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  1. Goodbye for now

    Good morning community, I regret to inform you of my intent to leave the community for the time being, with my reasons being related to irl, ooc, & game issues. This thread is going to be somewhat of a rant, but also my input on how we fix people. Lets start with the most controversial topic here, the ooc issues. I've been active in game for the past probably 3 months, but have kept a constant eye on the community for the last year or so. In the last year our enjoyment has gone downhill, with the main topic being CampfireRP vs RPvP. Anyone who knows me knows I'm an ardent Campfire man, but I enjoy firefights every now and then. The problem we have now, and that we have had for the past 6 months at least, is that there have been far too many RPvP interactions in game. That's why we had the lore wipe (At least why I think we did), because RP devolved into one party being robbed & forced into slavery for 2 hours, which ended with either the hostage being shot for non-compliance or a very salty powergaming report. We are going down the same path now. It might not be clear to some, but eventually we will end up with the same situation, because the institution has not changed, only the environment. We need stricter rules to stop this kind of devolution of RP, I don't know which rules will work to change it, but it's clear to me that our current system will only lead to the same place we were before the wipe. This point has kind of derailed, but besides rule changes to stop this community splinter, I highly encourage everyone to play your character, not yourself. Now probably what has been worse in the community, but under appreciated as a problem is the 'elitism' that has been talked about before. And I'm not talking about elitism in the two mindsets of RP, I'm talking about within staff. Firstly, the vast majority of staff are not a problem, and I've talked with many staff members, but some staff are bad apples. It would be in bad taste to name names, so I won't, but I'll point out that there have been & currently are staff members that get into reports and use obscure technicalities to get out of punishment. And it hurts the community, a lot. I've heard talk, in and out of this community, that this is blatantly obvious and it rubs potential new members the wrong way. So for the community to run well, these select people need to not be in staff. I'm sorry to say but this point is probably the single most important reason as to why I am leaving. And now the state of DayZ itself. The game currently just isn't amazing. I currently run it at about 10 fps around people in populated cities like Cherno, and I frequently crash with the infamous Memory/Loading error that plagues every copy of the game. Should beta release onto stable, I may come back & test it out, but i seems like .63 on stable will not release until late November at the earliest. Simply my PC cannot run well enough in the games current state to play properly. And with the removal of S2, it seems when I'll finally get online I'll be waiting in a large queue, something I'm not looking forward to. And so my IRL reasons for leaving right now. I've got school, work, and homework/family issues to deal with. I'd expect myself at max to get 10 hours in game every week if I didn't play anything else. That's something that for me is just not enough time for, with keeping up with all of our storylines & interactions. I love all the stuff everyone writes out in the forums, and to be a good RPer I'd need to read all the ICly available information there, which I cannot do in the very near future. This thread was meant for my constructive criticism, so please don't take it as bashing you or your friends in the community. I really want to see this community succeed and move forward, but as of now that's not happening so I'll be making my way out until that happens. I probably will be back at some point but that is likely far down the road. Best regards, -APTerminator
  2. Thanks for adding 4 GB of useless creation club data to my PC Bethesda, because I really needed to lose 5 fps and fuck up my entire mod load order for Skyrim & FO4.

  3. DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    By the looks of the demo & from what I've heard from Hicks & Eugen it sounds like we'll be seeing an experimental build of Beta around the end of Sept./Beginning of Oct., so I'm hype as fuck. Now that probably means that Stable Beta will still come out in Nov./Dec. but it's still amazing progress.
  4. A heads up to those interested, the Fallout games are on sale for up to 75% off on steam right now as part of the weekend deal. Now if you'll excuse me I have some legion scum to kill.

    1. Iso


      Bought 3 and NV, definitely worth replaying at those prices

    2. APTerminator


      See, I thought about getting 3 but I've heard so much flak about it compared to New Vegas. I'll be spending a lot of time in New Vegas, but what are your thoughts on 3 Elmo?

    3. Iso


      Its definitely worth the 2.49 it costs currently, maybe even the stretch to the 9.99 or w/e your regional equivalent is for GOTY edition. New Vegas will always be my favourite, simply because it was the first fallout game I played (and it was great tbh), but Fallout 3 has an engaging storyline, satisfying and varied sidequests, the gunplay is a little rickety but its playable and it also has a well-established modding scene should you ever grow bored of the hundreds of hours the base game will give you. 

      TL;DR, I still think NV is better but Fallout 3 is definitely worth a shot

    4. APTerminator


      Well I'll definitely be getting it next time it goes on sale then, thanks.

    5. Iso


      No problem :) 

    6. Harlow


      >friendly community commie makes sale heads-up for stronk Fallout series

      >have just the right amount of monies to buy NV

      >buys NV

      >automatically gets the Russian version of the game just like the rest of Eastern Europe


      >fooled by communism again

    7. APTerminator


      You see Harlow, when one buys Russian New Vegas, one need not worry of who to side with, for communists come in and kill everyone anyways.

  5. Well I'm going to have to go through some program after that roller coaster of emotions in the Game of Thrones finale.

    1. Ninja


      Me too :( 

  6. Is it possible to make a currency?

    Personally I feel as currency ammunition is probably the best way to go. You could use .22 rounds, which A) Are not used as the bullet of choice by 99.999% of people, and B) they are already in use as currency in Cherno. SP-6 rounds could be used as a larger bill, perhaps 50 .22 for one SP-6. They have the same qualities as the .22 rounds, but are extremely rare. Realistically we'd still be using Cash at this point, whether Chernarussian or American, but it's not in the game so we have to make due.
  7. The Winking Chernarussian (Severograd)

    Yeah some law enforcement is needed down there.
  8. Changing the character sheet

    Frankly, the star ratings are just a popularity contest. I've heard more than once people asking others "hey star my profile". It's not really that good a rating system anyways, at least for me. I never go see a movie or buy a game based off of its rating. I read the reviews, which is what feedback is for.
  9. They sell the Communist Manifesto at my campus bookstore, but not Mein Kampf.

    ... What have your people done?

    1. APTerminator


      We have started to cleanse the world of Nazism through the cultural revolution, comrade.

    2. Hollows


      Time to fight back. HAHAHA

  10. The good and naughty list

    A very good child.
    • APTerminator
    • ToeZ

    You gonna post anything else?

    1. ToeZ



  11. A little cloudy but I still got to view the eclipse partially.


    1. Watchman


      thats the moon


    2. APTerminator


      As I said, "Holy shit it's the fuckin' mooon!"

    3. Corry




      fixed it for ya :)

    4. APTerminator


      You know me too well.

    1. Corry


      oh damn its an article from the Express the UK's most trusted news paper, trust me alot of fake news comes from them 


    2. Hollows



  12. 10/10 the man likes hats. Hope we can meet IG.