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  1. Saunders

    Mentor Program | Apply Today! | Accepting Mentors & Students

    I agree with @Ron on this one. He hasn't Rp'd for a few years and imo should be allowed to use the service but ofc thats down to you guys
  2. Saunders

    What do you listen to ?

    For the last year i've mainly just listened to Lil Peep. I've got just over 300 songs and apparently he has made 50+ more before he died that are yet to come out but right now i'm listening this Star Shopping
  3. Saunders

    Night time finally!!

    I really love night time too, it brings such a fresh dynamic and i can't wait to get back into the swing of things and head on in game and experience it for myself
  4. Saunders

    Green Mountain Radio [Open-Recruitment]

    I remember the green mountain group that was a thing waay back in like 2016. So glad to see another mountain group back! Best of luck with everything, will hopefully cross paths one day
  5. Saunders


    Just finished my new characters backstory 🤗

  6. Saunders

    Website, premium and item updates

    Just came back to the game.. going to work on a creating a new character background story before hopping on ingame but im very happy to see a shop added and even more things be added to it. Very hyped
  7. Saunders

    I'm BACK!

    I've not played since 2017, DayZ got real stale and boring for me but i'm going to be making a comeback..I'm currently working on a new character (and taking my time in doing so as i see that the lore has had some changes and may i add that i love the new backstory! i've read it twice so far and will probably read it another to keep my memory fresh so that i can make a better backstory) and once my characters backstory etc is developed enough i shall be heading back in game! It's been a long time since i roleplayed and i can't wait to get back into the swing of things. I see a lot of old faces that i've p[ayed with before and i can't wait to have hella more fun with all of you! - See you guys out there!
  8. Saunders

    Mentor Program | Apply Today! | Accepting Mentors & Students

    I remember when this first became a thing all those years ago. I've only just came back and to see that this programme was no longer a thing sucked. But in seeing it making a come back is incredible. This programme has helped so many people over the years, @Buddy really did put his heart and soul into making DayzRP a more enjoying experience for everybody within the community! So excited to see this make a comeback and i urge people who need help to get involved, the mentor programme is so so helpful!
  9. Saunders

    Character Story Arc

    I used to add to my character page as and when stuff happened to him in game. I don't think it's a good idea to force that on people and make them do it, but making it an optional thing is something i'm all for!
  10. Saunders

    Community driven mentor program

    I remember when this was a thing! I'd love to see it come back
  11. Work In Progress
  12. Saunders

    being robbed

    I tend to not keep a ton of armoury/weaponry on me. My character isn't so good with guns but has learned how to have a simple shotgun/handgun to protect himself if needed. You can always fight off the robbers if they have initiated on you. But don't get too caught on on gear, it's all about the RP experiences here. My best RP experiences have came from being robbed and i absolutely loved it!
  13. Saunders

    Why should i come back to dayzrp

    It's a shame the development of the game is so slow, it has so much potential too ? Can't wait for basebuilding tbh, that's the main thing that i'm waiting for
  14. Saunders


    if anyone remembers anything aboutt the user who had a cartoon character with a tracksuit on holding a sword as their avatar pic on here, please let me know what the pic is from. I'm sure i checked it out over a year ago and it was from a bands album cover or something. any info will be so so helpful

    1. ExoticRP


      Was it a girl or a dude cartoon character


    2. Saunders


      pretty sure it was a guy

    3. ExoticRP



      found it

    4. Saunders


      nah lol. its really bugging me. im sure it was @Storm tht had it but i may be wrong. i swear i listened to the music of the album cover and it was dope and ic ant remember the name. i could be getting mixed up though but idk

    5. Storm


      it wasnt me

      unless it was this avatar, but thats all i got for ya


  15. Saunders

    Send Help

    Still need help with this is anyones knows who had this as their avatar pic or knows what i'm talking about
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