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  1. i dont know why i have to explain what happened if everything me and luigi did was in terms of RP nothing we did broke rules in the RP Terms if any rules were broke it was that mason didn't follow the RP rules when ask to do something while at gun point for instance if i had mason at gunpoint in real life do you think he would take off running if i told him if he makes any fast movements or tries anything funny ill shoot? didnt think so he would listen to every word i said so if any one broke RP it would be mason. but what happen me and Luigi seen the two party's walking in our direction late at night and decided to rob them because i just started the game and i had no loot i know Luigi in real life and he said he would help me get loot so he gave me a gun and told me we are going to rob these qids so we jumped and held them up and took them up stairs in a house and Luigi handcuffed them both and we started talking in game with our mics i told them any fast movements and i will shoot at that time Luigi put a dress on mason because he was showing me stuff you can do on day z so he put that on we both started laughing and Luigi decided to take them downstairs and lead them outside meanwhile he told me in game chat to collect and put on his loot i did it took me a while because im still learning the game but i heard Luigi telling mason to stop running as soon as i heard that i run outside stopped collecting the loot and demanded mason to stop running as Luigi couldn't chase him because he was watching Pete so Luigi and i told him stop he wouldn't stop running so Luigi told me to shoot him in the leg to make him stop so i shot him with the gun Luigi gave me in the legs to be honest im not sure how many times i shot him but i clicked the button once but the rifle was automatic and i play with a Xbox controller after that we let Pete go for listening but took his guns and hunting bag we had intentions of letting both party be released but mason failed to follow RP and the demands that were given and he suffered RP consequences and that's what happen.