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  1. -Part 1 My name is Judah Pearson... I have a brother or... Had i should say now... My name is Judah and I am now one of the few survivors of my city. On my last day of doctors ed everything went down. The dead started rising, people started looting and now all I have is the image in my mind to protect the few survivors on Chernarus and heal the sick with what education I have. I have lost... many. Groups are not in my favor though if I can, I will tag along a group to keep safe but not for long. I can't grow close to a group just to loose more people. I am Judah and I am a survivor. The dead are nothing I have learned. People are the problem a year ago I never knew what we could do to each other. I can't fall to this I need to help people... I can help people.
  2. Hello my name is Judah and I am a huge fan of dayz and all in all zombie! I have created my own comic and 3 issues so far are in stores. I am trying to get into this awesome community and hope to get on the server sometime! I have created a lore about my character and perhaps one day one of you guys will hear it!
  3. Very interesting, where is chapter 2!?