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  1. THEPete

    Bad RP attempted KOS s1

    The image you linked doesn't load for me, assuming it's an image? Jayquan was 100% role-playing and put a / before what he said purely because this was only our 3rd interaction since joining the server and in the heat of the moment thinking you guys were going to come up and kill us, we wanted to talk. I think for the sake of a / rule play is taking over roleplay here. We could have just sat there and said nothing, but we were attempting to talk. Next time when I run into a new player I'll kill them if they use the wrong character in a sentence while they're trying to talk too then, cause that seems the way it goes around here. And ok they had kill rights on me because I was next to someone else shooting, but doesn't warrant me being shot dead via a glitch. We did not shoot at the fire station as you can see from my VOD. Also you guys shot and HIT Aleksei as we tried to leave initially, before we had fired any shots. My character is a 64 year old historian, the accusations of us being pvp orientated are frankly laughable. We heard shots, your group ran up towards us and went into the firestation. How are we supposed to know you weren't the ones shooting at us in the first place. A 64 year old historian could have a back story we don't know about. It would have been nice to have a conversation with you before your group blew my brains out. Did you read my note?
  2. THEPete

    Bad RP attempted KOS s1

    We heard shots at us while looting the roof of the firestation, we weren't sure where they came from so we were hiding on the roof. The shots he was talking about were warning shots into the air, one of the warning shots hit the wall around the top of the tower. We heard a shot at us again and seen these guys approaching down the tarmac in front of the hangars, not sure if they were in range to hear our VOIP communications so we figured it must be bugged or broken serverside. In an effort to lightheartedly play out the situation out in RP on the fly and announce presence those messages were typed. You said it was bad RP but we thought talking about RP during Jayquans attempt to RP was bad form by you and ruined the interaction for us. He was playing as a character who was intoxicated, which is why he asked for beer, the jesus comment was to get that through to you in an obvious way. Why didn't you even attempt to play along or communicate - without jumping to a conclusion. If I'm going to buy a new house I don't just walk up to the end of the path and state the house is rubbish/bad, and then walk off without an attempt to see what the house is like, or to otherwise have my opinion changed on the subject. What you don't mention in your report is the fact one of you in the treeline KOS'd me. As 2 of you took point around the side of the firestation you sent a guy into the trees to shoot through a glitch and abuse LOS - as I didn't even have a fair chance to shoot you and no contact was made with me to even ask if I was a hostage. May I also add that I did not shoot at you once in the scenario, i hope the admin can attest that by looking in the logs, i was merely trying my best to play out the situation as best as possible; and in keeping with the rules did not want to log out before the 15 minute timer had ended. You are trying to make it sound like we are kosrs but I can state for a fact that we arent. We requested to come down from the tower and sort out the misunderstanding (in the chat) but you choose not replying and killing us as your only option. There was no response to our attempt to come down in the chat as you can see, when there were 3 of you - it wouldn't have been hard to reply back as we made an effort so why didn't you, especially if you were on the ladders - it is close enough to talk with us. Jayquan stood up to climb down the ladders after clearly stating in chat and VOIP that we weren't hostile and 'gave up' and you shot him. You then ran into the trees and shot me through the glitch in line of sight, which I have on recording. I also hope you read the note in my backpack after you killed me, then complain about us again for not role playing. We put a lot of effort and detail into our characters and to be smeared on the forums like this by a group of people who refused to take part in our RP and are otherwise looking for action/killing over roleplay because they have a stream and are looking for e-fame is most disappointing. I think it's only fair that the player who killed me (Muhammad) is called to report for killing me before I had fired and abusing the LOS glitch.
  3. Good luck finding what you're looking for.