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  1. Crim

    Menu UI Glitch Fix

    Tried that, unfortunately made no difference for me.
  2. Crim



    1. Falk


      Looks like one my top quality 4k graphics 

    2. Lyca


      Nice one 😄

    3. Crim


      its intentionally blurred @Falk

    4. Falk


      Aw shittt

    5. Lyca


      Yeah I wonder what could be 😄

    6. Mugin



  3. Crim

    Compensation for Unjust Bans

    Maybe negative points? e.g. wrongly banned for RDM. Appeal accepted after 3 weeks of debate between staff. User now had -3 points after successful appeal.
  4. Crim


    How to avoid RP


    1. Falk



  5. Crim


  6. For most of his adult life, Roger never expected to serve in the British military. He grew up surrounded by British military, but they always treated him and other Irishmen with disdain. The Provisional Irish Republican Army was still waging attacks every year. Firebombs, shootings, stabbings, the IRA did it all. It left Roger in a strange position. On one side, he was being protected by British armed forces who regarded him reluctantly. On the other, he was surrounded by people quietly whispering about unification, being free from tyranny, who all the while would hurt those around him. The dichotomy drove him to university when he turned 18 instead of the British military. He studied European History, focusing on the countries of the former Soviet Union. He was fascinated by the falling of such a massive empire. His research in uni brought him into the academic sphere professionally. He continued his studies, eventually achieving a Doctorate in Computer Science. From there, his work as a historian and professor earned him the respect of his academic peers--Roger ODonnell, PhD. And he felt like he belonged, for a time. Then in December of 2015, Roger was walking in East London when terror struck. He had seen nothing like it since his childhood in Northern Ireland, something he thought he had forgotten all about by now. An Islamist attacker stabbed and slashed at people right in front of him on the Tube. Odonnell was frozen in horror. A few days after the incident, he decided he would never allow someone to do that in front of him again, so he joined the British military. Returning to Northern Ireland, Roger was assigned to 2nd Battalion, Royal Irish Regiment. He worked his way up to a Lieutenant and eventually was put in charge of a platoon. The men regarded him as rigid, cold, determined and passionate about his country. His sharpness and age made him widely respected by his commanders and subordinates alike. In 2018, Hughes’ regiment was deployed to Chernarus as part of a UN Peacekeeper force to assist in an infectious disease outbreak that was ravaging South Zagoria. As the infection broke containment, Roger and his men broke ranks. He lost a lot of good soldiers, and decided to focus on finding the rest of the UN that was scattered across the country.
  7. Crim

    New Update

    I had to delete my Dayz folder in My Documents to get rotating items working. Not a huge deal, you just lose graphics settings and keybinds.
  8. Crim

    Suggestion to Devs.

    The walking issue is being fixed in the next update: https://forums.dayz.com/topic/244292-experimental-update-103151457/
  9. Crim


    Big objectives
  10. Crim

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    Relax man, good luck with the group, and yes Craig is 43.
  11. Crim

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Simatho @KeeganLogan is Joe. What a few days its been, lets keep it going @Tayto @Lemons @S.Bradley @allanman123
  12. Crim

    What's your sports team?

    Football: Newcastle United (for my sins) Golf: Tiger Woods, been following him since 97 F1: Vettel or Verstappen for drivers,. Red Bull as a team. I have strong ooc hate for Lewis Hamilton
  13. Crim


    I don't think there was enough people in Pustoshka tonight 😂

  14. Crim

    To Mr. Murdock

    *Murdock lets out a sign, feeling confused he pushes the ptt* "Frenchie.. I am not travelling to the coast, I lived there for over a year. I am staying in the town where the altercation happened yesterday, yesterday was just a 1 off, it's normally a peaceful town, trust me Frenchie. See you there soon." *Murdock releases the ptt, the proceeds to stare at a picture of his family.*
  15. Crim


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