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  1. Crim

    Pretty powerful


    1. Havuei



    2. Brayces


      But he ... he cheated on his wife... 

  2. Crim

    1. Havuei


      Uploading the full vid now xD

    2. Spartan


      You stream? O.o

    3. JohnnyZhu
  3. Fin.

    Cya Chris, he's one of the good ones
  4. Drunk Thread

    Yeah, 6 cans of beers and im out
  5. DayZ Group "Idea"

    SMART = dumb tbh
  6. DayZ Group "Idea"

    Would be amazing to see this become a thing.
  7. Tortugan Farming Company. [Open Recruitment]

    The server defo needs a New Holland
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    I'll come back when Dayz gets gud

  8. Official Escape From Tarkov Thread

    https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/?opendocument=/legal/user_license_agreement_en.html Apparently I hacked... which I didn't. i sent in several support requests but they just keep closing them. Really pissed, but ah well.
  9. Official Escape From Tarkov Thread

    I'm loving it
  10. Crim

  11. I'm Out

    cya in a month
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    So I decided to try out that Quadro app today. I want to see what happens when the 14 day free thing ends, it should keep running the basic one, but unsure of if it will allow for the custom apps or just preset common ones they already have built in.

    I did find some other apps though, thought I'd share them.

    Actions which apparently might not exist anymore as they recommend using Quadro now


    I hope these help

    1. Crim


      What a guy, will check these out asap :P

    2. Oliv


      Lemme know if they work, I'm interested too.

  12. Crim

    1. Sleepyhead



      this is why i said to get conor @Jamie

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    • Crim

    hope your doing alright.