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  1. Microsoft Flight Sim is something else. The graphics and detail of some of the worlds biggest wonders just blow my mind 

    Tim And Eric Mind Blown GIF

  2. Microsoft Flight Sim is something else. The graphics and detail of some of the worlds biggest wonders just blow my mind 

    Tim And Eric Mind Blown GIF

    1. Hofer


      who are you?

    2. Saunders


      I'm a nobody Mr Hofer, scoot along

  3. Why this lowkey go hard?


    1. Saunders


      I got this on my playlist, its fire!

  4. His voice in this is angelic ?


  5. Congrats man, very well deserved. Now go smash it ? 

    1. Para


      Cheers man @Saunders ❤️ 

  6. ABOUT TIME. Congrats little bro, now go do me proud ❤️ 

    1. Peril


      That's the plan, boss.  Couldn't have done it without you.

  7. I wanted to vote for @TurkRP but he wasn't on the list so I had to settle with whoever is at the bottom of the voting list ?
  8. Unfortunately the day has finally come where I have decided to step down from the staff team. The last 14+ months spent as a staff member have been nothing short of incredible, I remember trying my ass off to become a Support team member with hopes of helping the community members, if someone were to tell me that I would have become an admin after 4 months and get to spend the amount of time that I have done helping the community by making the sheer amount of changes that the teams have done since my arrival there would be no way that I would have believed you.

    I want to thank each and every community member for making my time in staff a pleasant one and even for those of you who caused me several headaches, without you I would not have improved as a staff member and although I still have a long way to improve I feel it is only fair to let someone else have a chance at becoming a great admin. I don't have as much time as I used to and I really want to play the game more rather than spending most of my spare time on staff work. I used to be able to play 8 hours a day as well as the same amount of staff work I'm doing now but that is no longer possible and therefore I feel it's only fair to let another person have their time to shine as admin!

    With that said, adios DayZRP staff team. I will still be around the community, especially in game now that I'll have more time and I will always be just 1 message away from any help.

    1. Jade


      ? good luck Saunders play dbd with us ❤

    2. Rover


      sad batman GIF

    3. Para


      I will miss you @Saunders take care mate

    4. EddieLR


      Yeah Sauders, you take man. Hope to run into you IG! ❤️

    5. DrMax


      You did good Saunders! I still remember your constant messages when you were support about asking for more work.. 

      Hopefully you can roleplay more now! 

    6. HuskyBB


      Never seen you in game, but always seen you do staff work. Even the staff work that does not seem 'exciting'. Even for someone like me who isn't involved in staff it is clear you put a lot of time and effort into it. Massive thanks for that, and hope you get to enjoy playing the actual game rather then doing staff work. 

      I Appreciate You GIF by memecandy

    7. Trijim


      i'll miss the red name ?

    8. Banshee


      Take care big man, you did good ❤️ 

    9. Scouse


      Heard nothing but good things about you as a staff member, shame to see someone so well respected step down, good luck dude!

    10. Peril


      Proud of you, boss man. Keep in touch.

    11. Duplessis


      Gonna miss you Saunders for the short time we worked together. Wish it was longer. ?

    12. Zanaan


      Welcome to the red star club, where all you'll want to do is backseat admin.

    13. Anthonyy


      I'm glad I was able to be your friend before and after becoming staff. You worked your ass off. Can't wait to play again now that you got more time on your hands. ❤️

    14. Whitename


      always a fun lad to pal around in the voice chats with, see you around 

    15. Imagine


      Thanks for everything!!

    16. Conor


      You did good ❤️


    17. Elmo


      Good luck lad

    18. MarikLR


      Thank you so much for guiding me as a support! You'll be missed man! 

    19. Derek Steel

      Derek Steel

      good work little robot your gona be missed as a red hat
      sad peter rabbit GIF by Sky

    20. Aiko



    21. edgy Dingle

      edgy Dingle

      Your Legend status is a severe understatement in this case, Saunders. You're one of the nicest and most understanding people I have ever met. It was a honor working with you in staff back when, and I was hoping to join you again soon. With that said, you did well, and I know you'll be missed in the staff team. All the best!

  9. @Dom Wolf Is this the eye patch you're looking for? If so you need can find it by clicking the drop down menu and choosing left/right instead of bandage. Paying for the eyepatch gives you all 3 types and you choose which one you spawn in from your inventory as others have stated also via a dropdown menu. Hope this helps ?
  10. You did not need to create an appeal but simply send an admin a screenshot of this important information for us to be able to proceed with the review of your whitelist application. I have gone ahead and noted that you have provided the relevant information needed and you are now free to resubmit your application and continue as normal! With that said, /CLOSED
  11. F I N A L L Y 

    excited dance party GIF

    1. Jade



  12. Is this a whitelist character page or regular? Who is your friend? We need his profile so that we can take a look and give more specific detail on what exactly is wrong. If he doesn't explain in detail how and when his character arrived in Russia, Chernarus, then this could well be the problem. You should get your friend to post for help so that we can look into his query further ?
  13. *You pick up a book titled The story of Felix Belinsky, upon picking up the book you proceed to read the following* My name is Felix Belinsky, I was born in Berezino on February 13, 2004 raised by my English mother and Chernarussian father in a little village called Gorka just west of the big city of Berezino. I spent the first 4 years of my life being looked after and home schooled by my mother whilst my father worked out at sea for months on end importing and exporting goods in and out of Chernarus. But with tensions increasing within Chernarus and my mother getting scared my father thought it would be safer to move us out of the country and so late 2008 we moved to my mother's birthplace of Birmingham, United Kingdom. Life in England was great at first, I excelled in school, had a ton of friends and my parents got along all the time. But once I had moved into my teenage years and began to hang around with the wrong people who brainwashed me to rebel against society and changed my mindset by making me start to hate society too. I hated how we were supposed to meet its standards and if you didn't you'd be classed as an outcast all because you didn't want to feed into it. I started to smoke cigarettes, do drugs and drank whatever alcohol I could get my hands on. Violence and ASBO behaviour became the norm and I began to really enjoy it! It was a way for me to take my anger out on others and I loved that I was in control, I was the one with all the power! I always knew that I shouldn't have been doing it but me and my friends thought we were invincible, we did what we wanted, when we wanted. I knew I could get away with whatever because I’d beg my mother not to tell my father what she had caught me doing and she would always agree to it because she knew that my father would beat me black and blue if she told him. I spent 5 years mentally tormenting my mother until she finally snapped and showed my father the letters from the police that stated I had been arrested for theft of a vehicle, not only that but she had written down everything I have ever done and showed him those too. As a proud Chernarussian man that always put his family name and honour first, he could not believe that his only son would tarnish his family name in that way. After spending a few days thinking about his disappointment in me and rumours of our family began to circulate within the community my father decided that the only way to get away from the embarrassment of our family name would be to move back to Chernarus. Since arriving back in Chernarus in March 2020 my father has been working as a taxi driver, mostly taking tourists who are braving going outside and catching the virus up and down the coast, I’ll never understand why people are still coming here when there have been alerts of a third way of the Frenzy Flu spreading since April 1st but each to their own I guess. We were living in a flat above the pub in Svetlojarsk, my mother stayed at home whilst I had been travelling all around Chernarus collecting wood so that we can build our own little house in the hills just north of here as part of my punishment for tarnishing the family name. On May 5th we heard rumours that people were rioting and my father has been missing ever since. My mother went out to look for him after Marshal Law was declared on May 10th but I had to escape from the hotel because of rioters storming inside and taking people hostage, ever since I've been running around Chernarus looking for my parents. I've heard horrifying rumours about camps that are being setup and what’s happening within them, I just hope my parents haven't been taken to one of these camps or even worse gotten the virus.
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