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  1. George Farage was born in Milton Keynes in November 1970. As a child he often went to his cousin Nigel's house, where they would talk about how awful all the foreigners were in the country taking their parents jobs. In school George joined the Conservative Party under Maggie Thatcher, and was a faithful member into the 90s. But after John Major took over, he quickly found the tories far too willing to capitulate to liberal demands. After this George focused on his career as a forensic anthropologist. Invited to a place called Deer isle in 2016 for a multi-year dig, George joined up. Now he's stuck in the area with all these foreigners.
  2. The idea and purpose of this rule is noble, but the wording and reasoning are bad. I know vaguely what caused this rule to change, but it brings up a broader question. @Roland are all the rules as they stand now quality, or do you think we need to tweak more rules/enforcement to improve the rp?
  3. Any way to confirm that people will actually follow this rule, regarding OOC/VOIP double miccing? It's incredibly easy to cheese.
  4. Through the gates of hell

    As we make our way to heaven

    through the nazi lines...


    D-Day Beach.jpg

  5. Pov- I had logged in to go do a midnight lüt run while the servers were somehwhat quiet and found our base to be opened, which as stated is physically impossible from the outside. Checked with everyone, no one had left so it is a blatant aogm or ghost by whoever robbed us. Checked all of our things, and yes some were missing. Bradley got online later and confirmed it. And as said by my compatriot we will provide evidence to this report in a dm with the responding staff member, due to the rampant metagaming in this community regarding base locations.
  6. That was one of more intense staredowns that I've been a part of. Good fun tho
  7. zM4ihCl.jpg

    Allied soldiers sweep the waters of recently captured Palermo harbour, searching for Italian submarines, ca. 1943

    1. groovy harlow

      groovy harlow


      The pride of the Regia Marina sailing towards the Allied fleet for its last fight in the name of the Duce.

  8. It's actually incredibly hard to hold that damn island (take it from someone who has tried numerous times), what easy to do is hold the prison complex. Even if the pump was just on the landing point by the shed/docks, it would make living on the island actually viable, and still easy for any invading for to take said pump.
  9. You already know my view on these types of issues with these types of people. I too have quarrel with how staff has been behaving recently with reports (a la Berezino BadRP) and would like an explanation more than "this isn't a rulebreak" or "this person is filing a false report".
  10. @Eddie your mistake was assuming the Devs actually finish modeling things. 😂

    1. FalkRP



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