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  1. Was going to mention that earlier, but it didn't seem necessary, I was not wearing an arm band, and had just met up with Nisbo and Mekkor in Character, although we had been planning on meeting the characters themselves were only new friends.
  2. Simon Smith's view: We met up with these two men in Novi and after a few minutes of chit chat they told us to put our hands up. I consitered shooting them right there, but Lucas put his gun away so I did as well. The two men led us into the woods and we walked for five minutes or so. They told us to stop talking and many other conflicting things. Then they told us to sit down and so we did. They explained that we had to choose a name and that person would be a sacrifice. We didn't choose a name, so they took James aside and had Lucas and I fight each other. We sat down and refused to fight and they said if we didn't get up they would shoot us. At this point we knew it was against the rules to have us fight to the death, which they made clear was their intent, and we weren't about to do it. We started pretending to fight by swinging at the air, and eventually they said if we didn't start hitting each other we would die. I swung towards one of them and he mowed me down. They didn't really give us a choice about our deaths, and it was overall Bad RP. Also as one Final note, I think he changed his name because he was RPing a different character than his name said, so he was RPing Prince, and his name was Chuck in game. Hope that helps.
  3. Yookan

    Blackwood Uprising [Recruitment Open]

    Nobody likes you LegioN. No one likes you Randle. I like Randle.
  4. Yookan

    Blackwood Uprising [Recruitment Open]

  5. Requesting a closure because there are many other reports on the same topic, and it would be better if they were consolidated.
  6. Server and location: S4 Severograd Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 6:15 Your in game name: Peter Conlodem Names of allies involved: Chuck Harson, the Kingdom, The Brave, L.I.F.E. Name of suspect/s: the 10th Holy Crusade, Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: I had just logged on a few minutes prior, and had been on at a meeting between a few large groups about an hour beforehand. My friends and I had been at this meeting, and there was chaos in the IC radio because there had been an attack at the meeting. We were being very careful, and I managed to meet up with a number of the people who had attended the meeting earlier, and were members of the Brave, the Kingdom, and L.I.F.E.. We were trying to find a meeting spot away from Severograd since it was a big city, with lots of potential threats in it. We started moving out from the North-Eastern apartments in Severograd, and Chuck Harson and I split off from the rest of the group so that he could get more gear. We headed down the road, down a small path leading south. I saw some people on the other side of a fence. They started to shoot at me, and I yelled something like "Hey, stop shooting! What do you think you're doing? Who are you?" before they finished me off. There was no initiation on me, and I had not been involved with their situation until then. I was shot without RP, or anything else.
  7. Charlie ORieley's POV: I was running into the town, with the group, minding our own business when we started seeing people with Red/Orange armbands. We started greeting them when they initiated on us. I dropped the tire I was carrying in my hands and took out my MP5 and started shooting at the initiator. I killed him and swung around and started shooting at another man with an orange armband. I was shot and killed at this point. I spawned at Berizeno, and headed around Gorka, making sure to stay away from it, towards Alter, which is 1.5k meters away from Gorka. I met up with parts of my group here, and we got lost in the woods for a long time. I wasn't keeping track of when I died, and thought it had been at least and hour and a half, so when we headed back towards the town to do some recon I wasn't worried about the timing. I should have been checking the time, but the adrenaline made it feel as though it had been hours. We moved it towards the town and I was shot dead from a red house with no initiation or anything of the sort. Just shot on sight. Turns out it hadn't been as long as I thought, so I am willing to take the ban if that is necessary. All the best, Yookan
  8. Love the way this looks. Goodluck.
  9. Yookan

    Ads on the website

    It is really difficult to have an adblocker off, although I would love to help the site it becomes unbearable with all of the other stuff happening on the screen. I guess there are arguments for both sides, and although I'd love to be able to help with ad revenue, I don't do it on any other websites, and the change is not something that I can get used to easily.