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King of the Castle - Lopatino (Melee only - OOC Event)
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  1. Crim

    Doc raging at Siege @Spartan @Cpt MacMillan @Oliv


    1. Spartan


      He looks weird

  2. Crim

    Pretty powerful


    1. Harvey



    2. Brayces


      But he ... he cheated on his wife... 

  3. Crim

    1. Harvey


      Uploading the full vid now xD

    2. Spartan


      You stream? O.o

    3. JohnnyZhu
  4. Fin.

    Cya Chris, he's one of the good ones
  5. Drunk Thread

    Yeah, 6 cans of beers and im out
  6. DayZ Group "Idea"

    SMART = dumb tbh
  7. DayZ Group "Idea"

    Would be amazing to see this become a thing.
  8. Tortugan Farming Company. [Open Recruitment]

    The server defo needs a New Holland
  9. Official Escape From Tarkov Thread

    https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/?opendocument=/legal/user_license_agreement_en.html Apparently I hacked... which I didn't. i sent in several support requests but they just keep closing them. Really pissed, but ah well.
  10. Official Escape From Tarkov Thread

    I'm loving it
  11. Crim

  12. I'm Out

    cya in a month
  13. Crim

    1. Sleepyhead



      this is why i said to get conor @Jamie

  14. Group limits.

    Thats correct.. Yeah its a really poor move IF I understand this correctly
  15. Group limits.

    I'd imagine no, person B doesn't have kill rights as raising a gun isn't a valid initiation, and kill rights aren't shared anyway.
  16. Friends mad at you for playing DayZRP?

    You should grow a set. It's your call what you play. Everyone has different opinion / tastes. They're being unreasonable for guilt tripping you.
  17. Crim


  18. Crim

    Thanks for the portrait @ThePoshFart lol


    1. SweetJoe


      oh man, greatest beer ever dude.

  19. Persistence wipe

    As Pep said, as long there is sufficient notice..
  20. Operation Kopec - Lore Event [RP-PvP]

    Add me to the UN side on my current UN character, thanks
  21. The Last Light

    Back home.
  22. Steam Keys - Merry Christmas!

    I got a Nintendo Switch!
  23. Resolutions

    I want to drop around a stone in a half in weight (9.5kg), find a rewarding job that is not call centre orientated, and most importantly be a better father.
  24. Crim

    1. Oliv



    2. Lemons


      This is great :D

    3. Oliv


      @Methias I totally need to do this with me and Beibs

    4. Methias
    5. SweetJoe


      alright this was good.


      Thank you.