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  1. The Many Media

    I don't usually express the meanings or thoughts behind a video, its like a magician and his tricks. Conjurer of cheap tricks or not, I wanted to create a video installation of the thoughts and feelings behind the group. E n j o y .
  2. Getting rid of ads with sound

    If your using chrome there's a setting where a sound icon appears when a tab makes noise, this setting means you can click that button and mute the whole tab itself. Which might help somewhat.
  3. The Many Media

    We aint all cool kids
  4. The Many Media

    The Many Media Thread
  5. Butterfly < Hurricane

  6. Coldwater Media Thread

    Eyy this is lookin real nice there fellas.
  7. Drivers, Programs and Crashes, Oh Me.

    It appears I figured out a way, my first problem was uninstalling the new GeForce Experience, I simply went to the System Config application and unchecked anything not to do with Microsoft or Nvidia. Then I restarted my machine, downloaded the Driver manually and the old GE that came along with it. It seems to have worked but as we have established before it may not of for long. Thanks to all for the help and wish me luck. I would like to say /Solved but I can't really tell until tomorrow.
  8. Drivers, Programs and Crashes, Oh Me.

    The problem still persists, it worked for a day and then the same error occurs. I've retried the steps that MapleMoose suggested but to no avail.
  9. Drivers, Programs and Crashes, Oh Me.

    Trend the good news, thanks a lot MapleMoose, I am all good now. #Solved
  10. Staff Feedback

    Get this boi up to Mod already. Thanks MapleMooses for helping me play again.
  11. Drivers, Programs and Crashes, Oh Me.

    What program? I haven't uninstall anything by my knowledge.
  12. Drivers, Programs and Crashes, Oh Me.

    I usually let GE do the hard work, wouldnt know how to uninstall a driver. I have moved recently so I will mess with the wires for now.
  13. Drivers, Programs and Crashes, Oh Me.

    That's a real sad no go, same issue.
  14. Sup my dewds, I have a problem. It has been a while since I have even touched my PC but I did not expect this amount of problems and I would really appreciate your help. First things first, When I try to open DayZ it loads and not a second later it crashes with this message in a window popping up: [align=center] " Error creating enfusion engine, possible errors:[/align] [align=center]-GPU not supported[/align] [align=center]-GPU drivers not actualized[/align] [align=center]-DirectX broken[/align] [align=center]-other kind of error "[/align] [align=left]When I tried to update my Driver I was told I needed a new Geforce Experience program (I have a GTX 760). I download it, it seems to have a few little bugs but nothing I cant get around. Then I try to express the Driver after installing it, after a few minutes it says "Installation Cannot Continue".[/align] [align=left]I have tried manually installing the Driver through the Geforce website.[/align] [align=left]I have updated DirectX through my DirectX in the DayZ directory.[/align] [align=left]ALSO/TL;DR: I believe the main problem is that Geforce Experience wont properly express the recent Driver. [/align] [align=center]Am sad, am without DayZ, am not real community member.[/align] [align=center]// Problem was solved but still persists[/align]
  15. Oh hell yeah, them rangers be back baby.