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  1. Patrick Cassidy

    Born as an unwanted child, Paddy saw his first chaotic years in this world bouncing from house to house. His mother an addict, and father a part of the Republican Army, there was little upbringing to be spoken of. Although turmoil and child services marked his early years, he was fortunate enough to be moved to an orphanage in the southern end of the British Isles after his father was killed in a clash with the police. Little was expected to come of him, save for another misguided youth, but to the contrary this spurred him on. Soon after his 20th birthday he took up service with the armed forces as a way to escape the everyday life he despised. A way to see the world and an assured future, he was told. Although no spectacular soldier, he was placed as a communications expert embedded with the British Army's intelligence corps, who soon after the crisis in Chernarus deployed squads in an effort to understand and combat the virus before it rampages would be out of control. Placed under the watchful eye of Captain Gray, a heartless and stern fellow. What he lacked in compassion and cleverness he made up for in intimidation and ruthlesness. After an unfortunate crash, said to have been caused by an infected pilot, his squad was scattered after two dozen infected bore down upon the crash-site and set upon the squadron of troops. What men survived are now roaming the countryside, trying to find their lost compatriots like needles in a haystack. Without combat expertise, and no radio nor communications, what hope does a communications expert have in this harsh reality?