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  1. true, groups these days have depth. Keep an eye on the roster, ive been doing as much as possible to get to 5
  2. its more or less a group of survivors with twists dealing drugs trade "evil" My character is intended to be from a traumatic life, its shaped him to be a more or less evil man. Hes looking for people of the same mindset, surely people could've been evil prior to this outbreak. I wrote "People who feel they are evil" because one man who I spoke to prior to me creating this group claimed to feel evil. So Kites motivation for starting a group for the evil inclined may seem premature because it is. i only aim to have 6-7 members by group approval (if that should happen). This is so the group slowly forms with the server. More and more evil characters may be seeking asylum, and Kites group would've already gained giving him the advantage. The democracy concept is pretty self explanatory. Kite is a fairly patriotic man, and like the concepts America attempts to follow by. Democracy being one of them, democracy in this world however is simply voting on an idea, and maintaining healthy communication in group. and everyone having a say. Kite is somewhat of a freelancer, ive already spoken to people at the Market in cherno about selling items there. Pre-maturity in a group like this only adds to its development, Kite doesn't expect to only have people who are just like him, he knows his group will contain of some characters similar to him and some different, its simply a goal and may never be met. I suppose evil isnt the best word, but its good enough to explain what kind of characters im looking for in a group. Please note that me using the word evil doesn't mean were bandits, evil is just a trait some characters have, others balance it out. Neutral until provoked.
  3. uh oh, weve been caught.
  4. *Kite turns on his radio* Pal, dont speak in morse. If youre tying to threaten me, just say it. *Kite turns the radio off abruptly*
  5. *Kite Turns his radio on, as he sits down in Kabanino" ""Hello, I'm hoping some can hear me. My name is Jules Kite, I am known to most of you simply as 'Kite', I am broadcasting now to ensure the people I have spoken to are aware that I am indeed going through with my plans to form a larger community. Please understand this community is aimed at assisting the lost-minded and the mentally unstable. We are not enemies and we are not allies, those labels may apply after we meet, however. I am simply looking to make myself safe, in doing so I wish to develop friendships and brotherhoods to last till I die, I refuse to live in this zombified world alone. If you have spoken to me already please know I am formally inviting you to join myself and Abram to this family. I wish to reinvent myself, This new world has made me seek for a new me, this quest is personal, you may join me and wish to embark on the same quest. In forming a group I wish to gain prosperity, groups like the VDV, the UN and whatever is remaining of the CDF are alienating us, the people, they are just looking for power. While they fight amongst themselves we should take it upon ourselves to join together to make sure no singular group controls us all. I wish to make allies, but in doing so I will make enemies. I am Jules kite but I wish to go incognito if you will, I want a fresh start for myself. By going Incognito I will still have my past, however my past will remain in the old world, this new world will contain the new me. This is not the sole purpose , my personal quest will be aided by the creation of a community. I hope to trade my merchandise, I hope to help when I can and kill when I must. Please join me in going incognito. I am available on a private frequency 123.9, (short pause) 123.9. In the coming days I hope to hear from all the people I've met in the Chernarussian Mid-Lands." "If you know who i am, and we have spoken before about Incognito, please answer on this frequency." *Kite ses the radio down beside him, leaving it on to reply quickly"
  6. Yeah, thats solved now.
  7. Group Music Incognito is a group formed during the initial weeks of the outbreak in chernarus. The Groups founders, Jules Kite and Abram Bogdan met in Guglovo one week into the infection. The two were stunned by the others kindness, and immediately forged an alliance. In these early weeks of turmoil trust was as rare as ever, but the trust was present between these two. Both came from quite unusual backgrounds, backgrounds containing circumstances that would suggest an evil person would result of them. However, Abram and Jules, who is known as "Kite", or, "Mr. Kite" to most, were not evil, Then again people who come from these backgrounds, they definitely are close to the tipping point between good and evil. And this new world might just set them over the edge. 1- Locate similar people 2- Adjust & prosper in the new environment 3- Consistence with Information 4- Trade 5- Mentality 6- Develop a Democracy ~Members~ JULES KITE aka "Mr. Kite" @MagicMike Coma Nyack @Cedric97 OOC Goals Develop a group that is active Interesting/ unique characters with unusual backgrounds should take up most of the group Develop good Role-play by having characters that are realistic, and are interesting. Develop as a group: Begin neutral. Become homies Manage COMMS? if possible. Recruitment Simply message @MagicMike or @Cedric97
  8. I get it dude, shit happens. No worries though.
  9. To clarify because my inability to be detailed is pathetic. I did not turn around, i kind of slightly moved as an instinct when i first heard the man speak. I can see this report falling through because of no evidence so its cool to close this. My main concern was that i was down to get robbed and pretty pissed that the encounter was a solid 5 seconds before i was shot dead.
  10. I have no video @Dusty The turning around was honestly just an instinct, im not one to gun someone down when they have an advantage as you did. I turned around and yes it wasn't complying, however i just don't think the 3-5 seconds was sufficient.
  11. Awesome. gonna mess around with these responses. thanks alot for the in depth help @Saradomin.
  12. Server and location: S2, Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 8/6/17, 21:00 Your in game name: Jules Kite Names of allies involved: Abram Bogdan Name of suspect/s: Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was chatting with a guy who was hiding in the grass, we exchanged some words, and then his friend came to me and said "put your hands up, dont move", and after about 3-5 seconds from initiation, i said something like "woah there buddy" or something of the sort. Before i could really do anything at all i was shot dead. I do not think i was given proper time at all before being shot, it was seriously so quick. I know that previously a time has been set on when there is enough time for compliance and i do not think i was given the sufficient time