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  1. They sell the Communist Manifesto at my campus bookstore, but not Mein Kampf.

    ... What have your people done?

    1. APTerminator


      We have started to cleanse the world of Nazism through the cultural revolution, comrade.

    2. Hollows


      Time to fight back. HAHAHA

  2. The good and naughty list

    A very good child.
    • APTerminator
    • ToeZ

    You gonna post anything else?

    1. ToeZ



  3. A little cloudy but I still got to view the eclipse partially.


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    2. APTerminator


      As I said, "Holy shit it's the fuckin' mooon!"

    3. Corry




      fixed it for ya :)

    4. APTerminator


      You know me too well.

    1. Corry


      oh damn its an article from the Express the UK's most trusted news paper, trust me alot of fake news comes from them 


    2. Hollows
  4. Interview WIth A Community Member: Watchman

    10/10 the man likes hats. Hope we can meet IG.
  5. Create the WORST group idea

    A band of 14 year old COD players that traveled to Chernarus for a field trip and now make their living by selling fidget spinners.
  6. Real life picture Thread

    @Watchman I'll raise you to 17 hats & 4 sunglasses
  7. Well how nice of you to mention me, but if I was in camp it'd either end with me in shackles or leaving with you
  8. BeanZ WAR

  9. DayZRP Community Memes

    A true hero of the movement of the Red Star died today...
  10. BeanZ WAR

  11. #RoastMyCharater https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-38/
  12. Real life picture Thread

    I am a man of many hats.