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  1. This is going to be an unpopular opinion and sort of a double edged blade, but I personally think bases and such actually increase RP if done correctly. Not only do you have a HUB for people to come meet your group at, but I think having extra kits at home is vital for interactive RP. There will be times when people will outright avoid you because 'Oh I don't wanna lose my fancy m4.', whereas if you have another fancy M4 at base, you'll be more likely to interact with someone because if they rob you, you can go home and fetch another one. I know the counter-argument might be there's a lower quality of RP because people might be more hostile, as they're not afraid to lose their things because they can just go back and restock after a death, but i'd rather have low quality RP then no RP at all. I personally think for RP to thrive you need to have 'loot comfort', because gear fear is what hurts RP the most imo. I do think people go a little ballistic when it comes to base building sometimes, and maybe to offset this we could implement a rule were only approved groups would be allowed to build. I think that would fix a lot. Just my thoughts, though.
  2. Yeahhhh, I don't mind variety in zombie types, and tbh I would like to see different types, but the Tank Zombie is just annoying and doesn't really bring anything to the table.
  3. Those are some slick graphics, really cool stuff.
  4. I mean yeah, it doesn't really matter anyway. The patients themselves wouldn't know the history of the building, I mean, they're all mad. The most they would know is they've been there for "A long time". Like if you go to school, are you gonna know every single principle and the history of the building? Not at all. Plus mental illness on-top of that?? Hatty barely even knows what month it is lmao.
  5. Well there's no explicit sanatoriums on the island, so sometimes we have to take creative liberties. Bray seemed cool with it. Roleplay usually works best if you make due. Like doing the cigarette smoke animation while wearing a gas mask and saying you "Changing its filter". You're actually smoking, but the animation checks out. Sometimes you just gotta get creative my mans. I did ask though, just to make sure.
  6. Oooh, thanks. I think we might use that. Appreciate you
  7. That's a fair point, I just liked the alliteration of "Sleeping Springs Sanatorium" though. It was also meant to be a place that takes in patients from all over the world, so it was a pretty mutli-lingual place.
  8. Hey man, thanks for commenting, I appreciate you. As for it being too early, I think it's the perfect time personally. I think it would make far less sense for a group of crazies to have been hiding out in a sanatorium until day, say, 250. I feel like they'd break out as soon as the government began to collapse which is where we are now.
  9. I've noticed a lot of RPers in my 5 years in this server are sort of set in their ways with expectations of how everything needs to be, but we thrive on mixing the pot. I'm going to try my best to provide something genuinely interesting and different. I really appreciate your feedback.
  10. Well, they aren't all lobotomized, just a few of them. Also cameras didn't help during Jeffery Epstein. His death is still a mystery.
  11. That's a fair point. I'll consider that. As for the prison on Skalisky I already had a private conversation with a loremaster and they said it was alright. Thanks for the feedback, I'll come up with something. Maybe along the lines of because it was so secluded they lobotomized the patient to hide the staff death, fearing it would hurt their already crumbling reputation or something. What's your opinion on that?
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