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  1. New patch... coming out today? What is the time frame for the server implementing it?
  2. Auzaren

    Glitched VOIP, meta gaming, Uneacary killing of hostage.

    Jon Stone POV: I am looking for supplies in Dolina when I hear I truck's engine making sudden noise up by the garage. I move up to investigate and am aimed at and hand cuffed after revealing myself. The bandits are Butch and Rob Walker. I am kneeling down with Hajiit and Marek. Butch explains his background about looking for a photograph of his family stolen long ago, to which Marek states he doesn't give a s*** about. (Which was awesome). They then punch him in the back of the head, killing him. As time goes on Butch claims to have found the photo in Hajiit's pocket and then when Hajiit doesn't succumb to that powergaming they turn to me. I also state that I do not have the photograph and that maybe he is just imagining it. They "cut off my pinky toe" and "slowly cut throat", but that is soon forgotten when Hajiit suddenly breaks free, guns them down with an MP5 laying on the ground, and we escape. All in all, a very exciting hold up, but the power gaming and mostly the killing of Marek in that way spoiled the fun. Screenshots: http://imgur.com/gallery/IKjhT/new
  3. Can someone just give a quick explanation of how persistence works on the server? I want to possibly set up camp somewhere, but I don't know if everything is just going to be lost, or what I need to do to prevent that. Sorry for being clueless, but it's never quite clear when I look online. -Auzaren
  4. It is Day 2 of my white list status and I have played about 5-6 hours on the servers. Both at times with 50/50 people on. I have not seen a single person. I get the feeling that the entire population is watching me from behind darkened windows and shaded bushes. It is a strange feeling knowing how much interaction and life is happening, yet I struggle so hard to be a part of it. I need a group don't I? -Thoughts from a lonely traveler.
  5. Hey guys! Just got my whitelist application accepted this morning, and I am really excited to jump in. Finally, a server where something different can actually happen. See you in there. -Auzaren (Current Character Name: Jon Stone)
  6. Really interesting and insightful. The complication triggers aspect is such a great idea in application to this type of RP. Really can add some authenticity and variety in interactions. Will be trying it out.