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  1. This should be like me IRL - shooting blanks
  2. Tate Hollows when?

  3. One week til winter is gone. THANK FUCK

    1. Whitename



  4. Deer Isle to replace Chernarus?
  5. Don't say you're back 😜

  6. Murdock was born and bred in Northern Ireland until he was 26, he then met Linda, got married and settled down to family life. He pursued a career in law, and moved to the US as a gamble to further himself career wise. He was lucky to be given the opportunity to work with the CIA. Murdock has been working for the CIA for years, married to Linda, with a son and a daughter. He has a problem... gambling. It has consumed his life. He makes a good living however he started to gamble more and more, to the extent that the was no money left for the family so he got desperate, he starts steal surveillance intel and secret service documents and sells this information to the Russian government, so he can cover up his gambling addiction. One day Murdock received a letter from his mother telling him about his brother who lives in the Congo, and the necessary information to get in contact with him. Over the course of a few months he would be in contact with his brother George Adebowale. Helping him arrive in the states and upon getting here, a job. As the years went by, Murdock's gambling addiction got worse. When out and about one day with George, a Russian man approaches Murdock informing him that the CIA suspect someone of selling information and his encouraged to leave the states. He tells George to go back home and await contact from him. Murdock would leave the States leaving his life behind, also his family. The CIA then suspect Murdock of selling the information, Murdock flees to Deer Isle..
  7. Crim

    Go away gear whore ?

    1. Will


      loot is roleplay

  8. Just confirming that indeed the tiredness part of this mod can indeed be tweaked, or preferably disabled
  9. We have to have this when it comes out
  10. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1735691552 As seen in the mod description this mod re-adds broken legs, Tiredness, drunkenness, cholera, salmonella, wound infection, cold/flu etc. With this mod you can also craft a splint to fix broken legs. Another addition is tiredness, yes at first this may seem annoying, but it literally takes 5mins laying down in front of a fire to regenerate this. //pretty sure the tiredness rate can be tweaked as well
  11. Ummm yes please! Great find @Banksyy
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