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  1. I still don't really get it. Which one can I not do, the first or second one?
  2. No no, what I mean is like. Communicating with your team after you have surrendered via Teamspeak Communicating with your team mates via teamspeak Discussing non DayZRP related matters on teamspeak Using team-speak to co-ordinate your team in a fight. Which of those can I not do?
  3. Where does it show the rules of teamspeak? Please don't just say the rules. Tell me specifically where in the rules
  4. These are the type of questions that I've been failing on for five applications. I feel you.
  5. I did read the lore. I just didn't understand it. Do we use the current date?
  6. Could someone please explain how like our timeline. Such was what the date is? I just did my application for the fifth time and that was the only question I missed.
  7. I have been trying to try to get into the server for multiple days now but have failed every single time due to me not explaining KoS rule right -snip-