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  1. No one has addressed the final question about a RP reason to just burst through a locked door not knowing what could be on the other side. But other than that my questions were answered.
  2. I have a couple of questions about locked doors and proper initiation/reaction. First a bit of background. The character I play has night blindness. I modeled this after my RL condition so my portrayal of this is pretty accurate. My game gamma is set at about 30% of the slider. At night in an unlit room I can see the stars out of windows and the outline of objects in-between my character and the window but the rest of the room is pitch black. When outside I either have to feel around for doors (I get the door icon) or use some type of light. Without any light I only see a dim outline of a building and only if I am fairly close to it. Usually I can see a hint of a texture difference on roads but mostly go by the sound when traveling to a new area at night. So after trying to find some food in some houses at night while using my portable gas lamp I attract the attention of an infected(this was on .57). I have to throw my lamp down to draw a weapon and still be able to see. The gunfire attracts more infected and it is a bit touch and go as I fend off 4 more infected in the little circle of light my lamp produces. At the end I am bleeding and highly on edge. I need to bandage up, eat and get some emotional rest. I know daylight will be fairly soon so I barricade myself up in the upper floor of a nearby house, douse my light and lock the door. About 10 minutes later I hear someone eating in the house below me. My stress level ramps back up both IC and IRL. I hope they will just go away. Or they will discover the locked to and attempt to communicate before attempting a breach. So I quietly waited where I could see the door open by seeing the stars appear in the window behind the door in the hall outside the room I was resting in while my heart is pounding nearly out of control. This is where my questions start to come up. First question. If I had instead shouted over VOIP "Anyone who attempts to open the upstairs locked door will be shot" would that been sufficient warning/initiation to then 'legally' shoot anyone who came through the door? From reading many threads in the Reports section of the forum it does not seem the there is a rule requirement to have actual line of sight on a target to initiate. I have read examples where a general area initiation is given not a specific directed to an individual. Second question. While at the time I thought it was only one person so a 1 vs 1 situation with me having a superior position, only one point of possible attack, no way the unknown person could flank for better position made me feel the situation could be in my control should I initiate. But in truth there ended up being two people(at least). So based on what my character thought was true vs what was actually true which would apply to a possible NVFL violation? Is NVFL based on actual or perceived situations? Does part of the situation being 'unknown' to a character play a part? Third question. The 'intruder' entered my room by breaching my locked door with a firearm. In doing so they technically also fired on my position. Is being shot at grounds for revenge rights? Also shooting at a person(even if they are behind a door) without any initiation seems to be a possible violation. At the time I did not know if the intruder knew of my being there or not. The firing on the door could have been simple expediency over finding a lock pick or it could have been a breach attempt. Fourth question. This relates to the second question but further along in the situation. The door was breached. I could see the outline of a person blocking the stars in the windows. I could not tell if a weapon was in hand or raised though it seemed like the 'intruder' was at least holding something and the door had just been shot open so I assumed it was a firearm. I at least felt that I was being questioned at gunpoint though I could not technically see the gun. It felt at this point that I was initiated on so sat and answered the questions asked of me and did not raise my held pistol. The 'intruder' made no demands but just questioned what I was doing. The night blindness issue came up and the 'intruder' like many people IRL did not seem to understand it and made comments about there being plenty of moonlight to see in this room just fine. In a previous encounter with some other folks they went right along with the night blindness and guided me around using vocal clues. Was pretty cool. This is where it got very interesting. The 'intruder' then mentions there is a guy standing right next to me on my left. I of course can't see this other person. And have not heard anything to my left. I wonder if the 'intruder' is bluffing and providing some amazing clever RP because it was a perfect bluff to a night blind person. I try to draw the other person into speaking so I can confirm/deny the bluff but get no response. So thinking bluff I am mustering up the courage to raise my pistol and demand the intruder leave my room. Basically a counter-initiation to the initiation I felt I was under. I ask the 'intruder' to provide some light if they want to talk any further. I thought this would get his hands busy so I could raise my gun and initiate on him and put to rest the idea of a second intruder in my room. But I had decided even if he didn't light a lamp I was going to initiate to try and get him out of my room. My stress level needed a break. Instead the 'intruder' states he doesn't have time to mess with me any more and is going to leave. A second of relief for me. But then a voice to my left speaks and I just about jump out of my skin. So it wasn't a bluff after all. Finally to that fourth question then with all the above background. Had the 'intruder' not left on his own and I did in fact raise my pistol and make a demand would that have been a NVFL violation? From their perspective I could see it being such. They could see fine and the second person might have very well had a Mosin inches away from the side of my head. But from my perspective the second person was a bluff and I could see the outline of the 'intruder's' head by the stars in the window so I had decent odds of incapacitating him if necessary. Which way would the NVFL rule fall here? And finally why would someone just burst though a locked door without any investigation? I find a locked door and I speak in VOIP if anyone is there and that my intentions are harmless. I have even gone so far as to bang on the wall with a machete to get the unknown person/persons attention behind the door. Only then and when in real need of food/water do I attempt to open the door. But mostly I just move on to the next unlocked door I find.