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  1. The names Pink, Jimmy Pink. It's been two years since my wife and children were ripped from this earth prematurely, the outbreak has cost me everything and I don't know what I have to live for anymore. I was born and raised in Berezino, not far from the beach and enjoyed a happy life growing up. My parents were middle class workers and had been good, caring parents. My father, Charlie, worked at the Docks and my Mother, Veronica worked in the local markets. I was 17 years old when I met Lucy, she was working in the supermarket and I was immediately drawn to her. For the next 15 years we were inseparable, quickly getting married and starting our own family. When the outbreak hit, we were both in our late 20's with two young children, Eli and Chelsea. We had survived pretty well for the first two years, mostly staying home but getting supplies as we needed. But that happiness was all about to change. It was 2014 when the horde arrived at our doorstep, I was out cutting wood in the nearby forest when they broke down the doors of my house and slaughtered my family. I returned that night a changed man.... a soul less man. Down on my knees, my children and wife dead in my arms, I vowed never to return to Berezino. That was the place that took my happiness from me. I left immediately and headed south, drifting and not really existing.... I am not sure what to do from here, the only thing I knew was I was NEVER going back to Berezino