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  1. Granted. But after I've accepted your whitelist I permanently ban you and 50 other community members in a tendie wave, seize control of the website and be the El Presidente assassin before putting on the DayZRP crown for myself. You will remain permanently banned from then on out. I wish it was June 1st already so we can start playing under the new lore!
  2. The best thing about this whole thing is the video promoting the actual mod Real question though.. Who hasn't died to a test vehicle for the Chernarussian space programme?! And for that reason this get's a big fat +1 from me!
  3. -1 I voted no since the only mods I can find seem to be experimental. Maybe in the future if less buggy mods are made and DayZ haven't officially added them themselves (coming soon 2036tm btw) then I'd be for it but as of right now it's a no from me.
  4. Long time since I posted here, hello
  5. image.png

    We will never forget. Congrats on the win!

    1. Elmo



  6. Thanks to all that turned up and made the event great to watch! We hope that you all enjoyed your time and hopefully we managed to get guns to all those that couldn't find them in order to make it more fair on all parties. It was an absolute pleasure to see an idea I came up with in my head and see Para put it down on paper and make it a reality with the help of some of the Gamemaster team, as well as it being an absolute pleasure to help out with the event. Hopefully you guys are an excited as us about how well the event turned out and for any potential future community events!
  7. I've been looking forward to this patch for a while now, can't wait to check it all out!
  8. Just to clarify, if you can access your old account you should do so and create a Support ticket. If you cannot access your old account you should create a Support ticket and will will help you gain access to the old account again. Age limits, too many whitelist retries, VAC ban blacklists would all be able to be appealed without going through the amnesty programme. Bans due to rulebreaks that are over 30 days old do not fit within the criteria and would need to be appealed via the amnesty programme. - @Hunter This will be useful for you and other community members, check out the amnesty page for more details on what would be deemed to have to go through the programme. This thread will now be closed now that the OP's issue has been resolved and any relevant information issued. /CLOSED
  9. Hey @Booker, If you are having difficulties gaining access to an old account that has a Steam account linked to it you can create a support ticket and us admins will help you gain access to your DayZRP account once again.
  10. Walking through the forest with my brother and a pheasant or something jumps out a bush towards us.. We thought it was a bear or something and completely shat ourselves scared the simpsons GIF

  11. 9/10 - Would be 10/10 if more game time since 2017 and this year too
  12. There are so many factors that determine whether somebody commits NVFL or not. These indeed include Environment (where all the enemies were at the time of the accused NVFL and where the other party was also), the equipment that the enemies vs the accused NVFL'er at the time etc. This is why video evidence plays a big part on how things are verdicted. I know you want to understand NVFL as a whole but it's always a case by case basis and although Peril has done a fantastic job with answering your questions you must keep in mind that there are always different scenarios that could happen that could change a verdict. The NVFL promotes roleplaying over always being on the attack, sometimes you just need to admit defeat and get some quality hostage roleplay from the situation. The NVFL rule also comes down to common sense, you need to think whether you have a realistic chance of winning the fight and yes it may seem extreme since you only have a second or two to determine whether you have that chance or not but if you can't make that decision and you choose to fire you ultimately risk being banned. If you don't want to risk being banned either back away from the situation (which could bring some great internal roleplay since you left your friend to potentially die) or go enjoy the hostage roleplay that your friend is getting to enjoy. Just because your character is a hero or a bad ass does not mean that he never backs down, there is always somebody bigger and badder than you in life!
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