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    Character's Weapon of choice?

    My character is currently using an MP5-k with laser dot scope, flashlight and suppressor attachments with five loaded 30 round mags. The reason my character uses this weapon is because when the virus initially caught on, and there were Zombies everywhere, it was this MP5-k that saved his life countless times, the fact ammunition was so easy to come by, and that when backed into a corner swamped with Zombies, you can hold that trigger and let the bodies hit the floor. Although my character has considered replacing his MP5-k, he still abides by it, and also now carries a Mosin, which he hasn't once use.
  2. I'm currently working the majority of my dayz away - I've met one or two community members already, both really great RPers and helped me out quite a bit, gave me food and water, even ammo for my firearm and helped me find a scope for my MP5-K and AK47. Looking forward to meeting more of you guys!
  3. I'm new around here, thought I'd show my face and say "Hello!".
  4. I'm new around here, thought I'd show my face and say "Hello!".
  5. Avant

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I need my GUID reset please // Sung GUID reset, re-enter your GUID on the whitelist page