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  1. Great job! And I agree with Pep. Bullet wounds are far, far more devastating than role played out to be, with makes sense considering too many people are all too happy to simply shoot you. Personally I think a lot more actual study into psychology needs to happen because honestly, that’s not how so many people would be reacting, especially so suddenly. That is another topic though, that of which there are many debates already upon the forms for. Maybe a really condensed guide of what you are writing about should be a part of the lore/rules mandatory read, to change the view of "trigger happyness". I figure that in a real life scenario like this people would die from all kinds of everyday injuries, simply because they can't get the proper care. So, people would be really careful to not get hurt.
  2. Lol I am not, him no idea. Also don't let RP be intimidating for you. The point of it entirely is that you want to have fun sometimes it's easiest to start off with a small character that really doesn't do that much that you can learn to pick up things from. Exactly, I know all about RP being intimidating, it always is in the beginning. I use to GM tabletop rpgs, and it's amazing to see beginners become more comfortable after a few sessions. And as they become more comfortable, they also have more fun. You don't necessarily have to play an advanced character and "know your shit", as long as you try to put in the same effort as the consensus.
  3. #fuckwhitenames No, but what Clumsy said. RPwith people, give it time and hang around a group for awhile and get to know them. Eventually, maybe they'd invite you in, and it feels natural since you already rp:ed together for awhile.
  4. Wow, that's amazing. I feel i don't have that kind of commitment to choose to play a highly trained character like that, at least for now. I think you and others with that kind of committment set the bar, and are inspireing others to try new things and provide good rp. Back to the topic of this thread, I plan on perma deathing my character, if the death makes sense. Meaning it's rp:ed and legit according to the rules. As Galaxy said I believe a death brings more depth to the rp. It's satisfying for my killers, it's sad and brings motivation of some kind to my characters friends and I get to make a completely new character. Also what galaxy described with the serial killer guy, he wants to chop off the head on people and plan to do that until beta, but don't want it to happen to his own character. I mean.. are you playing Michael Myers?
  5. I totally agree. Good read! I want realism, at least that's what I signed up for!
  6. Hey, sorry if this is the wrong thread but I was just ingame and there was a lore message in the chat, but I was in my inventory and I didn't manage to read all of it. What did it say? It was around 19:00-19:10 server time.
  7. HCI, but more focused on the Human-Human interaction through digital means. Thats pretty much why im playing dayzrp, it's a social experiment achieved with the help of technology. What is your favourite podcast, and why? If you're not into podcasts: tell me about a good book you've read, and why it's good.
  8. Awesome! Will absolutely check it out!
  9. *edit* Its not allowed to post whitelist questions. Hey, I failed to a couple of times too, mostly it's the wording that gets you. Read each question carefully, and then read them again. -------- I don't know if im allowed to help you, but I don't see any problem with you understanding the rules better.
  10. Yes, he definitely has a big following and provides quality rp along with the people he's playing with. I watch his streams occasionally and I've gotten the impression that he's done with dayz, at least for the time being. Also, the question about people making videos with situations played out on the server, I think it's fine. But to meet someone in game that you know is there with the main objective to drive his or her own story, and to make good content for the viewers who don't necessarily play or care about dayzrp, might affect how others RP in a negative way. For me it feels a bit like the content creator is using the community and it's players. Im not saying it's like that, but it's a thought.
  11. I think some youtubers have played here. I know Mr. Moon has played here, at least his movie "Heart of darkness" has a lot of footage from dayzrp. (I believe he was banned? I might be totally wrong here, but the movie is awesome!). Others like pony punch, kiwo and blizzhd has played here as well, I just think that it's the game itself that has lost a lot of interest. It's kind of in a slump at the moment, not necessarily dayzrp.
  12. Hey @WulfeGirl @neckrorazul @Jman14102 you guys made my experience very enjoyable tonight, thank you!
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