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  1. Brady Emerson

    Brady, born on June 26, 1992 grew up in down town Los Angeles for most of his childhood. It was very rough on him and his brother, Tony Emerson. Soon after Brady's 16th birthday he and his brother were on their way to the store when they were caught in a drive by shooting where Brady was shot once in the shoulder and was quickly brought to the hospital and treated. After his recovery they decided it would be best to head to Utah. There they finished schooling at a military academy and soon after joined the united states military. After Brady enlisted into the Army he was deployed in the middle east to combating extremists. In 2017 Brady was stationed at the Utes garrison, and was soon after dispatched to Chernogorsk to assist with the local outbreaks. throughout the chaos and confusion he was split up with his squad and with contacts closing in all around him, he made a break for the outskirts of the city. Now he searches for the remaining squad members he was separated from during the fighting.