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  1. @Chewy It seems you are correct, titles such as my "Wolves Ay We" (which is the diamond feature) shows up on the profile. It also seems that any extra paid titles no longer show, but instead state "titles" as can be seen in the photo below. Finally, Jade's title indeed shows up as can be seen when yours in fact doesn't. This is definitely something that Roland will have to look into and give an answer for. Great spot by the way, I checked a couple other profiles but they didn't show the title like hers does.
  2. It's the same for everyone, it will only show 1 title and if you have any others it doesn't seem to show anything other than "titles" (as you can see in the picture below, this is where they show up). I'm pretty sure @Roland is aware of this and he's the one that can definitely shed some light on this situation.
  3. People can indeed raid your base at any time, it doesn't matter whether you are online or not. However, they can't leave all of your items on the floor to despawn of break down a huge chunk of your walls as this would be seen as damage that is not proportionate to any damage done to them in character. But simply breaking down a wall or two and stealing from you would not be seen as griefing and is not against the DayZRP rules. The griefing rule can be seen below;
  4. Greetings @RyanW1997x, The admin team have reviewed your blacklist appeal and have come to a conclusion. In 2014 you attempted to plagiarise a section of your whitelist application that our team detected, resulting in you being blacklisted from the community. As it has been nearly 6 years since this incident, we have decided to give you another opportunity to attempt the whitelist application and become a member of our community, which we expect to be written by yourself. With that said, your blacklist has been revoked and you should now be able to give the DayZRP whitelist application a go! APPEAL ACCEPTED | Blacklist Revoked Signed by @Saunders + @Hofer
  5. Greetings, Could you link us to all of your Steam accounts please?
  6. Mate I can't get toilet paper irl, let alone struggling to get it in game too.. Are you trying to make me commit suicide? On a more serious note, I don't see the value of this item roleplay wise, I think it would be used to troll more than anything.
  7. @Dodge Will be temp banned until he provides his POV and any video evidence he may have.
  8. Welcome to the community and remember wash your hands and keep social distancing Also, good luck with your whitelist application!
  9. I honestly really like the look of this mod, hopefully certain features could be disabled so that we could get a good balance so that it doesn't get in the way of roleplay as that is the most important thing here at DayZRP. I can just imagine having a select amount of features enabled and making the experience more immersive, I wouldn't however go over the top with the amount of features.
  10. 10/10 pic :omg:

  11. Greetings @Comrade Icy, After reviewing your appeal the admin team have come to the conclusion to deny your appeal. Players on final warning must have shown that they have been active, both on the forums and in-game for the 3 months prior to appealing their final warning. You have not played the servers for 2 months and have also not posted on the forums since December 16, 2019, meaning that you unfortunately do not meet the criteria for final warning removal. You can re-appeal this decision in 3 months. With that said, APPEAL DENIED | FINAL WARNING REMAINS Signed by @Saunders + @Hofer
  12. Greetings @LeglessStallion, Since your amnesty was accepted by Roland and you were unbanned I have gone ahead and removed your blacklist, this means that you should now be able to apply via the whitelist application. Let us know if you have any further problems by contacting us via support ticket. Signed by myself w/ notes
  13. Welcome, however we only have PC servers right now. We trailed console servers for a while but saw very low population on said servers and therefore resulted in that venture being stopped. Hopefully you get a PC and we get to see you here enjoying the RP!
  14. If @Roland has already stated it's being looked into there is no need to suggest it again and therefore this thread will be closed. original thread link; https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/102883-tropical-kryptec-mandrake-tactical-shirt/
  15. Seems a lot of old faces are coming back lately. Welcome back to the community!
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