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  1. James Leeson's view: Quite simply, we meet and start talking for a few minutes. They initiate of which we all comply, we run for approximately 10 minutes, where they give very lacklustre RP, constantly telling us if we talk we will die. We walk and then sit in silence for a while whilst they talk amongst themselves. Buck Babbitt investigates us one by one, threats here and there, he stabs me which is fine. Then Buck explains that we are going to have a duel, so he takes Simon and Lucas off, instructing me to sit and watch. He gives them weapons and tells them something along the lines of 'fight or die'. They sit and do nothing, he starts counting and they get up pretending to fight. He then says that if they don't really fight he will kill them, and starts counting again, this is when Simon is killed. They then tell us to run away without giving us anything to survive off, I do not mind this however but I can see how it would be a problem. '//ca nt run' - this was because for some reason I couldn't run whilst bound so I had to slowly walk. Bad RP all round in my opinion and definitely asking of more than we can give.
  2. mekkor

    The Many Media

    I don't usually express the meanings or thoughts behind a video, its like a magician and his tricks. Conjurer of cheap tricks or not, I wanted to create a video installation of the thoughts and feelings behind the group. E n j o y .
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    Getting rid of ads with sound

    If your using chrome there's a setting where a sound icon appears when a tab makes noise, this setting means you can click that button and mute the whole tab itself. Which might help somewhat.
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    The Many Media

    We aint all cool kids
  5. mekkor

    The Many Media

    The Many Media Thread
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    Butterfly < Hurricane

  7. I did not go into this report wanting him banned, I just wanted him to understand what he did wrong for the future. We have all been there, we all make mistakes. We talked on TeamSpeak, I believe he has learnt from this and this will not be a problem in the future. I want to thank Lecasso for talking and understanding what went wrong. Thank you aslo the staff for helping, can we take this report down?
  8. Hey I just want to make some points about your post Lecasso: -Just because you felt you where in danger does not mean you can shoot a hostage -If you felt threatened and wanted to be safe, don't put yourself into that situation -From what I am told you shot William first unprovoked -You initiated gave me no specific time and you did not threaten me with death or being shot, how am I to know if this is just hostile RP? -In my opinion death should be the absolute last resort of any situation, you should prevent it at any cost That being said we can talk this out over Teamspeak Lecasso.
  9. Server and location: S1, Stary Sobor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 20/11/16 21:00 Your in game name: KeithKeitherson Names of allies involved: Thomas Bur, Damon Gates Name of suspect/s: Peter Shadow, Lecasso Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: We where playing on our Many characters. These characters are sociopathic chameleons. We act odd or a certain way to cause some sort of hysteria. Me and Damon started a conversation outside of the church. Thomas ran in and hit Damon due to a fight that he lost a while ago. Eventually we followed Thomas to a shed near Stary Sobor. Peter initiated on Thomas, and I raise my gun towards Thomas to act like I was alone. We converse some more, and then I decided to leave. I started recording on my return to watch over the situation. He ask Thomas to drop his clothes, Thomas declined. Then he asked Thomas to face the wall where I then heard shots. I ran to get to cover and to contact everyone, this is when i stopped recording. After a while I tried to escape the town starting up the recording again (Time: 1:12), after feeling like everything had settled I returned to regroup with my group (Time: 7:13). This is when Peter showed up again (Time: 8:00), he attempted but failed any actual initiation whilst stepping side to side and offering little to no role play. This is when he shot and killed me. //Mental: Fixed template
  10. mekkor

    Coldwater Media Thread

    Eyy this is lookin real nice there fellas.
  11. It appears I figured out a way, my first problem was uninstalling the new GeForce Experience, I simply went to the System Config application and unchecked anything not to do with Microsoft or Nvidia. Then I restarted my machine, downloaded the Driver manually and the old GE that came along with it. It seems to have worked but as we have established before it may not of for long. Thanks to all for the help and wish me luck. I would like to say /Solved but I can't really tell until tomorrow.
  12. The problem still persists, it worked for a day and then the same error occurs. I've retried the steps that MapleMoose suggested but to no avail.
  13. mekkor

    The Savages [Real Ones Only]

    Looks real nice, goo luck real ones.
  14. Trend the good news, thanks a lot MapleMoose, I am all good now. #Solved
  15. mekkor

    Staff Feedback

    Get this boi up to Mod already. Thanks MapleMooses for helping me play again.