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    " Do what I say you pile a' monkey nuts! " "Dumb sumbitch..."
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    This me my character
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    Damn back to the drawing board....damn kos rule lol Here goes number 2 probably get rejected too
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    Ok guys n girls.... I submitted my whitelist application a few days ago...mega keen to get on and play I was just wondering how and when you find out if your application was successful or not ??? Oh and can i still play via servers without whitelist?? Cheers Mason
  5. Greetings everyone, My name is Stephen and im 36 from the UK...Ive been into RPG games for as long as i can recall playing games like Dragon Age series, Pools of radience, skyrim, gauntlet, Forest Edge (Telnet/zmud)...others inc Final Fantasy series, startrek online and freelancer. Please feel free to add me open to all requests lol Cheers Ste