wrong then, otherwise I'd change my vote from no to yes but can't put the grass back once it's mowed. I'd approve of this.
  8. I feel like that with the current situation where cars can still spontaneously be sucked into the sky by an act of god from touching a curb, having more cars will do more harm than good but that's just what I think. I've gotta give this a no, sorry.
  9. I've heard a bit of negative stuff with FIDOV's weapon packs. Sorry, while cool looking, it's gonna be a no from me.
  10. I honestly wish it would be possible to take certain items from other mods and implement them into the server like the trench coat but I don't think we need it.
  11. ** The radio bursts to life with the voice of a young man being heard chiming in, seeming in a rather average mood. ** "Hey-a survivors of this wasteland. I'm trying to keep my mental health sort of occupied and am trying a new hobby here at the Soup kitchen. I'm here to work on anybody and anyone's weapons that become busted or need some fixing for a fair price. I've also got some pretty cool gadgets that I can also sell to soup up your firearms too! And I've also got some tools to fix up any backpack or armor you may have with ya'. I'm no expert, but every new gun is a new challenge and
  12. I would stand on the outside of a military outpost, like across the street or something, and shoot on the corner of the region and then run like hell. While the Zombies are attracted by the noise of the gunshot, I'm inside scavenging for what I can and then booking it the hell out of there before they get any of the wiser.
  13. From my point of view and from the group's I've been in the past, that's easier said than done. And were to be naive to think that people don't take OOC bitterness ICly
  14. So I didn't have much encounters with most people in the past, but I spent my time listening and seeing complaints, reports, and feuds both online and offline and it sort of leaves me concerned that certain people in the community maybe taking things a little too far and are forgetting that this is a video game and were all here to enjoy our time in each other's company, providing excellent writing and experience. I'm not going to write a wall of text, but I just wanted to open a discussion on what everyones thoughts are in the most honest manner. If we can be better/improve our be
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