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  1. Mikhail was born in Miroslavl Central Hospital at 7:02 A.M. on December 2nd, 1988. He had a relatively fair childhood growing up, despite the lack of food being constantly available, he had a loving family with his sibling. Upon being greeted with the possibility of joining the services and furthering his engineering degree after completing intermediate and primary school as a fairly average student, he'd originally applied He made it past basic training and around eight months of technical training in his career field as a Combat Engineer, the Civil War ended his services abruptly in the 1st Engineering Batallaion and subsequently caused him to be re-assigned to the 23rd Motor-Rifle Brigade as a driver for a BTR-80 Armored Personnel Carrier for the duration of this conflict. He'd lost contact with his family around the start of the reports of the infection with the last call being their wrenching goodbyes, opting to leave the country for relatives north of the border. Mikhail could not make this trip due to his affiliation, and was forced to remain in South Zagoria against his wishes. As the situation worsened, their brigade became cut off in the north-eastern section of the Oblast monitoring air traffic in the north-eastern airfield. Last orders dispatched to the units by CENTCOM was to dig in and await further orders. At this point, fuel was extremely scarce, with the brigade having to have moved further into the mountains. Dug-in into the mountain with a new secret headquarters, they abandoned the armored vehicles by removing the engine components, the firing pins, and the ammunition from their systems and proceeding on foot where they resided for nearly a month. Desertions began to sky-rocket before there was a sudden change of orders from the group commander. Half would advance into the hills, north of the border and attempt to surrender to the nearest unit they could find while the other half returned into South Zagoria to search for remaining outfits and survivors on the climax of the situation. Mikhail opted to return back south of the mountains with a squad of six, searching for any remaining elements of CDF still actively engaging inside the country.
  2. Annoying Rooster

    DayZRP 19.6.4

    Keep the difficulty of making bases hard, I support this fix. But build anywhere is useful because it's very finnicky with the shift of the map's topography, leading to some weird bases or making reinforcing a pre-build structure impossible.
  3. Annoying Rooster

    The S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S (Closed Recruitment)

    Watch out for those bandits coming to take away your artifacts. Goodluck
  4. This thread isn't just restricted to my fellow Americans but for every nation out there. Remembering the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice to make this world a little better by standing guard against evil in the world. All gave some, but some gave all. Happy Memorial Day everybody.
  5. Honestly the cars look incredible and you'd hear me preach for more content like the new cars. But my issue is the instability of the vehicles as we speak. I can't recall how disappointed I was when our Olga did a summer sault across the map from a little bump before exploding and killing all the occupants. I'm sorry but it's a no from me. If the instability is fixed, I'll change my vote to a yes.
  6. Annoying Rooster

    God Bless The United States of America

    Home state of Oklahoma
  7. I told my brother that Mother's Day was tomorrow.
  8. 1. Maestor Aemon 2. Maestor Luwin 3. Jeor Mormont
  9. Annoying Rooster

    current political stances?

    What is your Political stance (I.E: Republican, Democrat, left, right, etc): I'm a registered Independent in my country (USA). I'm a moderate liberal with conservative values (I support the second amendment fully as I conceal carry and I own a AK-74M but I'm willing to compromise because mass shootings are terrible and horrific tragedies, especially among children.) Has this changed at all in recent years?: I used to be very much a liberal/democrat all the way but it changed whole-heartedly in the military. If it has, what changed it for you?: It changed in the military through discussions and debates. I wouldn't call myself a nationalist, infact I'm against nationalism as it only breeds hatred to people who you never even met. I've met people in the military from all walks of life, citizens of other countries who were Mexicans, South Koreans, even Russians/Uzbekistani's who left their home countries that they grew up in and opted to fight for the Constitution of the United States instead. Muslims and Christians living side by side, willing to run into hell itself to save their comrades. My brothers and sisters in arms all see the Constitution more than just a piece of paper, but what it really means to be an American. We maybe the last true Americans left in this country. I wouldn't call myself a nationalist, but I'm a proud Patriot. Patriotism runs through me, and I'll fight tooth and nail both the Left and Right, Democrat and Republican if they try to commit any treasonous acts, and so would my comrades.
  10. Not me, but my twin brother down range right now with his comrades getting drunk on booze they smuggled. He's the Irish supplier in the middle.
  11. You've got sharp eyes on the branch. I don't have the ABU's anymore though, got me dem OCP's
  12. Sorry for the terrible quality, but I'm the one in the very front center kneeling with the boonie hat and rolled up sleeves. Getting my 'Unit' on me.
  13. I think the problem isn't racism in IC terms but the excessive racism in a first time encounter to the point where it's unrealistic and borderline minge. Some people use it in very peculiar ways that further actual roleplay and a characters disdain to that race, while others say it over excessively like a young teen would say when his parents aren't home. Just my experience.
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