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  1. I've always liked the idea of a car race where you have others just set up ready to gas competitors as they come up, something from say Kamenkha the coast then following the northern highway to sinistok. It should be great fun but no offense this seems a little complicated. A simple race to a predetermined location with booby traps, grenades, and rifles laying ambush would be just as fun a lot easier on staff. Either way I'm all for it in any iteration, so long as car desync doesn't start up a Chernarussian Space Program.
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  3. Do you want to give your loremasters and developers strokes?

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  5. Happy Victory in Europe Day, 75 years strong


  6. I'm all for adding small, non invasive rp & lore oriented mods into the server, but the fact of the matter right now is with the current modlist the game is barely stable as is, much anything more and the server's gonna be crashing every hour or people will continuosly be getting kicked or crashed out. I love the idea of leather crafting but it has to be done well for it to not crash everything. Paintit will just add a batch of the same items with different skins to the loot table, and frankly with the amount of weapon and clothing skins we have now it's not necessary. Honestly I do miss the days of a waterproof gorka jacket, so I'd like for that mod to be in, especially with the amount of rain we have currently. Non lethal ammo is cool again but i'm gonna be honest I've only ever seen the rubber shotgun slugs be used for intragroup bantering around, I doubt it would be used if it were implemented. As for contagious infections or infected, well whats honestly the point when admin tools already do the job.
  7. Am I the only boy who goes hunting animals for food? Eat that fat my guy.
  8. A much welcome change, excited to see the result.
  9. in all honesty good mod tho, +1
  10. Ty @groovy harlow for my new profile photo

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      beanz this man

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    Allied soldiers survey the harbor of Palermo, searching for axis submarines sabotaging the invasion effort, ca. 1943

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