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  1. ** The radio bursts to life with the voice of a young man being heard chiming in, seeming in a rather average mood. ** "Hey-a survivors of this wasteland. I'm trying to keep my mental health sort of occupied and am trying a new hobby here at the Soup kitchen. I'm here to work on anybody and anyone's weapons that become busted or need some fixing for a fair price. I've also got some pretty cool gadgets that I can also sell to soup up your firearms too! And I've also got some tools to fix up any backpack or armor you may have with ya'. I'm no expert, but every new gun is a new challenge and it makes me better at learning everything. I usually take shotgun shells or duct tape as currency, but stop by and I'll hear what ya' have to offer. Y'can catch me around the Soup kitchen a few days of the week when I'm not out scavenging over by the picnic tables near the fire, I'm the dude with the red shirt and green beanie. See'ya around!" ** Just as quick as the radio broadcast came through, it would cut out. **
  2. I would stand on the outside of a military outpost, like across the street or something, and shoot on the corner of the region and then run like hell. While the Zombies are attracted by the noise of the gunshot, I'm inside scavenging for what I can and then booking it the hell out of there before they get any of the wiser.
  3. Under brief circumstances, Simon was raised primarily in a suburban middle class neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he'd attended Tulsa Public Schools for a good majority of his youth. Raised by a widowed father, his mother was killed in the line of duty downrange from an enemy IED attack near Baghdad, Iraq apart of the Oklahoma Air National Guard in November of 2008, which deeply traumatized Simon and his father, Eric. The shaky upbringing without his mother for the remaining four years of his youthful life caused him to lose face on his academics and instead devolve more to follow in his mother's footsteps, at the expense of his father trying to sway him back to focusing on college. His father's attempts were in vain, sadly. Short-sighted by the future, Simon enlisted in the United States Air Force as an Emergency Management worker after he'd graduated from High School while attaining his diploma. He'd shipped off to basic training a couple months after graduating in September of 2012, attending Technical School and achieving his Journeyman badge while stationed at Fairchild, Washington State. Taking the initiative in learning Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Defense, or CBRN was essential for his job as an Emergency Manager in identifying chemical and biological agents and ways on defeating or mitigating their effects. Simon deployed to Ali Al Salem, Kuwait where he'd monitored activity in the EOC for contingency exercises and real world scenarios. There, he'd acquired his HAZMAT Technician's Certification which certified him in handling hazardous material, allowing him to pursue a more proper career outside of the military. He'd separated from the military in September of 2016 at the rank of Senior Airman, returning home to Oklahoma to perform some soul searching on what he'd wanted to do with the rest of his life. He'd began working at the US Ecology in Tulsa as a HAZMAT Service Technician, monitoring levels of noxious gasses poured into the atmosphere within and around factory plants along the Arkansas River. He'd volunteered extensively along the American Red Cross during times of natural disasters, supporting as a HAZMAT Technician and a laborer to provide immediate humanitarian aid along Tornado Alley. When rumors of a biological pandemic began to escalate, Simon made the frightening decision to volunteer for an extensive trip with 'Doctors Without Borders' to be flown to the effected regions of Eastern Europe near the Livonia region where he believed he could help support what he saw in his eyes a greater threat to many since the Bird Flu. Although the sickness started out minor, it'd began to rapidly escalate into more severe cases which almost became a blur for the young man. The rapidly deteriorating situation startled him as patients turned violent and order that he'd been around broke down from the seven months he'd been in Poland. Their field hospitals constantly relocating further and further until the situation finally collapsed in the province of Livonia where it was every man for himself. Simon quickly found himself stuck in a country, surrounded by the 'ill' patients he'd tried to help decontaminate and assist in anyway his skills could allow him that hadn't become limited yet. Simon now roams the country side after nearly succumbing to a mental breakdown, having been without much human contact for the past three months. He'd managed to gather his bearings, still remembering his way about the country the best he can recall and arming himself with whatever firearms he could find. He kept himself adorned in his Hazmat attire, still fearful of the disease despite the lack of evidence that he wasn't immune.
  4. From my point of view and from the group's I've been in the past, that's easier said than done. And were to be naive to think that people don't take OOC bitterness ICly
  5. So I didn't have much encounters with most people in the past, but I spent my time listening and seeing complaints, reports, and feuds both online and offline and it sort of leaves me concerned that certain people in the community maybe taking things a little too far and are forgetting that this is a video game and were all here to enjoy our time in each other's company, providing excellent writing and experience. I'm not going to write a wall of text, but I just wanted to open a discussion on what everyones thoughts are in the most honest manner. If we can be better/improve our behavior or if everything is fine. Everyone may have different opinions, but the most I've seen has been nothing but negative so I think it's important to just open a discussion.
  6. Annoying Rooster POV: Myself and a group of other people closed up the restaraunt and were debating on getting off for the night. While talking, I heard commotion from Mikey who he said was cutting on Birdmans house. I came around the tail end to see him breaking into a man's house. When we asked him what he was doing, he was unresponsive for a couple of minutes before finally admitting to breaking into his house for reasons that he believed Birdman stole from him. His story wasn't exactly adding up so Mikey handcuffed him while Santino negotiated with him. After a bit we discovered that one of our guys, Roland, told him to break into Birdmans house for reasons I believe to take his supplies. Santino takes Dukes weapons, unloads them, and gives them back to him and tells him as he's being uncuffed to walk towards the opposite direction and never return on pain of death. I believe Duke was having computer troubles because he was stuttering and staring at a tree unresponsive. Santino then turns to our former ally and asks him to follow him to a field for a private chat. This is where things started to go down hill. Roland refused to go with him. I was looking at Duke just as I was about to tell everybody the show was over when Santino dropped the initiation on Roland. When I turned back, standing behind Roland I saw him brandish a drag grenade. I scream out "He's got a grenade!" as I pulled my AK and fire into his back, basically quickly killing him. Luckily the grenade wasn't pulled so it didn't go off. I ran over towards Mikey and Filomenia to see if they were hurt. I did not see Dukes death because afterwards an arguement ensued between Filomenia and I. After being threatened to be next, I walked further into town before Mikey warning me of the Irish coming in fast. Not wanting to stick around for the flak we played low in my house until the server restart and eventually kill rights going away is when I logged off.
  7. Whoever the people that we "executed" I hope the RP was enjoyable. I tried making it as mob related as possible, but their deaths will effect my char pretty good. @God
  8. POV: https://streamable.com/im4hz There was tension boiling over between the Morietti Gang and Russo Syndicate. I, being an Associate and Faction Member, stood by idle when the Russo Syndicate initiated near the restaurant. There was a lot of debate if we've KOS rights or not, but @HDragon came back from an administrator after the Russo Syndicate told our boss Morietti that we have to give them Western Weapons we have and in the future or we die, that was the deal. This was to be noted as initiation and was told we had KOS rights, so when the Russo's came back and approached our Boss, I changed positions to a house where I could get a flank on the group of orange armbands. It was likely that an engagement was going to break out at any second and, because we had KOS rights because of the initiation, I decided to try and take the initiative and open fire on the group. I reloaded and took cover behind a wall in the other window before firing on a man across from the field where it appeared his weapon was raised and I didn't recognize him so I fired upon him which it looked like I killed him. I then changed my position to see a man in a ghillie brush running which I fire on him as well, before chasing him with a Glock and firing into his back again. I then took cover into a building to reload and get re-organized. When I reloaded, I went back out to find Callighan where we attempted to push the remaining Syndicate out of the town. We chased one of them across the street where I shot at him taking cover behind the logs and pinned him down, I was then fired upon by a friendly but due to the heat of the moment there was mis-communication and so I team killed my friendly. I ran behind a push to reload which I then seen the Syndicate fighter moving out. We then opened fire on to each other which I luckily defeated but wasn't paying attention to my health meter before I was killed by the infected. It was a very tense situation which the engagement broke out and I was attempting to fire ONLY on those with orange armbands because they were Russo. I wasn't attempting to kill those who were not part of the situation, but it could be likely that maybe he was at the wrong place at the wrong time or he wasn't a member but was helping them? I don't know, but this was just from my perspective during the firefight. As far as to my knowledge, I only killed three people.
  9. So after just getting caught up in a horde and witnessing three carefully shots to the top of the cranium with my Glock, I'd be inclined to agree to buff the pistol calibers or weaken their heads a bit. And removing deteriorating condition for melee weapons would be real nice.
  10. I'd just get atleast three or four cooked steaks of any kind, stuff them in your pocket, you'll be completely invincible to the rain. It'll never be a problem again even if you're drenched and outside, you'll always be warm because that's what I do in IRL. Yeah, but then again I do think it does rain a bit too much, but that's just me. I haven't seen sunshine that much.
  11. It could be much worse, but I think that the zombies are fine as they are. If anything you're unable to really run in a 15 foot radius around them anymore, they'll become instantly aggressive and will agro everybody around them. My advice would just be to carry around a knife and stuck lock them/fight them one at a time. Lock them in houses, or hit them through a window with a pick axe. It's only gonna get worse when the next update comes and they can break down doors, etc. It sucks for a little while because you don't spawn with anything but it gets easier when you get organized, the way I see it.
  12. It is allowed HOWEVER only on the driver as he was the only one in control of the vehicle hence kill rights are shared there. What is not allowed is when your friends kill complying hostages that pose no threats. No kill rights are shared with the passengers of the car especially when they complied.
  13. Server and location: S2 Livonia, road from Racaz Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 1013 GMT, 12/7/2019 Your in game name: Mikhail Laenix Names of allies involved: @TheFlare1, @ZombieSniper Name of suspect/s: Unknown, +3 people Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Yellow Sarka Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://streamable.com/m498x Detailed description of the events: We drove from Adamow to Radcaz to pick up ZombieSniper's friend. I met him a Nagborn and he gave me a ride. From there, after we picked up his friend to drive back home to their base, there was three men on the road with their backs to us. He began to scream at them to move out of the way which two move and the third I believe attempted to move just as we were swerving to avoid him and as a result he was accidently killed. We decided to stop and get out to apologize to the two men which they responded angrily understandably. They demanded that we compensate them which I guess they were going to hold us up because they were acting aggressive. I was about to offer to give them my AK74SU as an apology and to try and part both ways before they held us up. I raised my hands up while one of the people I was with 'ZombieSniper' opened fire, but he was dispatched. As soon as he was killed, I'd already had my hands up before they turned and killed me as well.
  14. Keep the difficulty of making bases hard, I support this fix. But build anywhere is useful because it's very finnicky with the shift of the map's topography, leading to some weird bases or making reinforcing a pre-build structure impossible.
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