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  1. Saunders


    6 months today marks the day I was stabbed & came 5 mins from losing my life.Thankful to still be here but fuck the justice system its shit ¬¬

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    2. Saunders


      Yea the lad was crying to the police too whilst i was still there waiting for the air ambulance. You could tell he instantly regretted it. Just pissed that the justice system is so shit.. But atleast I'm still alive man that's the main thing and karmas a bitch

    3. Beni


      Yeah man at least you're still alive. Where I'm from Knife Crime is bad... Well, I mean there are worse places but like, yeah. Some unlucky people that I've known of have been stabbed and killed. Fortunately I don't know anyone that has been killed via crime. 

      It's bad mate... Glad you're still alive mate. 

    4. Saunders


      Same here man, 4 stabbings in 8 days when it happened to me and I was the only survivor.. I'm so fucking lucky! & Cheers man -_-