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    9:20 you can see that u are just watching me dying. Seriously. @Shark Sorry I didnt understand what you said. My english is not that good, you mean that I need more proof?
  2. Alavidze


    I did not eventually respawn. You can see everything on the vidoe that first you took off my cloth and then started to bandage me, literally when ur friend started to bandage I died. Myf riend didnt say "OH HES BANDAGING QUICK RESPAWN" cause you can even hear us talking. Sorry but I think you should honestly get banned for a lot of reasons
  3. Alavidze


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVnzi5IIf_k&feature=youtu.be sorry for bad audio, it is pretty bad You can obviously see on 8:55 that he shot me because I said you dont have any proof of the thing that i killed 3 people. Thank you very much. AND noone was bandaging me before I died, You can all see it.
  4. Alavidze


    I'll add the full video in about 15 minutes, my friend was away. let me answer to your questions 1) I was on low blood and I went to north west to meet up with my friend, I couldnt get on high blood alone. 2) I was saying that I will rememeber your face, I did not say I will take a revenge or something. 3) I was saying all the time "PLEASE FUCKING GO ALREADY" so you could've leaved us alone, but you had to be pricks and take as much time as possible to kill me.
  5. Alavidze


    How could I tell you that I was low on blood?! My friend is not home atm. I will deliver the video as soon as possible.
  6. Alavidze


    Looks like my friend does have everything. I will add the full POV. AND I DID NOT RESPAWN! I have died almost immediately because of low blood. Aggresive? I just said that I will meet you up in the future and remember your fucking face dude does that give you an opportunity to kill me? And why would I kill myself... Seriously... I was completely following your instructions, following everything and just saying "please fucking go already" and then someone just shot me...
  7. Alavidze


    Server and location: English server, north west airfield. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): ~23:29:30 Daytime or Night-time: Daytime Your in game name: George Blind Name/Skin of suspect/s: All of them were white. I do not know their names. There were 3 of them Suspects weapon/s: Mosin, MP5 if im not mistaken and blaze Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): My friend recorded it but we can only hear voices, its just blackscreen but you can hear voices of people. Detailed description of the events: me and my friend (hans) got into the airfield and met up with 3 man, they told me that they are searching for a guy which killed 3 man in the airfield. They said that they think I am that guy and asked to drop our guns. Eventually we droped our guns and followed their instructions. I was saying that my friend is scared and dont do anything to hurt him. After that they took us to the fire station, I said that I will remember his face and i'll meet up with him in the future. Because of this they shot me in the leg and I got unconscious because of that. Then I just died.
  8. I said it a lots of times that if you will not apologize something bad will happen I thought it would be enough of a warning for him. I didnt know I had do straight say - I'll kill you if you will not say sorry. that POD is just the end of what everything happened - it does not include the thing that I said quite a lot of times that something bad will happen.
  9. I do not know what else to say I said a few times to all of you to say sorry and I'll just go. and I didn't do it once or twice, I said it 100 times in a row to say sorry and I'll just go. And I was not going to kill the guy which was behin the guy I killed first. It was just an accident but I mean I warned both of them a few items.
  10. I think you perfectly understood what I meant by that.
  11. I indeed killed 2 man because of roleplaying. I said hello to a woman and she replied hey, I said that my name is George and she said yes my name is (i dont remember what) but it was a russian name. I said that your name is russian and you have to be russian and she said how the fuck do you know my name I said you should watch ur manners thant his guy came and said that I look like a north korean. I said I am not north korean and that is racist than other guy came out and bla bla bla. Then they started to say shit about me and I said that manners matter, but then he said that there is no goverment and stuff. I asked him to say sorry but he didnt reply anything. They said even more shit after that and then I asked for apologize, and said that something bad will happen if they will not say sorry. They said they aint saying sorry and stuff. Because of this I shot both of them.