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  1. Brb going to Mexico.

    1. Hardwired



  2. Well, due to a combined lack of interest and a lack of time on my part, I am formally requesting the archival of this group. It was a fun ride, and hopefully we made some memorable roleplay for people.
  3. Sometimes I feel the American media is more obsessed with the royal family than the British media.

    1. Hardwired


      Sometimes i want neither of them to be

    2. Major


      Ya think?

  4. Fuck the Nazis.

    Happy Victory-in-Europe day!

    1. Malet


      Dude, that shit was two days ago 😄

    2. APTerminator


      Not in America my dude. Still technically is for 50 minutes. 🙂 

  5. Ever been so tired that everything looks shaded even after you take off your sunglasses?


  6. Good Morning.



  7. A good time with @Blake Quinn with all the drama at the end. Fun with @RogueSolace, @Fil Vandren, and everyone else that was at Pavlovo mil today.
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  9. Good Morning.


  10. APTerminator

    S1: NVFL, attempted KOS, possible bad RP - 04/26/18 ~ 20:35

    As stated, after killing Julia, it was our belief that there were 9 people in GM. It'd be 3(Myself, GodofInternetLag, Grim)v9, with Grim inside.
  11. Good Morning.


    1. Crim


      motivational 🤣🤣

  12. For whatever reason my default sound recording device was switched to pick up my computer sounds. It's fixed now, thank you @Whitename.
  13. I recently was on the stress test version offline, last night, and switched back to stable to play on the servers. When I ran into my group members, I they told me I had no VOIP. Does anyone know why? Already tried a full game restart, verification of the game cache, and a reinstall, none of those worked.
  14. Good Morning.


  15. APTerminator

    • APTerminator
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    Happy International Workers Day!


    1. Corry


      *dies inside* yeah haha happy workers day 😢