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  1. SwampyMuffinz

    (Another) discussion about Offline raiding. *collective dissapointment*

    Wolfpack raided Nox 4 days in a row, 3 were offline. Being on the receiving in isn't fun. However you do have to think of what RP is being had in the other side of the fence. Like for you, you log on and your stuff is gone, however, when Nox and Golden hunt made an alliance, raiding WP was sort of a bonding experience for the 2 groups that solidified the alliance. It sucks being raided, but nothing you can do about it.
  2. SwampyMuffinz

    Server split?

    Conversations can evolve. Also I didn't mention any particular group, just stated what I've witnessed. I wouldn't offer constructive criticism, as you would probably take it as an insult. The few players that are left aren't even enough to fill one server anymore. I suspect people are just trying out Livonia for now though, I don't think many people will stay there for long.
  3. SwampyMuffinz

    Server split?

    I've literally heard them say "We cool with these guys? They got some pretty good guns" in radio chat on stream, and then rob the guy lol
  4. SwampyMuffinz

    Server split?

    There's only 31 people on, this time of day on a weekend 2 weeks ago there was a 20 man deep queue
  5. SwampyMuffinz

    Server split?

    I agree with everything you've said. The server at one point was Hardcore RP but has slowly devolved into softcore RP. People do the bare minimum to initiate "hands up or die". I was involved in a situation that was live streamed, and some other community members were in the persons chat, and they said "Wow their only pain RPing because they're a hostage." like no, I'm pain RPing because I took a bullet to my unarmored chest. It's at the point where people get annoyed when you try to RP because they just want to get into as many fights as possible. Ontop of that groups are metagaming. I don't mean to call anyone out, but one of the largest groups was allied with another very large group just because they "Didn't want to fight them" which is fair, however, it makes no IC sense for these two groups to have been allied. They're polar opposites. They just allied because they pick so many fights with everyone that they can't also be fighting another super group. People seem to have forgotten that even if you lose the RP can be good. You don't always need the W. Going back to what I said earlier about the pain RP, the quality of RP I'm general is just so low. No-one reacts to being shot anymore, everytime you get into a firefight both sides just insult each other the whole time instead of being concerned about their well-being of their group members well beings, and hardly anyone values their life. In a gunfight they just fight to the last man instead of maybe retreating or surrendering due to losses. And I'd you try to RP something serious you're mocked for it. I've seen people walking up to a group and members of that group ran to the people walking and said things like "Stop walking like edgelords" "What is this an anime intro? Just run". It's just no fun. At this point I'm certain you'd get the same quality of RP from an un-whitelisted server. It's seriously disappointing.
  6. SwampyMuffinz

    Nox An Victorum- The Death of our leader + Wolfpack

  7. SwampyMuffinz

    Nox An Victorum- An Alliance is born

    Was glad to be there! I look forward to more RP.
  8. Solomon grew up in poverty, his mother a Russian immigrant, his father barely in the picture. While his mother was working everyday, Solomon became somewhat of a delinquent. A product of his environment, you could say. His crimes were small at first, and for fun. Vandalism, breaking and entering, graffiti. Although at some point his view shifted towards money. Solomon left his home at the age of 22 to chase a business venture. Through connections and friends, he traveled to an island called Altis. It was wrought in political conflict, as well as domestic. It was ripe for illegal activity, so Solomon originally began illegally important cigars to the island. This built him a small empire, and he would expand his business to fencing illegal goods, vehicles, minerals, weapons. He was a cutthroat buisness man, and would sell out anyone as long as the other side was paying more. He sold arms and vehicles to the government, and to its resistance, made deals with the competition only to sell them out to their enemies. He had pulled himself up from the bootstraps and climbed from the pits of poverty into this corporation he had built. His business booming and needing room to expand, hearing news reports a country called Chernarus was in similar discord as Altis was when he had first arrived. So he purchased a warehouse, and a house, and traveled there. Violent and unpredictable, but intelligent and calculating, he is a master negotiator who uses violent outbursts and confusing language to intimidate and dominate everyone around him. Even after the apocalypse, Solomon still looks for a way to build a new business, profit, and come out on top of the world. He's determined to never be on bottom again.
  9. SwampyMuffinz


    I've never met you guys in game but you look like a force to be reckoned with! Love the use of uniforms
  10. I don't know if this video will be allowed/accepted because there's only audio, as I hadn't set up OBS correctly, but https://drive.google.com/open?id=1E5XgkElBjQsntxMXmfWlBqCpj3xGhsTn You can clearly hear not only in the tone of your voice, but in your words, you simply don't care about the situation.
  • SwampyMuffinz

    S1: FailRP/Baiting South of Novy - 11/6/19, 8:00

    Ah, sorry. You caught a single mistake I made - I meant "You just want to PVP." sincerely sorry, I usually have RP on my mind, not PVP - so it was an easy mistake to make.
  • SwampyMuffinz

    S1: FailRP/Baiting South of Novy - 11/6/19, 8:00

    Because you're not doing so IC. If you did, it would be different. You nearly even said "You're so shit at this game" during the first raid but you caught yourself. Do you expect me to upload 50 hours of unedited footage just to prove we'd barely interacted before the raid? I think the few minutes before and after initiation suffice for setting the scene, and you admitting several things helps as well. We all understood you were part of a scouting party. You're not very tact in conversation, so we figured it out rather fast. I was in fact just hoping to get you to admit that part to make a point, which is "What makes us the 'enemy' then?". We just had gear you wanted, right? Or were you just looking to PVP? When you initiated you just said "Hands up or die" we're in a compound, how would you even know if we had our hands up? Seems like you were doing the bare minimum just to be able to kill us. So as a military man, your character thinks the best route of action is to confront the enemy with less numbers, and sing in-front of them? Wouldn't you be worried about us overpowering you since you're "waiting for the rest of the lads"? Interesting how being a grizzled military man he would have such an immense lapse in tactics. Almost as if he didn't value his own life. Almost as if you were just hoping we'd tell you to leave or die, so you could just KoS us when they got there. In closing, your in-character actions make little to no sense. One minute you're so knowledgeable about how to act in a combat situation, but then you confront your enemy outnumbered and sing songs. There's obviously times and places to 'relax', and right in front of your so called enemy isn't it. You were singing and blasting music through your mic to annoy us. You put us in a situation where we felt we only had the choice to ignore you or initiate on you. After you singing failed to annoy us into initiating, you got your friend to try to imitate someone we knew so we'd come help him, and initiate. and you were calling him a part of "Xanarchy." and you pretended to initiate on and kill him, hoping we'd take the bait and come save our friend. When all your baiting failed, you initiated.
  • SwampyMuffinz

    S1: FailRP/Baiting South of Novy - 11/6/19, 8:00

    Through all of this you somehow still lack understanding as how quoting memes and singing songs during a firefight is "BadRP". You say you came to our base the second time to get retribution for your friend, as I said, great, but then why sing the whole time instead of bringing that fact up? Also you did attempt to put us in a situation where we had to initiate, as you were playing loud music while we were trying to go about our business, and continued even after we asked you to stop. Our options were: Ignore you, or initiate on you and tell you to leave, which is what you wanted, as it would let you fulfill your PVP fantasies. Convenient. Also, as I stated before, we had no footage and that's the only reason we didn't report. According to rule 4.3: The first raid, it definitely made no sense for you to attack us. Why would someone we warned of gunshots and offer the advice to run away from us want to kill us? Instead you asked to be let in several times, we told you no, you continued asking. You wanted us to initiate that night as well. You don't care about making stories or memories, you just want to RP. Also, according to rule 3.2 Why would, in a firefight say "That's the funniest thing i've ever seen, he was killed by a flashbang" and "Bravo Six going dark" be an appropriate thing for your character to say? You would be on edge, you would be worried, you would be aggressive. Instead you were laughing, telling us "You can't shoot through walls you make idiot".
  • SwampyMuffinz

    S1: FailRP/Baiting South of Novy - 11/6/19, 8:00

    Well the video shows you lot initiating on us for no reason, and you have admitted to playing music through your mic and singing, which you didn't stop even though the log clearly sees me ask you to stop with the music. In your reply you also deflect the accusation of FailRP. As well, you say we were pointing guns at you, which in the video you can clearly see none of us are. In fact we're all laying low in defensible positions, as we knew you would predictably initiate once we didn't fall for your bait. With this in consideration, I feel it puts all of your replies to this post in question. You are clearly deflecting and lying, and trying to sweep accusations against you under the rug. You know what you did was wrong. I know what you did was wrong. The only question remaining is if the staff can see what you've done is wrong. I would ask you, @NorwayRP to post your full unedited video of the first raid. Footage which I in fact know you have due to this video: Unless you have something to hide, that is.
  • SwampyMuffinz

    S1: FailRP/Baiting South of Novy - 11/6/19, 8:00

    The problem is not the constant raids. It's the lack of RP before hand. The two times you raided us, you stand outside and try to be annoying enough for us to initiate. When your bait fails you initiate with no reason. You said your reason the second time was because we held up your friend, that's fair. You however, just sing Africa by Toto instead of telling us that fact. And the raid previous you had no reason, as you came asking to be let in with your friend to get away from gunshots to the North. We told you it was too dangerous, and you should flee to the south. However, you came back with them and raided us. During the raid you said "Bravo 6 going dark" about 4 times just to make sure everyone heard your super funny joke. If quoting memes and singing songs isn't a breach of RP I frankly have little hope to make cognitive interesting stories with anyone.
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