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  1. For the past few hours iv been looking at a screen that says wait for host and i really don't know why it is letting me join any server.
  2. vanclef777

    Can't Join Server 1

    Its a bug with the launcher im having it to.
  3. Wrong password this is the error i get when ever i try to join RP server 1. Every other server works fine and i am using the dayzRP launcher any help i can get would be great. The same problem also happens when i try to join teamspeak there only difference is there is that it gives me a option to give a password. PLEASE HELP.
  4. I have been accepted just a update !
  5. I have sent my appellation off for approval and i haven't had any news and i have waited for over 48 hours. Could i get any news on my appellation.
  6. Hey guys just saying hi
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