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  1. Crim

    Character locked in database

    Apparently it happens a lot less if you wait the 15 secs instead of force logout
  2. Crim


    Here's a code for the CoD Black Ops 4 Beta Blackout Beta: N5HQ-NN5J-HTCNB-6CHL-TW5G

    Redeem it here.  You're welcome!

    1. Dan


      Thanks bud 

  3. Crim

    Stuck on Waiting for Host

    @Kricket so accessed the server via the steam download Arma 2 Dayz mod? Sorry im a complete dayz mod noob
  4. Farmer-BorisRP

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  5. Crim

    Official SCUM Thread

    This game isn't ready for RP. Simply no kos etc should be a thing, but without emotes etc hard to RP right now
  6. Crim

    Revert Rules = Full Servers

    Rules have been recently changed.
  7. Crim

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  8. Crim

    Official SCUM Thread

    Time for a SCUM sub-forum @Roland?
  9. Crim

    Official SCUM Thread

  10. Crim

    Official SCUM Thread

  11. Crim

    Official SCUM Thread

    Tried connecting last night and was prompted for a password.. Haven't checked today but is there a password?
  12. Crim

    SCUM RP ?

    I really don't see the harm in trying a Scum server. It's not gonna affect the non-existent DayZ RP servers. DayZ is dead rn. Why not do something to spike activity?
  13. Crim

    SCUM RP ?

    This is more of a side project suggestion.
  14. Crim

    SCUM RP ?

    It has great emotes, here's an example:
  15. Crim

    SCUM RP ?

    https://www.g-portal.com/en/gameserver/scum-server-hosting It's 70p a slot.. don't see the harm in trying it as DayZ isn't exactly working out is it? @Roland