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  1. Homemade-Cheddar-Cheese-header.jpg.ae1a56bc7a0f2f382487d9814859df54.jpg


    1. Saunders



  2. RED HAT! Very well deserved you've spent a hell of a lot of time helping out the community. Congrats brother 😄

    1. Inferno


      Thanks fam, much appreciated 😘

    2. Hofer


      I still regret this decision

  3. If my memory serves me correctly then I believe it's 1000 characters

    Season 7 Episode 10 GIF by Friends

    1. DrMax


      Just legends? Or everyone? 

      Merry Christmas! 

    2. Dingle


      You're missed brother. Merry Christmas ❤️

    3. Saunders


      Everyone who joins this community are legends @DrMax smh

  5. Microsoft Flight Sim is something else. The graphics and detail of some of the worlds biggest wonders just blow my mind 

    Tim And Eric Mind Blown GIF

  6. Microsoft Flight Sim is something else. The graphics and detail of some of the worlds biggest wonders just blow my mind 

    Tim And Eric Mind Blown GIF

    1. Hofer


      who are you?

    2. Saunders


      I'm a nobody Mr Hofer, scoot along

  7. Why this lowkey go hard?


    1. Saunders


      I got this on my playlist, its fire!

  8. His voice in this is angelic ?


  9. Congrats man, very well deserved. Now go smash it ? 

    1. Para


      Cheers man @Saunders ❤️ 

  10. ABOUT TIME. Congrats little bro, now go do me proud ❤️ 

    1. Peril


      That's the plan, boss.  Couldn't have done it without you.

  11. I wanted to vote for @TurkRP but he wasn't on the list so I had to settle with whoever is at the bottom of the voting list ?
  12. Unfortunately the day has finally come where I have decided to step down from the staff team. The last 14+ months spent as a staff member have been nothing short of incredible, I remember trying my ass off to become a Support team member with hopes of helping the community members, if someone were to tell me that I would have become an admin after 4 months and get to spend the amount of time that I have done helping the community by making the sheer amount of changes that the teams have done since my arrival there would be no way that I would have believed you.

    I want to thank each and every community member for making my time in staff a pleasant one and even for those of you who caused me several headaches, without you I would not have improved as a staff member and although I still have a long way to improve I feel it is only fair to let someone else have a chance at becoming a great admin. I don't have as much time as I used to and I really want to play the game more rather than spending most of my spare time on staff work. I used to be able to play 8 hours a day as well as the same amount of staff work I'm doing now but that is no longer possible and therefore I feel it's only fair to let another person have their time to shine as admin!

    With that said, adios DayZRP staff team. I will still be around the community, especially in game now that I'll have more time and I will always be just 1 message away from any help.

    1. Jade


      ? good luck Saunders play dbd with us ❤

    2. Rover


      sad batman GIF

    3. Para


      I will miss you @Saunders take care mate

    4. EddieLR


      Yeah Sauders, you take man. Hope to run into you IG! ❤️

    5. DrMax


      You did good Saunders! I still remember your constant messages when you were support about asking for more work.. 

      Hopefully you can roleplay more now! 

    6. HuskyBB


      Never seen you in game, but always seen you do staff work. Even the staff work that does not seem 'exciting'. Even for someone like me who isn't involved in staff it is clear you put a lot of time and effort into it. Massive thanks for that, and hope you get to enjoy playing the actual game rather then doing staff work. 

      I Appreciate You GIF by memecandy

    7. Trijim


      i'll miss the red name ?

    8. Banshee


      Take care big man, you did good ❤️ 

    9. Cub


      Heard nothing but good things about you as a staff member, shame to see someone so well respected step down, good luck dude!

    10. Peril


      Proud of you, boss man. Keep in touch.

    11. Duplessis


      Gonna miss you Saunders for the short time we worked together. Wish it was longer. ?

    12. Zanaan


      Welcome to the red star club, where all you'll want to do is backseat admin.

    13. Anthonyy


      I'm glad I was able to be your friend before and after becoming staff. You worked your ass off. Can't wait to play again now that you got more time on your hands. ❤️

    14. Whitename


      always a fun lad to pal around in the voice chats with, see you around 

    15. Imagine


      Thanks for everything!!

    16. Conor


      You did good ❤️


    17. Elmo


      Good luck lad

    18. MarikLR


      Thank you so much for guiding me as a support! You'll be missed man! 

    19. Derek Steel

      Derek Steel

      good work little robot your gona be missed as a red hat
      sad peter rabbit GIF by Sky

    20. Aiko



    21. Dingle


      Your Legend status is a severe understatement in this case, Saunders. You're one of the nicest and most understanding people I have ever met. It was a honor working with you in staff back when, and I was hoping to join you again soon. With that said, you did well, and I know you'll be missed in the staff team. All the best!

  13. @Dom Wolf Is this the eye patch you're looking for? If so you need can find it by clicking the drop down menu and choosing left/right instead of bandage. Paying for the eyepatch gives you all 3 types and you choose which one you spawn in from your inventory as others have stated also via a dropdown menu. Hope this helps ?
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