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"Slava UN!"

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  1. Crim

    Prison Island Bridge EXAMPLE

    Add a poll? big +1 from Crim
  2. Crim

    Add Check Pulse Mod?

    So, whilst playing on a non RP server I noticed it required the check pulse mod. I think it's a good idea to aid identifying, for example someone committing a 5 sec robbery etc. Yes I know it is a method of metagaming, but the way its been implemented means that its obvious when someone is checking your pulse, plus I believe the range is decreased compared to the old versions of DayZ. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1713355959&searchtext=pulse Here's how it functions in game: https://youtu.be/nEFuGSKSuRg
  3. Crim

    Slava Chedaki!

    *Hughes, captured, beaten up, shot, and pleading for his life, whilst being restrained by 3 inbreds.. gets a radio planted against his face, the men make him talk into the radio* "This is Jayden Hughes, Lieutenant of the UN" *he pauses while wincing, as he stares at the man* "The doctors are a bunch of murdering lying cunts, don't fucking trust them!" *shouts* "Slava Chedaki" *You hear several Chernarussian accents saying "Slava Chedaki" before a rain of bullets come over the frequency, the radio drops to the floor in silence*
  4. Crim

    TTSKo pants do not fold into boots anymore?

    Only you Shanoby
  5. Crim

    Use Summer Chernarus?

    Time to add this ?
  6. Crim

    Communities Thoughts On Server Mods?

    Build anywhere too. I've suggested Summer Chernarus and classic named but to no avail.
  7. Crim

    Revival of room 4

    Hey Dad, personal Discords are the new roast zones. And Dad, can I get an advance on my pocket money?
  8. Crim

    Classic Names & Descriptions mod

    bump, surely adding this would do no harm?
  9. Crim

    Bring Back The Old Myshkino Tents? (Tents City)

    So after the DayZ .61 "update" we lost a treasured gem, the old Myshkino Tents. It was a great area for PVP and some medium tier gear.... "But wait Crim this is a RP server!" Yes, but the area is now dead, reduced to a shell of its former self. Re introducing the OG Tents City, or even expanding upon what we have now will increase interaction in that area, and I've been informed that it won't negatively affect server performance. I appreciate that entirely recreating the original area would be a huge task, so maybe just expand and redesign the current tents layout? It's just an idea. @Watchman https://youtu.be/A2EuppSe1wU?t=130 https://youtu.be/z1usznucvfA?t=113
  10. Crim

    Vote Now! - SCEENSHOT OF THE MONTH CONTEST - Sunset/Sunrise

    I also voted for Mean @Jean
  11. Crim


  12. Crim

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I had an absolutely fantastic encounter today with @Ouromov, he provided in depth, flowing and charismatic RP. Even though he's new to the community it shows that people should not be judged by their tenure here. Welcome to DayZRP, we are lucky to have you.
  13. Crim


  14. Crim

    Galápagos | Medical Roleplay | Open Recruitment

    Just like your activity
  15. Crim

    Galápagos | Medical Roleplay | Open Recruitment

    Oh no not the old man , and @arttu I'm just informing you that I am head of security. Thanks in advance
  16. Crim


    Dinner time!
  17. Crim

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    That was actually @Nick Wilde asking you to look at him, it was hilarious
  18. Crim

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Amazing RP today from @Annoying Rooster @Nick Wilde @Isaiah Cortez @GreenySmiley @Gopnik22 and others. So much fun 10/10
  19. Crim

    Galápagos | Medical Roleplay | Open Recruitment

  20. Crim


    I upgraded from an i7 6600k to a Ryzen 2700x a few days ago, I can confirm that the 2700x is a monster.
    In average im getting a nice 30 fps boost in all games, along with being stream on a x264 preset.
    If anyone is thinking of changing their CPU you should check out AMD instead of going for overpriced Intel processors.

    1. Major


      Yay. Now you can do shitty initiations on me in VMC at 30x the speed. 


      Love you babe. 


    2. Samti


      I like your pfp

    3. Pontiff


      Welcome to the red team mate.

  21. Crim

    • Crim
    • Bigrat

    Oh, I feel sorry for you ur related to @Simatho

  22. Crim

    NVG's Please

    Didn't know they existed?
  23. Crim

    Add Limp Animation to the Emote Wheel

    This really is a no-brainer, plus juan
  24. Crim

    [NGA] New Generation Army (Recruitment Open)

    Good luck
  25. Crim

    Add back double stamina

    Or even x5 or 10, travelling is work, unenjoyable.
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