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  1. The Enfusion renderer

    This is just awesome, i personally cant wait to see more footage of the fog seen below. My thoughts on this is, could be more but so far looks pretty damn good.
  2. How many reports have you made in total?

    One, and only because of confusion about the initiation via chat
  3. Screenshot of the Week Contest ~ Home

    It WAS Ryve & Adam´s Home
  4. So I've been messing around with Photo editing lately...

    Looks awesome love the last one
  5. DayZRP servers are moving

    the attack started on server 1&2 and not on 3 because it came late so the chances are good that we are save now, PRAYER TO THE MUFFINMAN!
  6. DayZRP servers are moving

  7. KOS Rule

    I am one of his fellas and i have to say i was pissed aswell because our camps got completeley robbed 3 times and i wanted revenge too, BUT now reading this it makes sense to me to initiate first nevermind the odds, because how should he know this is our stuff and second we could be some strangers too just abusing this situation to kill someone am i right?
  8. KoS S1

    15:48:08 | Chat("Sean McManus"(id=): STOP THE VEHICLE! ENGINE OFF! STAY INSIDE! OR YOU WILL BE SHOT! Well i guess thats it then. It wasnt showing up on my screen nor had i heard someone, if so i would have stoped immediately, i was happy to keep it running to share it with ppl and drive around, picked up 5 ppl and told them we head to stary, but we chrashed it got stuck in krasnostav and as it was free again everybody has left. but ok the time period between the message and the first shot makes sense to me, in my opinion its solved i believe you because its BugZ.
  9. KoS S1

    Server and location: S1- West of Severograd on the main road Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 15:45-15:50 Your in game name: Adam Winchester Names of allies involved: Samuel Taylor Name of suspect/s: Unknown 2-3 ppl Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Bus Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: From my pov me and samuel were driving along the road in our Bus we fixed half an hour ago, we drove west on the main road and wanted to refuel the bus in severograd,suddenly were all over the road pieces of wood which we cleared out of the way with the help of an near stranger ( i didnt ask for his name).As we drove, it took less than 2min there appeared 2 or more people kneel on the road and began from 100-200 meters to fire i went instantly unconscious, and then the bus stoped. I didnt get the chance to stop in time . I heard them yell get out of the bus and put your hands up that was the point when i was already dead, my friend got shot aswell. I havent seen any sort of initiation via ingame chat nor heard via voice chat and as i said before it was a big distance between us and the people shooting at us. I hope the logs will show
  10. DDOS Protection?

    I guess he wants exactly this. Annoy ppl make them go nuts on the forum. Sadly... Funny thing is i'm not all that upset, i just have to live my life. He, on the other hand has to spend his time watching a server status and never getting to play on it. Who's really missing out? I don´t think he is sitting all day long in front of his computer watching the sever and laughing diabolic. There are many programs out there who do the work for you.
  11. DDOS Protection?

    I guess he wants exactly this. Annoy ppl make them go nuts on the forum. Sadly...
  12. What's going on??

    thats actually pretty scary, and disturbing
  13. What's going on??

    isnt there a way to contact these server guys (vilayer or idk wich one) and tell them to stop this? i mean it should be function as intended or not...?