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  1. You have absolutely no solid proof that I metagamed, because I did not. Gorka gave a VALID command to the man, which was stop talking. The man did not follow it, so he died. I didn't mean gear over RP, I meant that after any roleplay situation in which someone dies, there's always reports on it. I speak from expierence of other RPing games, DarkRP (Garry's mod) Arma III Life, PW mod (M&B Warband). It's always because someone's upset because they died. I might add Gorka hasn't even been tagged in this report so he has no knowledge of it. The rules state you have to give a demand and a consiquence, and that's what we did.
  2. Hello all! I was Mr. Blue in this situation. The deal was that I /actually/ was a part of the russians! I was playing innocent in-case some would-be hero's come along and try to save the day. This way, once the heroes freed me and hopefully my friends were able to back off a bit, I would be able to strike from behind. So the three of us were in a group, and ghille and gorka robbed ehhh, the other russian who wasn't with us, Norman, and me. So the thing is imo, it was a good situatioin and the RolePlay was fun. However, after anyones death there has to be a report, right? Right. Anyway, we had kill rights on everyone in the compound. Let me explain; gorka told the man in red that if he kept talking, he would die. And he kept talking. Therefore, far before I released the man, I could already put him in his grave! Obviously the hero's opened fire on us, and norman shot gorka. So whilst they were all looting I couldn't contain my rage anymore over them hurting my friends, and I snapped! I started with the other russian man whom was held hostage with us, put a single round through his skull, then shot at norman. I did this because I wanted the hero's to know their efforts were in vein. Then I was shot shortly after a small fire-fight with one of the hero's. Also, Mr. Gorka was just RolePlaying, he had no entention on actually killing the hostages after a few seconds, that's just what you would say in a real-life situation to get leverage, wouldn't it? So if anyone's focusing more on gear and deaths and bans than RolePlay, I'm afraid it's you lot.
  3. SwampyMuffinz

    Impersonation, Gear over RP, Bad RP, Arrogance on TS

    I was Karim in this situation. What they say is true, we did unkowingly impersonate them. I hadn't looked through the groups on the server yet; and we didn't really have anything concrete on the group we wanted except for the name "Wolf Pack." Which we called ourselves during two robbing situations. Technically, it is different from their name, so it wasn't 'Technically' impersonating them. However I understand the confusion, and it was simply a mix-up. Anyway, about the robbing. Jack and I spotted the two after trying to avoid a group of three who we thought was catching on to our charade that we were going to rob them, and decided to head to a nearby town. So we spotted them from afar, decided that one of us would play the "Wolf in sheep's clothing" (Again, sorry for the mix-up. Won't happen again). I would play friendly and slip amongst their ranks, learn their numbers, and find an opportunity to strike. We had a short conversation that ended with the two leaving to go to the military base. We followed them from afar, and I saw them change paths so I was planning on cutting them off. I saw them approaching the barn I was in, feigned ignorance, and played it off like I hadn't seen them coming, and they startled me. That's when I gave the signal to jack, which was removing the bandana from my face and putting it back on, and he sprung to action. I thought that perhaps if I fled around the side of the shed, they would surrender in hopes I would just save them. It worked, and I casually strolled back out from around the shed and gave a chuckle. We told one to get into the barn and handcuffed the other, and, in our adrenaline forgot to take their radios. We were only after a few things we didn't have, meds, a vest for me, and AK mags (Which we didn't know if they had or not, but might as well check them for.) As we were looting him he mentioned something like he belonged to a group and if we hurt them they'd kill us. So with this new information of a group, we were spooked and didn't want to linger too long picking through their things, afraid they would come and take hostile action against us for robbing their friends. We decided it'd be best just to get the hell out, and told the woman in the barn that if she came out we'd shoot her. Now, this was to prevent them from following us. Sure I could've said you can come out in 100 seconds, but if she found us she could fire at will and we wouldn't be able to due to the rules. So in order to prevent being hunted down we told them just to stay in the barn, and we ran as fast as we could trying to break line of sight because we had left them a rifle. Now, I won't lie, in terms of RP, it wasn't the best. However, it certainly isn't worth a report. We're relatively new to the server, and that was literally our second time robbing someone. I'm used to RolePlaying through text, and voice chat is a new medium I'm trying to get used to. I apologise if you feel like your time was ruined and it wasn't fun because of us, but I'm trying my best here.
  4. As he said, we robbed him and it was all good and done. After we got over the hill, we suspected that he was going to come after us. We headed into the treeline, at which point I got up into a Guard Tower (Those small green ones.) To hopefully wait until he passed us down the road for us to sneak in behind him to avoid further conflict. Alas, whilst I was up in that tower my stomach got a bad case of the grumbles. As I attempted to quench my hunger I slid through the wall of the Guard tower, and fell to my death. After which, I respawned, a bit frustrated with the game glitch-killing me. Upon respawning, my game ran out of memory and crashed. At that point I was frustrated enough with the game and did not log back on. I was Carter Black, by the way.