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  1. I gotto say big up to @IAmJackBandit. Great job with your character, even though we only met briefly.
  2. * IGN: John Niva * Country: Sweden * English skills: Good * DayZ Mod Experience: Zero. * DayZ Standalone Experience: 250 hours * Roleplaying Experience: I joined Dayzrp August 26, 2015. I haven't been active the whole time but since the lore wipe I've played a lot. Prior to joining Dayzrp, I played a lot on the Rust Factions server, which was very RP-focused back then. I believe that has changed quite a bit now. Also, DnD :) * What kind of In Game role best describes you: As of right now my character has distrust towards the military factions in Chernarus and haven't really met anyone he can trust. He wants to find good people who want to look out for each other. John sees himself as diplomatic and good at finding supplies which he would like to share with good people who needs them. * Have you been in any clan/group previously: No. * Additional notes: My character would like to be a part of a small community of civillian survivors. Also, I live in Sweden, so im mostly online evenings and night time (GMT+1). * Best way to contact you: Send me a message on the forums or let me know if you want to talk in TS. * Backstory: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-325/
  3. UN/WHO - Media Thread

    Well, I didn't expect you guys to go full sweep-mode around the area directly after that. It was pretty intense though, before you found me Also, bonus clip: https://youtu.be/MMdR_y2Op8Q (Very bad quality)
  4. UN/WHO - Media Thread

    Hey guys. So, I was scavenging around Berezino tonight and I stumbled opon something that felt intimate and very personal. I hope that it's okey that I post this here, a voyeur's perspective on something I was not supposed to see. I applaude you for the RP I witnessed, I was truly amazed! (sorry for bad editing, it's late). https://youtu.be/IDyCV0MHA2o
  5. Shoutout to the person/persons racing through Ratnoe earlier today in an offroad hatchback. I was exiting a house as you flew past, aggro:ing a pack of wolfs on me. Had to barricade myself in a house for a while. It was a pretty intesene experience. lol
  6. John Niva

    John came to Chernarus about a month before it all went to hell. His company was contracted to build foundations for a set of new apartment buildings in Chernogorsk. The work got delayed because the company that contracted John had messed up the applications for the building permits. John and his team of 5 construction workers decided to rent a cabin out in the woods, waiting for the bureaucratic mess to sort itself out. Why not take a little vacation? Chernaruses countryside is beautiful this time of year, and it's so cheap! Besides talking on the phone with his fiancee Emelie, John has spent most of his time in Chernarus fishing, hunting and playing cards with his co-workers in the cabin. John had made a deal with a old man who owned a small grocery store in a village close by, to drive up to the cabin once every week with groceries and everything else they would need to last them another week. On the scheduled day of the fourth week, the old man didn’t come. John and his co-workers decided to give the man the benefit of the doubt and wait a day of two. The cabin was really in the middle of nowhere and after two days they had run out of most of the food and toilet paper. They decided that John and two others would hike the 12km to the village to get food and maybe even buy a car. The old man had might have had a heart attack for all they knew. They arrived at the village and they could immediately tell that something was off. Upon first glance it looked empty, almost deserted but as they made their way further in the village they saw the first dead body. And then another and then another. Dead people just laying in the streets, some of them with horrible wounds and blood smeared all around them. The shock and adrenaline had kicked in and didn’t even notice the woman running straight at them. The woman flung herself over Frank and tackled him to the ground. John and Nick immediately tried to get the woman off their friend. They threw the woman to the side and saw that the blood was gushing from Frank’s throat. Frank couldn’t make a sound and was grabbing his throat. In seconds the woman was all over Nick’s back and was biting down into his neck. John felt the panic bending his legs, making them weaker. It was time to run. John managed to lock himself in an empty house at the edge of the village. The woman had made an awful sound, banging and scratching on the door but after awhile she had stopped. John was carefully watching through the windows of the house, as he now saw the woman walking aimlessly around the village. What the fuck was going on?