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  1. Can we expect a live action parody @Roland?

    1. Roland


      Haha, I wish. I don't have editing skills or green screen to do it though. 

  2. Yakov Moravec was born to Chernarussian parents on October 10, 1972 in the USSR. His childhood was spent playing in the forests just west of Berezino, and making many friends in school. If you ask Yakov he will tell you that the state forced him to be boring. He cruised along, earning above average grades. He was conscripted, and joined the Red Army on his eighteenth birthday, October 10, 1990. After finishing his basic training, he was assigned to the 3rd South Zagorian Motorized Division, where he was stationed at the Northwest Air Field. Shortly thereafter, the Soviet Union collapsed, and Yakov joined with most of his other comrades in the newly created Chernarussian Defence Forces. From there he slowly advanced through the ranks, due to his inherent detraction to the corruption in the army. He was eventually discharged from the military in the late 90s by his corrupt superiors when a rouge Chedaki element was discovered in his brigade, he had nothing to do with them. Yakov then opened a butchers shop in Berezino, and became quite successful. So successful in fact he was able to buy a farm, and distribute his quality cuts to most major cities in South Zagoria. During this time Yakov found many flings, but never found his sole mate. He fathered a bastard child, named Milen, and quietly funded the child's upbringing. When the civil war broke out in 2009, Yakov used his meat empire to supply, fund, and house the NAPA forces in South Zagoria. He became associated with the group, and was one of the local leaders of it in Berezino. Once the virus hit, Yakov lost all his money, and was forced to resort to his skills learned in the military: Survive or Die.
  3. Am back from Mexico.

    1. Crim



  4. Brb going to Mexico.

    1. Cobe



  5. Well, due to a combined lack of interest and a lack of time on my part, I am formally requesting the archival of this group. It was a fun ride, and hopefully we made some memorable roleplay for people.
  6. Sometimes I feel the American media is more obsessed with the royal family than the British media.

    1. Cobe


      Sometimes i want neither of them to be

    2. Major


      Ya think?

  7. Fuck the Nazis.

    Happy Victory-in-Europe day!

    1. Malet


      Dude, that shit was two days ago 😄

    2. APTerminator


      Not in America my dude. Still technically is for 50 minutes. 🙂 

  8. Ever been so tired that everything looks shaded even after you take off your sunglasses?


  9. Good Morning.



  10. A good time with @Blake Quinn with all the drama at the end. Fun with @RogueSolace, @Fil Vandren, and everyone else that was at Pavlovo mil today.
  11. Good Morning.


  12. Good Morning.


  13. APTerminator

    S1: NVFL, attempted KOS, possible bad RP - 04/26/18 ~ 20:35

    As stated, after killing Julia, it was our belief that there were 9 people in GM. It'd be 3(Myself, GodofInternetLag, Grim)v9, with Grim inside.
  14. Good Morning.


    1. Crim


      motivational 🤣🤣

  15. For whatever reason my default sound recording device was switched to pick up my computer sounds. It's fixed now, thank you @Whitename.