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  1. Rielth


    Apologies, but I wasn't recording during the incident, I didn't expect anything like this to kick off since it's been months since I saw full out combat in DayZRP, the incident came really out of the blue.
  2. Rielth


    Hey, I had been in the police station sorting out my inventory around the time that Alex was pointing a gun at Malcolm, and I was aware of the situation outside, however I never bothered acting on it. This kind of thing drifts by all the time, it wasn't anything special. I went on to pick up a torch I found lit in the police station, and walked outside with it, without my gun draw in any way, it was sitting on my back, I didn't expect any combat, or the situation to heat up any further. However once I got outside, Alex was acting with undue aggression towards the three of us. If I'm completely honest, he looked almost as if he was trying to show-off to DrShaw, play the 'hard man'. This isn't really anything I'm going to respond to with aggression, I was happy to let him have his moment, up until the point he said the words - "I don't fucking know him (Malcolm), I'll blow his fucking head off." Just as Infamous has, I'd like to emphasize on the point that he did not say "If I need to I'll blow his head off." He spoke a clear threat to us that he's about to shoot Malcolm, and he spoke it all with utterly undue aggression. So at this point of being threatened, I did as both Malcolm and Infamous (Ching Wang) did, I drew my gun and started shooting directly at him. He "initiated" on us with a threat that he's about to shoot us, so the train of thought that followed it was, "shoot him before he shoots us." I had no reason to doubt he'd shoot us out of the blue, as he already seemed to be showing off for DrShaw, and he was so needlessly aggressive, so I didn't stop to think twice before shooting at him. However this did cause collateral damage, DrShaw was killed when she shouldn't have been at all. But she was completely silent and disengaged from the situation bar the single line of text she wrote, not using her microphone at all, so it was easy to simply forget she was present at all in the heat of threats being issued towards us. Whilst I do apologize for DrShaw's death, I strongly believe that she must take at least some responsibility for her own death down to her silence and inactivity on the microphone during the situation, on top of standing behind someone directly issuing threats to others, it was inevitable that she'd be caught up in the shooting once it kicked off, regardless of if she had threatened us herself or not.