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  1. @Mademoiselle and the advertiser for the awesome roleplay as a trader. Pretty damn good as always. Shout out to the rat bastards who were fixing my door, ended up locking me in my store room and robbing me blind from my wares. That was funny playing along.
  2. Annoying Rooster

    99.9 Hz

    Toan pulled the microphone stand closer to his lips, depressing the button to which he'd speak into the microphone. "Doctor Hope, this is Toan Orumov of General Trades. If you're looking for anything in particular, medical supplies or surgical tools, I'll give you my frequency if you're interested. I can give you the regulated price based on the tools and medicine, and if it satisfies you I'll come by at a purported date to deliver your products." Toan un-depressed the key, reaching back over for a pen and paper with his eyes gazing over the shelves of goods.
  3. Thank you ya'll so much for the responses. I'mma definitely use these as options here in the future when we start planning the trip in around a month.
  4. I feel kind of funny and awkward at the same time asking this question, but I'm looking for anyone who is from Vietnam or has extensive knowledge of the region, preferably the Da Nang region. Let me explain real quick. This funny looking old man in the photo at the bottom between me and my brother is my grandfather. An old Irish man who served in the Vietnam War in the 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines as an 0311 (Rifleman) but was placed as an 0331 (Machinegunner) upon arrival at An Hoa Firebase in the Da Nang region. Being both soldiers in the US Armed Forces, he opened up more to me about his time in Vietnam and the PTSD he suffers. He's the sole survivor from his squad. He was bit by a mosquito and contracted malaria. The day he returned, he was put on light duty where he gave his weapon to a new soldier in the unit. His squad went out that very same night when he said goodbye to the bush on a combat operation to counter the NVA where they all walked into an ambush and all but one was killed by the NVA in a ten hour firefight. He suffers from survivors guilt and hasn't been able to forgive himself for leaving behind his comrades. He's seen his brothers in arms dead infront of him countless times where they had a Mulligins Stew, where they were so hungry and had no food that they mixed whatever they had be it crackers or fudge brownies and laughed it off. I've seen this battle hardened warrior cry right infront of me as he relived those painful memories, and it broke my heart. So I made a vow, and with my brother's support (also a combat soldier) that we would go to Vietnam and take him with us back to Da Nang who he hasn't been back in over fifty years and return to An Hoa and hopefully find NVA/Vietnam Veterans on the opposite side, so he could break bread and bring closure in his life. He holds absolutely no animosity to the Vietnamese people or the NVA, he thinks that they're incredibly warriors who were only fighting for their country and has nothing but respect for them. We want our grandfather to heal, because he watched as others around him pay the ultimate sacrifice while he was forced to go on living and carry the weight. We're willing to do whatever we can in our power to make this happen, and while I'm still young and have the resources and money to do so, I can't do it alone. If anyone has any recommendations on helping me finding some kind of a reunion or a way to help make this trip more smoother or just give me a better insight like places to eat and what not, I would highly appreciate any support. So far we're flying to Da Nang to stay at the Tourane Hotel and spending 6-7 days in Da Nang and the surrounding area/returning to his old firebase and have him "make peace with the Vietnamese" like he says he wants to. And I hope that we can make that happen and provide him with the closure he so wants and the joy he would have to make peace with his haunting pass. I love you, Grandpa.
  5. I honestly don't mind the new zombies getting a buff and being a more challenging obstacle, I just feel like that maybe in my opinion they're a bit too OP. Maybe make them do less damage and run just slightly less fast and you can keep the health and it's perfect. Or if not possible then maybe draw the hearing down a little so they won't become agro'd from across the field. Other than that, I actually enjoy the way the conversation is going. It helps me understand a lot what's changed and why my tactics are now obsolete/solutions.
  6. This has been a topic I think that's been thrown around for quite some time. I remember in the past how people complained that the zombies were too easy, but now I think for me I'm gonna have to be "that guy" to make a thread and say that the zombies are too hard, so please bear with me. I'm not great at DayZ itself, not mechanically but more so the melee and the combat. The zombies are just too unpredictable to tell where they're going to hit without them flying all around the map in their ridiculous speed and landing massive hits by touching you. So already today I've died twice from these little bastards, one being where I was unfortunately using a wooden axe and got blocked into a house and against a corner while throwing blows in vain trying to get them back, however my stamina meter drained after two blows and then he started to swing his axe slower than a snail, allowing the zombies to quickly land a combo to make my screen go black and then finish the job. The second time I'd managed to acquire a gun (SKS) and was once again with my little stamina, one zombie started to chase me and instantly as I was running for a house four more became instantly agro'd and then began to hone in on me like a bunch of heat seeking missiles at top speed. I ran out of stamina inside the house and tried to back into a corner to do combat, but was shocked when I discovered that three had simultaneously landed blows and their distance from me and them caused my character to lift his gun up in the air as opposed to on the target itself, not allowing me to shoot the zombies and staying completely defenseless. Before I could switch to my crowbar, the four zombies had me pushed against the wall and being unable to get off the wall because of their bodies, I was dead in a mere ten seconds like the last time. I took the first time as simply bad luck, but the second time I figure something was wrong and I only hope that I'm not the only one, otherwise I just look like a guy ranting about how much I hate the souped up enemies when in reality I probably just suck. But I don't think it's the latter because honestly before hand I was doing pretty good, whether or not the zombies were easier or not. If it's a possibility for the developers in the near future to maybe take a look and detect whether or not there is some abnormal strengths in HP and damage from the zombies, that would be amazing. But I'd like to just keep this open for discussion among everybody else on what their current thoughts of the zombies are. Thanks for reading.
  7. Got the opportunity to train with some Green Berets. My rifle port was too small so one of them leant me his M4. That is the slickest M4 I ever fired. SOPMOD, Eotech, Magpul APEG, Surpressor (He called it a can for some reason, it was very quiet), extended rail, full automatic, ambidextrous fire selector (you can change it from both sides of the lower receiver) and a nice ass sling. I'd keep it if I could but he needed it more than me. Thanks to my brother for getting me out there. He's a badass.
  8. My team. (I'm at the end of the bottom row, all the way to the right)
  9. Another day at the office That French Ration was bomb dude.
  10. *Toan nibbed on his fingernails nervously while turning his head up over his shoulder out the door, shutting it gently. Temptation got the best of him as he took ahold of the handset of the field radio, pushing on the PTT.* "Guys, it's Toan. Please be safe, and whatever you do, don't come south in Chernogorsk." *Shuddering a sigh, the sound of the handset hitting the table would cause the PTT to turn off.*
  11. Annoying Rooster

    Chernarus Winter Map

    God yes.
  12. Annoying Rooster

    DayZRP Mod Version Update [Dec 2018]

    This modding stuff is hard. I'm still trying model ingame a BRDM-2 and have it drivable on the V3S platform. Ran into many errors but its the learning process! Great job on the models, can't wait to see them ingame.
  13. Annoying Rooster

    The Embassy [SPG-24]

    Having visited multiple embassies in conflict areas Im excited to run into this group. Best of luck!
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