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  1. Warg

    501st Media Thread

    That's true. Either way, awesome pics, guys!
  2. Warg

    501st Media Thread

    Where are his trousers? Sadly they were ruined by the flames of revival .. He took mine when he awoke So let me get this straight: you burnt Your Glorious Leader's legwear off while attempting a photosynthetic ritual involving fire. And yet the camera angle of the photo gives a very clear shot of his arse. Yeaaaaaaah no.
  3. Warg

    501st Media Thread

    Where are his trousers?
  4. This is absolutely fucking incredible. The amount of work you put into your vid is stunning. Well done!
  5. This is not "crazy". This is a well-written character who is entirely justified in his personal character tropes with his hard knocks in life. It's fairly believable that a life like this could have a lot of trauma and heartbreak in it. He has issues that would do well to be addressed by a professional counsellor, but he is not, from what I can tell, the borderline-offensive stereotypes and sometimes-cliche "crazy" characters that I sometimes see. You, sir, are an example of how to play a troubled character right.
  6. I agree, there's a lot of characters who have some sort of mental illness. Some of them are played well, some of them...not so well. PTSD I can understand, though.
  7. So here's what I got from the video: - Two guys are held up in Gorka because one of the guys has done something to one of the girls in the video. - The girls take both of the guys captive, and are shocked and confused when the guy recording says he doesn't know the other guy or what he did. - Either the guy's friends or another group (bandits?) ambush and surround the guys and girls when they get out Gorka. - Yet ANOTHER group, whether by chance or following this new group, starts a firefight with said new group. The girls and guys take the chance to flee. - The guy the recording guy was with shoots at the recording guy, and the recording guy shoots back. Separated from the girl, the two meet up and agree to get away. - The girl and guy get in a firefight, and the girl dies (?).
  8. Perhaps that could be a plot hook you can explore. You're one of the Dveri, and one of the greatest threats to Chernarus is quiet (for now)--what do you do? That would be a good idea, but my character is just a civilian. She can barely defend herself, I think Jelena will use this time to find some place to stay safe from bandits (if such a place exists) Now is a great time to explore for new 0.58 Easter eggs and hidey-holes.
  9. Warg

    Electricity Grid System! W.I.P

    I can't decide if I should make a Fight Club or a Thunderdome joke.
  10. Warg

    Pinewood Media Thread

    Do you have plans to make more of these types of videos, Oyface? This seems to me like something that could work as a miniseries: the life and times of one soul that watches over Pinewood at night.
  11. Warg

    Electricity Grid System! W.I.P

    It's going to be an exciting new world for Chernarus. You'll have towns and encampments that'll do their damndest to be free of walkers, and an unforgiving countryside full of predators and roaming hordes. The sharp divide between those who are rebuilding civilization and those who rough it out will be even starker.
  12. Perhaps that could be a plot hook you can explore. You're one of the Dveri, and one of the greatest threats to Chernarus is quiet (for now)--what do you do?
  13. Perhaps the zombie virus has mutated. Perhaps all the zombies that were roaming around were old hosts (1++ years of being a zombie), and the virus has jumped to animals. The signs of sickness range from asymptomatic to mild unwellness, and when the animals are killed, a milder form of the virus remains in the meat. This, perhaps, is what's sickening everyone.
  14. Please tell me someone is going to stream this. This is a gem and should be recorded and stored for all of history to know and see.
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