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  1. Koda lived a simple life before the outbreak, went to decent schools, dealt with normal day to day situations. However the one thing that brought joy to his heart more than ever was to see the smiles on peoples of those he has helped. Koda dedicated his life to helping and even saving others around him and that’s why he decided to pack his bags and move to manchester where he enrolled into a medical school where he was accepted with flying colours. A big step for Koda’s liking, however he was ready to take the extra leap. It was in Manchester where he met Rose Vardent, a fiery woman with similar passions to Koda. He quickly became attached to her as he progressed through his degree, learning as much as he could from her, somewhat as an apprentice and in return she would take the mick out of his strong English accent which he didn’t mind. He would always be there for her through the thick and thin and would know the correct thing to say to calm her nerves every time. This went on through to graduation. After Koda's education finished he managed to get himself a job as an Emergency Physician working in ER in the local royal hospital. The work was tough and tiresome yet so rewarding for him. His social life was destroyed as he became devoted to his work, so much so that he hardly left, always watching over his patients. That was untill a letter appeared through his door. Koda had been recommended to take part in a medical education program taking place in Chernarus in which he would be placed within a team working on improving the Chernorussian healthcare system. Although Koda loved his job he couldn't help but jump at the opportunity, all because of one name placed in his team.........Rose Vardent.
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  3. Ever since the previous patch i have been reciving this error message :http://puu.sh/k8OKO/985bffe2a1.jpg I have validated files, set Dayz and steam to run through admin and even tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Im running windows 10. Any help?
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