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  1. jager

    [All Frequencies] A message to the people of Chernarus.

    Marcus hears the transmission over the radio involving the group he has come to both fear and hate. He remembers his first days in country, and meeting the man who introduced him to his friends in the United States Armed Forces. His mind then solemnly remembers that same man kneeling over the body of his friend, executed in cold blood by the 501st. He grits his teeth and keys the mic "Hope whatever you find up north has more compassion for life than you and your friends do, and God help you if they don't."
  2. jager

    Lootcyclers Myskino Military Base

    Hey this is Marcus Jager, I was on TS at the time that Nathan was killed. Forgive me if my memory is a bit fuzzy, but I remember a few things about the conversation going on. Me and Collins were down toward the coast looting around a bit and grabbing up food when Mario said over TS that he accidentally killed Nathan, something about his gun glitching. He was very apologetic about it but Nathan didn't seem upset, we're all buddies so I assume he knew it wasn't on purpose. Anyway, after Nathan died he respawned not too far from Collins and I, so Mario and Abe said they would grab up his stuff and anything else they could find that wasn't ruined, and head our way. Meanwhile Collins and I ran to an airfield to meet up with Nathan to give him some food and extra stuff we had as well. Collins, Nathan, and I all logged within a couple minutes of each other, not sure what time it was though but it was pretty close. I think Mario and Abe called it right after that too. Not sure if my POV helps at all but that's all I could remember from TS. Sorry if my descriptions aren't too good, I've only been playing on DayZRP for a month or so and don't know the map very well yet.
  3. jager

    Operation Burning Daisy: Capture Roy Baker

    Is the date set in stone yet? This seems like a great event to participate in, but that's my long work weekend and I won't be able to attend as of right now
  4. jager

    The Wongs [All Frequencies]

    *Marcus sits on the ground leaning against a tree in the forest, a black cowboy hat pulled down low over his eyes. He listens to the unsecured transmissions on his old, worn, duct tape coated radio. He picks it up, and takes a long drag off the cigar hanging out of his mouth. He keys the mic, and as he speaks, he exhales a thick cloud of smoke* Seen me a fair bit of evil in this life, an' truth be told I've done things I ain't proud of neither. But where I come from, there exists a line that most men know once ya cross, ya don't come back from. *he pauses for a moment before continuing* I reckon those boys with the little red hats might've taken one too many steps over it. *He sets the radio down, sighs, and returns his attention to the cigar held in his teeth*
  5. I actually thought the radios in-game are non-functional at the moment. Even still, they're (in my experience) a pretty rare find. I think it's a bit more forgiving, and in favor of good RP, to use Teamspeak.
  6. Neutral good. A private military contractor's gotta do what a PMC's gotta do. ... for the right price.
  7. 10/10 most fun I've had in this game has been RPing with these guys
  8. The lore page that I read said that was the answer? If this has changed I'm not sure where I'd find that updated information. Edit: A screenshot of what I had read. You could see how I'd be confused? [attachment=2642]
  9. Hi there, I recently found DayZRP through a twitch stream I frequent, and thought it sounded like an amazing time, so I quickly read up on the rules, regs, etc, and applied to get whitelisted so I could play. When I submitted my whitelist application, it was instantly rejected for an incorrect question (of which I'll attach a screenshot) but I became confused because what I read about the lore stated that I actually answered the question correctly. If this is a known flaw in the process, I apologize for bringing it up again, but I didn't see anything about it so I was wondering what I need to do to fix the error. Thanks! [attachment=2641]