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  1. Lunara

    Screenshot of the Week Contest ~ New Features

    This poor guy got in my bus and immediately passed out. I don't know who you were, but I'm sorry we couldn't get you to the hospital in time
  2. Lunara

    Screenshot of the Week Contest ~ Hostage Situations

  3. Lunara

    Screenshot of the Week Contest ~ Scenery

  4. Lunara

    Screenshot of the Week Contest ~ Unedited

  5. Lunara

    The Wolves Media Thread

    Dan throwing up because of Ender's outfit...
  6. Lunara

    The Wolves Media Thread

    The one shot I wish I could've taken... http://pngimg.com/upload/pumpkin_PNG9366.png[/img]
  7. Scarlett hears the transmission coming in on her radio. She hears Jamie's reply and ponders a moment, trying to find the right words to say. A calm, but angry voice can be heard over the radio. "Sorry? You shot me, for no reason at all, and expect me to forgive you just like that? You must be fucking stupid." She stops a moment and takes a deep breath. "If my family wants to talk this through, then I won't argue. But don't think a simple apology will make me forgive you for what you did." The radio goes silent again
  8. Lunara

    The Wolves Media Thread

    The weather today was amazing
  9. Lunara

    The Wolves

    Welcome Noah
  10. Lunara

    [Private Frequency] The Wolves

    *Scarlett wakes up hearing Jamie’s transmission, cold and unsure where she is she pulls the radio out of her bag. Her hands shivering, barely able to hold the radio, she presses down the transmit button* *A calm but trembling voice can be heard over the radio* “It’s been hard for me as well. Having a place to mourn and to remember... I need it… I... Uh…” *The transmission cuts short as she drops the radio*
  11. Scarlet Wilson PoV: Me and Noah walked from GM to the barns, where we met up with Lewis, Nora, Zoja and Ender. While we were RP’ing inside the barn we heard someone laughing outside, then going “I see you”, so we all went outside to check. This is when we found a guy hiding in a tree who claimed some Russian guys had followed me and Noah. We told him to leave the area and he did. We went back in to the barn, and I heard Lewis from the outside commenting on this man’s clothing. (All his stuff looked badly damaged/ruined) and I came out to talk to him as well. The whole time we tried talking to him he was running away. I believe I made a remark about it being rude to just run away and walked back up to the barn, saying to Lewis “that kind of attitude might get him in trouble someday”. I then heard behind me something that sounded like “get back to the kitchen”. I walked towards him again saying “excuse me” but he ran away, so I followed him for just a few seconds asking him to repeat what he had just said to me. I believe my words were something along the lines of “if you got such a big mouth, why don’t you say it to my face”. Whereas he repeated himself. At this point we had circled him and I made a remark saying I felt offended by that. And we asked him to drop his weapon and put his hands up. Within seconds we were getting shot at from somewhere up North and Ender died. I did not hear the hostage say anything, I did fire a couple shots above his head to make him sit down, and he did. (I did say get down, but I don't think it was heard above the shooting) I then got shot and fired off a couple more rounds, which hit our hostage and killed him. I take full responsibility for doing so and felt really bad afterwards. It was not my intention to kill him, I realise that it was wrong and I’m not putting the blame on someone else for that. The only reason for the initiation was the fact that he was offensive towards me (IC) and acted rudely. It had nothing to do with the other person we had seen before. Though the connection between the two were clear when the guy we had previously told to go away came back, proceeded to lean over the body and put a hand to his face crying his friend was gone.. And that is when we told him to drop his weapon and he fired at me, getting himself killed. As for shooting the hostage, I take full responsibility for my actions and I know I was wrong to do so. I am extremely sorry, and if he wants to talk this out on TS feel free to poke me (Lunara – usually in the Wolves comms)
  12. Lunara

    The Wolves Media Thread

    Meeting Lewis and Alex for the first time (being photo-bombed by my awesome stick)
  13. Lunara

    The Wolves Media Thread

    Great pictures guys *clearly did not post this cause Jamie was fishing for compliments ;p