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  1. absolom

    [BHM] Black Hat Militia

    I was still on there?? Jesus, you´re a lazy fucker, Tom
  2. I just imagined, what it would feel like to have my first DayZ experience ever on this server with RP rules...goddamn, I´m so jealous right now. Enjoy it as much as you can!
  3. The chances that somebody will initiate on you are obviously very slim. But you´ll have to get there first and from my experience, there are quite a lot of bandits in the area surrounding the "safe zone". Oh and if you´re on your own, always have an eye on your stuff. Yesterday somebody shot one of the wheels on my pickup-truck during those two minutes, I was inside the CTC area to donate some supplies
  4. absolom

    What rules have you broken?

    I "accidentally" had my face stuck in a clanmates...well...behind. I was dragging him into the water and while my character was doing the swim animation, he just lay down prone in front of me. So yeah, I guess, that might have been sexual RP as well
  5. absolom

    [BHM] Black Hat Militia

    Rick could totally win the Alyd-lookalike-contest...not sure, if that´s a good thing though
  6. Had a little chat with two very nice rabbits once on Overwatch mod. Gave them some beans, let them play with my pistol and then they ran off again. [video=youtube]http://youtu.be/8cZXyJLrLNg
  7. BHM: Although I´m not really playing with them anymore, I was a part of it for almost one year. It´s amazing, what has changed during this time and most of it has its reason in Major Tom´s leadership. I remember the time when we had five members in TS and now look at their CP...so many talented roleplayers and "big names" of the community are now wearing this clan tag. And though I miss the old times with chaotic comms during firefights and all that sentimental stuff, I´d like to give you mad props, Tom...you did a great job! o7
  8. So how big is this whole cannibal aspect involved in your RP? Do you tell your captives, what you´re going to do to their bodies? It might sound like a stupid question but I´m going to be honest here...I´m not sure, if I would want to deal with that topic at all. I know, it´s happening in the real world and I´m usually not easily offended by anything but there´s just something about eating another human being that creeps me the f... out so much, I don´t even want to RP about it. This is not directed against your clan! I just want to know, if there´s a way of avoiding the topic and making it a "normal" hostage situation?
  9. absolom

    Major Tom's BHM stream

    I liked the ending when Tom realized, you managed to blow up two cars in less than ten minutes
  10. absolom

    [BHM] Black Hat Militia

    Hipster BHM...guarding the TP before it was cool
  11. absolom

    What is your theme song?

    Better make way for Herr Brenner, ja? [video=youtube]
  12. Being a native German speaker and playing a German character as well, the situation would feel really awkward to me. I´m willing to accept your explanation, but I probably couldn´t deal OOC with the weirdness...no offense Oh and btw: Is there a special reason for calling your character "Vilhelm"? Because the common name in Germany would be "Wilhelm"...never seen it spelled with a "V".
  13. absolom

    [BHM] Black Hat Militia

    This brought tears to my eyes...such beauty and elegance