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  1. Drunk Thread

    Just here to say happy new year
  2. Steam Keys - Merry Christmas!

    I got Half Life 3
  3. Stepan Milosevic

    Stepan was born in December the 1st, 1989 in Oblast South Zagoria, Chernarus. His mother and father are both native Chernarussian's, a dentist and a a school teacher. He lived in a middle class society before and during the war in the village of Msta. He joined the Army in 2006 at the age of seventeen with parental permission where he began his first and last career as a foot soldier for the Chernarus Defense Force and possibly one of the beginning generation of soldiers after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He'd served in the 505th Motor Division stationed in the port city of Chernogorsk, a local military garrison where he spent much of his time during the insurgency which he was tasked to destroy hostile cache's in the mountains surrounding Chernogorsk to ward off attempts to employ heavy weapons to shell the city. Receiving training from Western forces like the USMC, he and his comrades had engaged in gruelling combat with Chedaki forces which became successful due to their ingenuity and remarkable training. He was stationed still in Chernogorsk at the time of the infection, with the ranking of Sergeant (E-5), he was tasked to defend the city from suspected rioters and insurgents who may utilize the chaos to attack the city. The 505th Motor Division was soon disbanded when the city was taken by the infected hostiles, forcing the base to become disbanded and Sergeant Milosevic to follow his forces into Staroye outpost where they wait for further instructions.
  4. Operation Kopec - Lore Event [RP-PvP]

    I'll apply for CDF. Stepan Milosevic - General Infantry
  5. To All Citizens Living in South Zagoria (Open Freq)

    *Positioned next to the exit of the cave, the grass covered man cradled his rifle with his voice softly speaking into the receiver, firmly pressing down the PTT* "I'm sorry, but I just can't hand over my weapon. A gun's a gun, and I need it." *He would release the button, settling himself before the crackling fireplace, gazing out into the clear night sky*
  6. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    We'll Bang, ok?
  7. Official DayZRP Standalone Media Thread

    Messing around in Offline Mode
  8. Computer giveaway

    I'd lose my fucking mind if I won that. I'd be like 'bye bye laptop'.
  9. The Last Light

    Thanks a bunch, glad to be here!
  10. For the Argentinian Sailors

    What a horrible way to go. May they rest in peace.
  11. Stary Council members

    John Danger organized the meeting and since I don't know the others I'll just pick him.
  12. Names for Stary Sobor

    Stary Sobor
  13. Toan Orumov

    Toan Orumov, born in Zelenogorsk to a mother and father of three, was an honor graduate from his local intermediate school. He'd attained a high school diploma from his schooling before moving to the United States to attend the Police Academy of Sacramento for two years before returning to Chernarus where he'd attained the country's State Police Academy for the next year and a half where he was permitted in the general populace and near the tourist areas of Chernarus as his base of operations. He led a rather peaceful life, handling minor misdemeanors before the outbreak had occured.
  14. S1: Baiting and Kos in Gorka

    This isn't my ban appeal, I didn't make it.