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  1. Saunders

    Why should i come back to dayzrp

    It's a shame the development of the game is so slow, it has so much potential too Can't wait for basebuilding tbh, that's the main thing that i'm waiting for
  2. Saunders


    if anyone remembers anything aboutt the user who had a cartoon character with a tracksuit on holding a sword as their avatar pic on here, please let me know what the pic is from. I'm sure i checked it out over a year ago and it was from a bands album cover or something. any info will be so so helpful

    1. ExoticRP


      Was it a girl or a dude cartoon character


    2. Saunders


      pretty sure it was a guy

    3. ExoticRP
    4. Saunders


      nah lol. its really bugging me. im sure it was @Storm tht had it but i may be wrong. i swear i listened to the music of the album cover and it was dope and ic ant remember the name. i could be getting mixed up though but idk

    5. Storm


      it wasnt me

      unless it was this avatar, but thats all i got for ya


  3. Saunders

    Send Help

    Still need help with this is anyones knows who had this as their avatar pic or knows what i'm talking about
  4. Saunders

    Send Help

    I don't think so, i just remember an adidas tracksuit holding a samurai sword as the picture of the song
  5. Saunders

    Send Help

    This is a long shot but I saw someone with a avatar on here a while back that was a cartoon character holding a samurai sword wearing a tracksuit. iirc it was an album cover or cover for a song and if anyone knows what this is or where it;'s from that would be a great help as I can;'t think of the artist and looking for their songs again. Any help will be appreciated I can;'t find this anywhere online so you guys are my last hope
  6. Saunders


    How do I get rid of this bird symbol next to my name in the posts, can't find the setting


    1. Buddy


      Account settings / remove icon 


    2. Saunders


      Am I blind?removeicon.thumb.png.4efdf10a6b4c7310ca3a8e62ae6c157d.png

    3. Buddy




    4. Saunders


      I just realized that I'm not tycoon anymore. Well fuck, that needs to be changed. People can pay for a month and keep the icon lol. Will message @Rolle about it. Thank you anyway though Buddy. 

      Should be getting back in-game now we have the lore wipe coming up. I hear there's also a new patch, looking forward to rping with you again my dude :)

    5. Buddy


      Aaaay! I never would have guessed that to be the problem x.x

      I'll be kicking around more often in the server as well with or without a mentee on my belt :P 

      We can make it work!

  7. Saunders

    • Saunders
    • Chief

    YASSSS you got lore master! Not played for a while so excuse me for being a bit late to the party

    1. Chief


      Haha Thank you @Saunders I am just here to do my job ;) 

      Have any questions you know where to go.


  8. Saunders

    IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    Really hyped for the lore wipe and changes. Can't wait to get back into game, took a little break until this happened so glad it's here
  9. Saunders

    Heart to heart

    BRAVO! Now it's time to take what has been said and turn this into actions. I agreed with everything you said, absolutely spot on! +1 for this post man, the truth has been spoken and we, we community, are the only ones who can make the change.
  10. Saunders

    Marijuana Legalization?

    Yea legalize that shit, 420 blez it
  11. Saunders


    Nice to see so many people coming. Should be a lot of fun
  12. Saunders

    Freezing up trying to join

    As the others have said you will have to wait until a server reset. I've had this happen quite a few times and there is literally no fix other than waiting for the reset unfortunately It sucks but just one of the many issues we have to deal with.. I mean come on it's dayz after all
  13. Saunders

    My Edited Screenshots

    Dudeeee, this looks slick af now. Glad you took the suggestion on board. I hope to see more images added here in the near future and regularly! They are so dope man
  14. Saunders

    The Cereal Killer

    Go for it! But just imagine how much of that midnight snack cereal will be wasted Funny idea though +1
  15. Saunders

    Who Listens to Profiles Songs?

    I listen in if I like the song, otherwise not. I personally add music to my profile because when I go on it I can listen to a song I really like + if I'm paying for it I may aswell have it on there right?!