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  1. Hebee i agree with you in ways but i want to explain. We as a group dont admire Satan in anyway therefor didin't really want to look into finding gospels and different types of rituals purely for RP. In my mind it would be a great idea to look into different rituals and try to reenact them but i also dont want to influence people in general off of my beliefs in dayz if that makes sense. Id rather be called the Satanists and come up with a ritual that we made ourselves and created then an actual ritual that requires you pray to Lucifer because in the end you are technically reciting a religions writings and readings that some people deem something of actual significance. We dont want to offend anyone that's our main concern, we also dont believe in making people actually pray to satin. I understand modern satanism and this is the complete opposite we are what some people believe as a stereotypical satanist even though its not at all what the it actually is. Were crazy loud insane people who call themselves the satanists because of the way we've RPd with people so far besides the wolves and even then ive never encountered them while playing but that's not the point, the point is were playing a game that asks for great RP, Me and Bukako try our best to make our encounters fun and if not at least somewhat interesting. Its better to create your own spin off things and create a new background for a new world that we are all experiencing.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-s2-RDM-False-Initiation-5-Sec-to-Comply?page=2 Why the verdict is not fair: I don't understand why i am being banned. It seems as if the admin who decided the verdict didint even watch the video. When you watch the video clearly there is a 24 second period when were telling him to go down the ladder. I would also say there is only one point in time where both me and percy are yelling at him.To say that five seconds wasn't enough time to react is ridiculous because if you can add he had a total of 29 seconds to hear the situation happening and react but instead his group decides to scream ITS PERCY at the top of their lungs and decide oh since we were talking so loud in teamspeak lets make a ban and blame him for the fact that our teamspeak is too loud and that we couldn't hear him. If anything the man who made the original post should get a punishment for openly lying in the post saying he was going down the ladder when even one of his friends even said that his body was in the box of the tower. He also says that hes going up there for scouting purposes when you can clearly hear the people in teamspeak react to percy saying GOD SAVE THE QUEEN and that's when he goes into the tower. The 5 seconds was for him to start the animation for climbing and to go down the ladder. When he turned around he stared at me while i was counting down and sat there so i shot. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: If the admins believe that Teamspeak is an excuse clearly there is an issue. I have been robbed countless times with teamspeak on and nothing bad ever happened because i was aware because im playing a multiplayer game where there are other human beings playing besides my self. Next time i get robbed and shot should i put in a ban and say i couldn't hear his demands because my friends were talking to loud. No i would get laughed at and told thats not an excuse. I believe there is a button in teamspeak that says hotkeys? i believe that's where you can set whether your sound is muted or unmuted by setting the buttons. From my point of view how am i suppose to guess that his teamspeak is so loud that he cant hear me screaming at the top of my lungs in game i don't believe that that's a just reason to punish someone for your own mistake of having your audio so loud you cant hear anything. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: All i want is justice and this isint justice this is making the whole situation seem a lot more confusing then what it actually was. I want the admins to look back into the thread and actually study the thread and realize that the original post that got me banned is a lie and should be looked over again. Saying he was only given 5 seconds is not true it was a full 29 seconds of screaming that lead to the kill. I also want to believe that teamspeak is not a valid excuse as it says in the rules. What could you have done better?: The only thing i could have done better was i guess talking louder and making the demands more clear or waiting longer?
  3. Andaleus

    A message to all my "fellow" survivors.

    "Andaleus carves one tally on his SKS and turns on his radio" "Andaleus laughs as he polishes his new found AUG and begins to sing and the radio fades"
  4. The only proof i have is that i have is aug. Which i wouldve only been able to get up in the tower because i wouldve been executed if i had went downstairs.
  5. -snip- The difference is i was giving him five seconds to get on the ladder and leave obviously it takes more than that to climb down the ladder. I never shot him on the ladder thats the point he was standing at the top and his body was also at the top how else would i had been able to take his aug if he was on the ladder. He would have fell.
  6. This is my point of view. Me and my buddy were at the top of the tower at green mountain there were several people and gunshots there. my buddy yelled GOD Save the Queen and it was obvious we were up there. So we are at the top and we heard a man coming up the ladder. I screamed if you come all the way up i will shoot you. He came all the way up i gave him a five second countdown to go down the ladder. He stood still and wouldnt go down after more than ten seconds because i was trying to let him live. He did not comply so i shot him in the head. He was not going down the ladder i shot him point blank in the face with an SKS at the top of the ladder when he was standing at the top. I was screaming dont come up the ladder the whole time and he still came all the way up and our guns were pointed. If he had just climbed down the ladder he wouldve lived but apparently we gave him options but the only option we gave him was to go down the ladder. I have no idea how he couldnt understand me because i screamed into the mike. He shouldnt have been in teamspeak if there were people he should be self aware and listen to the game. The only Automatic i got was the one off your body.
  7. Andaleus

    S2 - NVFL/BadRP

    So you are saying you didn't hear us trying to talk to you at all? I heard no one say anything i did hear you say if you dont stop ill shoot but at that point i already thought i was dead. I should've said something about logging off but im so used to normal dayz i accepted my fate and logged off from frustration. So you are saying you didn't hear us trying to talk to you at all? I heard no one say anything i did hear you say if you dont stop ill shoot but at that point i already thought i was dead. I should've said something about logging off but im so used to normal dayz i accepted my fate and logged off from frustration. Im not angry that you killed me but it was all because i was just trying to log off and i had no RP left in me to deal with it.
  8. Andaleus

    S2 - NVFL/BadRP

    I walking down the street and saw a man i lifted my hand to say hi, he didint say anything so i ran to the left and found a barn where there was a shotgun that i could finally saw off. I sawed the shotgun and made my way up to this barn and saw 5 people just come out of the woods. I was about to log off in the barn but they came out of nowhere and i was just too tired to deal with it. So i made a break for it and said " I MUST BE ON MY WAY" whether they heard me or not i don't know but they immediately opened fire as i made it to this field i got shot in the legs and i said to myself might as well try to do something tried to pull my sawed off out but went unconsciouss before i could even do anything. This is just unfortunate because as soon as i get off not only do i get shot but i get banned the next morning. All for trying to log off in a safe place.