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  1. You absolutely right, I got lost the other day and ended up at debug and I found 3 car tents, and like 4 normal tents filled with loot.
  2. Please, please please. A lot of people say “wahhh, less RP everyone hides inside” but deadass I’ve been running around in the triangle for about 5 hours across the past week and haven’t run into a soul. At least with bases I know where to find people to vibe with. nb4 “You’re just unlucky there’s tons of people in the triangle” you right, but still.
  3. Really great. Though, I'm surprised at the lack of "Wow this is edgy" comments. Maybe we're finally progressing c;
  4. Tbh a lot of times people don't even really mean to break the rules, there's just so many it's easy to slip one. An example being dynamic groups vs. official groups. A big dynamic group might get in a scuffle and if that one homie forgets to say "put your hands up" and technically doesn't have any kill rights, I think that's fine and personally would just let it slide. Also there's things that don't make sense from an RP perspective, so I think as long as your RP is solid, I'm not gonna try to cook you on rules. At the end of the day it's a RP server, not a rule play server you know? I think i
  5. Oh, if you think that's a problem...
  6. The community got rid of base building because of loot hoarding, anything loot related is going to get shot down. Most people just want a sandbox open world chat room it seems.
  7. @YerYayo Moved IRL and hasn't got his internet set up yet, he's still active in our discord though, and is interested in playing still.
  8. Looks pretty good, I really like the little back entrance y'all put there. I know Rivers Crossing just got approved but I'm all for them having a prefab. I also like the little hospital, looks very makeshift. +1 from me, champion.
  9. SwampyMuffinz

    Flea Market


    It doesn't make much IC sense for our group to show. Might send a mole though just to see what happens ?
  10. You're right, it's about RP, which you yourself have admitted was good. We still hold that same standard of RP, gear or not. Thanks!
  11. Well, we've been active for quite a while and we've had no complaints and have been doing the same thing the whole time. I think we'll be alright, thanks for your concern, though.
  12. I'm sorry, but you're just wrong. Now that base buildings been removed, I suppose you'll see that clearly, as you can't really horde loot. This group operates best if it's mysterious. RP with us, you'll get it.
  13. The idea of the group is to lure people to us, or kidnap them and take them back to our base. That's why we were in the base, usually RPing with people we had kidnapped. We can still do that without fences, yes, it's just not as aesthetically pleasing imo. We're isolated because we're obviously a crazy group and don't mix well with the rest of the population of the server. It would make no sense for a bunch of people drugging and mutilating people to be in a main city. No disrespect at all, but I just don't think you really understand this type of group. You have to play a certain way no
  14. We find a lot of things during off hours when not a lots going on. We're not going to just not pick things up. I'm sorry you feel like an opinion came off as complaining. I know a couple of my guys definitely were complaining, and I asked them not to, and it won't happen again. However I suggest not letting someones opinion "Leave a sour taste" in your mouth. If our RP was good, it was good. The gear we had stored doesn't change that like, at all. In the most minuscule amount. You're welcome to come talk to me about it in DMs.
  15. Loved RPing with you lot today. Also, your base is mad cool, I absolutely love it. Don't listen to the Nay-Sayers claiming it's a rust base, because it's not. It's super well thought and and realistically put together. You guys did a really good job at not being 'hostile' but also showing that you could throw down if you had to. o7
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