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  1. Greetings, We will be dealing with your appeal via the first appeal you created. Click here to see the outcome of your appeal. Signed by @Saunders + @Voodoo
  2. @Arthur Shelby You no longer have to do this as we no longer have an age requirement. It appears that you have two accounts, please create a support ticket so that we can handle that issue before dealing with your appeal. Your blacklist appeal will be handled via this appeal, please be patient with us whilst we deal with it.
  3. @Arthur Shelby you are currently blacklisted for being under-age. You need to edit your original post of this thread to include the appeal template, fully completed, which can be found at the link I issued to you. Do you still wish to close this appeal?
  4. Use the template provided via the link below; Failure to to do within 24 hours will result in your appeal being closed.
  5. BUMP We are looking for active, new staff members. Submit your staff application today!
  6. @DuquesneLR I've heard people call you "doo-kwes-knee" but I know that it's "doo-kane" We would love to hear which community members would like to participate for the interview. To take part simply private message either @Saunders, @Voodoo, @Rover and we will choose some community members to take part!
  7. I'm also a fan of making changes to this, right now you don't get much meat and the animals themselves are tanks Voodoo kindly forwarded this to the devs, please be patient whilst we work on things behind the scenes.
  8. Welcome! For this week of Interview with a Community Member we have @DuquesneLR This interview is to get to know the members of our community, and hopefully bring the community together. Comment who you want to see being interviewed next week! Thanks to @DuquesneLR for participating! Tell Us About Yourself? How did you find out about DayZRP, and what made you want to join? If you could thank one person for helping you get started here who would it be? What could we do, as the staff team, to make this a better place?  What is your most memorable experience(IC/OOC) here?  Do you regret doing anything in your time here? If you had to live in a jail cell with four people from this community who would it be? What's your current favourite song/artist? What has been your favourite character you have played on the server and why? What do you feel is missing from the community? Do you have any hidden talents? What was the origin of your username?
  9. /APPROVED @PhoenyxxRP I like the changes that you have made to the lore upon your return. Your roster is strong and goals fit the SMART criteria, which is great! Your group have always provided great roleplay when on Chernarus and I have no doubts that you will do the same again on Livonia. As you already know, you need to create your GroupCP and invite each one of your members to it. I wish you the best of luck this time round.
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