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  1. How about a closed vehicle that seats four people. How about a few more character models or the ability to create your own character model. How about a few new loot items that are actually useful (I'm looking at you, tents).
  2. Polaroid Puffin

    New Gestures. W.I.P

    Loving the walking animation. Looks awesome. And the rock paper scissors will probably determine the outcome of many arguments... Just like RL
  3. Polaroid Puffin

    What junk do you pick up?

    I always pick up all the food I can find and handcuffs for certain occasions.
  4. In RP I definitely prefer a group setting. Though it depends on the character I'm playing. Some of my characters prefer to be isolated. Some of them crave civilization. I can play either way but personally I prefer a group.
  5. I'm not sure how I feel about base building. To me DayZ is a game where I roam Chernarus, explore, and adventure. With base building I would be forced to stay in one spot. Seems kind of boring to me. But I realize no one is forcing me to build a base. It just seems uncharacteristic of DayZ. With that said I also realize that there is no right or wrong way to play DayZ. As for persistence, I think it's a good idea for RP. Though I suppose it doesn't matter what any us thinks.
  6. Glad to be here. I love a good forum and this one looks about as active as any I've ever seen. As someone that truly loves a good RP I couldn't resist the idea of DayZ RP. I avidly watch streams and always enjoy it. Never know what could happen. The possibilities for an RP in DayZ are truly endless. I'm very excited to get in there and build an awesome story with some of you guys. I always have a stockpile of characters available. Now I must be off to do some reading and research on the site. Hope to see you soon!