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  1. Nocheluz

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    • Saunders

    I've been peeping you Saunders. Would love to meet you in game to hear that good old southern  accent. :D I have a character that uses one as well.  

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    2. Saunders


      oh shiiiit my bad. I'm a white male from the uk. (black country) is the name of our accents here from wolverhampton :P I'm real confused rn.

      And that's nice to hear, I just like to give my two cents on things I suppose ;) 

    3. xIO_VAPEG0D_OIx


      Chill @Nocheluz


      He has the same accent as me

    4. Nocheluz


      Ok my dude @Randle has calmed me down. 

      @Saunders that is hilarious! I thought you meant ethnicity xD