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  1. Overwatch - Official Mega Thread

    Forum Name: VoidBoy Battle.net Tag: VoidBoy#2543 Region: Europe Main Champions: Zen , Genji, Hanzo, Zarya Looking for someone I can play ranked with. I'm plat (aprox 2700), season high 2859. Hit me!
  2. Overwatch - Official Mega Thread

    Thats actually quite some damage on Genji. GJ!
  3. That moment just blew me away. I was like "Nope! Nope! I'm done...".
  4. Hmm. I think we are all bored of Chernarus. Esseker meanwhile looks very interesting and also detailed. I really hope they're gonna go for Esseker.
  5. Any idea on how long will it be in testing?
  6. Official CS:GO Thread

    You won't rank up if you don't deserve it. Simple as that Well that's the problem! All my friends are already MG2 and I tend to carry them since they arent that good, they just play way more than me.
  7. Electricity Grid System! W.I.P

    This really looks interesting but I would rather work on the new Fusion engine that trying to add more stuff in the game that would cause more lag... just sayin.
  8. Official CS:GO Thread

    Does anyone know why am I stuck in Gold Nova Master even though I usually win, being in top 3?! I constantly have 3 wins or more in a row than a lose. Is this elo hell? =))) Also I'm looking for serious players (maybe my division) that I could play with. Just PM or add VoidBoy if you want! Thanks!
  9. Kanye for president?

    Wasn't Dan Bilzerian supposed to be the next president?! =))
  10. Kanye for president?

    Wasn't Dan Bilzerian supposed to be the next president?!
  11. It really looks like an interesting mod. We should definitely check it out!
  12. League of Legends Mega Thread [CLOSED]

    Summoner Name: VoidBoy Region: EUNE Available for Friend Requests (y/n) Yes Looking for Ranked duo partner (y/n) Not really Current Rank: Gold 2 looking to get Plat Main Role(s): Adc, Mid Main Champion(s): Vayne, Lucian, Jinx, Azir, Yasuo
  13. yeah! That's the one I've seen too. Seems cool!
  14. Contact this guy: http://www.dayzrp.com/User-AndreyQ BEST MODERATOR EUNE! =))
  15. Its just new skins for Leona, Zed, and a couple of others not a new champion. I don't really think they'll be releasing any new skins for them since they already have the PROJECT ones... In an older post on [email protected] : http://www.surrenderat20.net/2015/08/red-post-collection-origin-of-wharf-rat.html its a thread about Wrekz is the designer of next champion. You should check it out. We all know that you won't get URF back until 1st of April