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  1. Toan Orumov

    Toan Orumov, born in Zelenogorsk to a mother and father of three, was an honor graduate from his local intermediate school. He'd attained a high school diploma from his schooling before moving to the United States to attend the Police Academy of Sacramento for two years before returning to Chernarus where he'd attained the country's State Police Academy for the next year and a half where he was permitted in the general populace and near the tourist areas of Chernarus as his base of operations. He led a rather peaceful life, handling minor misdemeanors before the outbreak had occured.
  2. S1: Baiting and Kos in Gorka

    This isn't my ban appeal, I didn't make it.
  3. S1: Baiting and Kos in Gorka

    I mean I don't mind the events to be honest, I was just here to post my POV just to throw that out there.
  4. S1: Baiting and Kos in Gorka

    Annoying Rooster's POV: (I'll just go ahead and place my POV) I'd entered the town of Gorka trading ammunition with individuals and setting up a fireplace when a man entered a police station and was using verbal insults with no apparent reason. I responded with him trying to leave and calm down which he does, but then he started rummaging through a house which wasn't his and refused to leave. After alerting more individuals to come and assist, he was no longer there. I believe it was the MS-13 Compound he was inside of from what I was told. Afterwards the server restarted and he was nowhere to be seen, so we all went back to our business. Shortly after the server had restarted, the man returned and was passing through the group with a ledger of more verbal insults to the group as he was running by, so I proceeded to stalk the man halfway with another explaining that it was the man who was inside of the green house since I recognized his voice and most of everyone agreed. He then loitered at the end of town where we were watching him and I remember as I try to move up, he advanced and then came back with his gun drawn. We went back to tell the others where everyone was saying he was spotted at the green house at the top of the hill. We summarily agreed to confront the man and try to make him leave town. As we approached the house, we could see him running out of it and running further over the hill to the horizon and from there I spotted a man with a clown mask running past the direction he was going to which led me to believe I was led into an ambush, so I initiated. I lost of course.
  5. Teamspeak Ban for Trolling

    Boy, I never thought I'd be making one of these. But, here goes nothing. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): <13:21:40> Trying to resolve hostname ts.dayzrp.com <13:21:41> Trying to connect to server on ts.dayzrp.com <13:21:42> You are banned permanently. Reason: "Trolling" Why the verdict is not fair: I've been playing on DayZRP for quite sometime now, but I'm not as active let's say on the forums or rarely on teamspeak because I play the server for my own satisfaction. So when I joined teamspeak, I decided that I'd join a server room to sort of unwind and become a bit more active with the community. The incident that occured was a misunderstanding, and I feel like the permanent ban is unjust if I explain my point of view. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I did not mean at all to be a nuisance of any sort and cause a disturbance to any players, as it was a complete misunderstanding. I'd ran up a staircase in the town of Pustoshka in a red two story house searching for a green balaclava when I'd suddenly died on the stairs. So when I'd joined teamspeak to acquire access, I had a brief conversation with Lyca about it. I thought maybe it was just a bug and I was still alive, so I'd joined the channel and rejoined the server only to find my character infact dead. So without knowing that my microphone was on voice activation and not push to talk, I sort of over-reacted and then shut my game off in order to cool off from the heated exchange. Afterwards, I figure I'd try to share my story with the others on teamspeak only to discover the message which I'd been permanently banned. Confused, I started to connect the dots and realized how much of a mistake I'd made. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Please understand, that I did not intend to cause a disturbance of any kind, whether you view me as a troll in that nature or some sort. Whatever occured, was not my intention one hundred percent. If I'd caused any emotional mishaps amidst the individuals who heard my tyrading yell, I apologize. What could you have done better?: Ensure that the microphone, of course, is on 'Push to Talk' in the future.
  6. Character's Weapon of choice?

    Any weapon that's greater than the one I have. If there's a weapon such as the Kalashnikov that the ammunition is more common to find around than its AK103 predecessor, then I can safely say I'll use one that has more ammunition. For protection purposes.