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  1. Rich Tea

    Ban Appeal - Suspicious Account

    That's me right there xx Love you always
  2. Rich Tea

    Maybe KOS S1 Rogovo 22:20-22:30

    It was us in Cherno, the 2 hour timer may still have been going, I was shot in Cherno so the timestamp from that should help determine whether the KOS rights were gone.
  3. Rich Tea

    The Pinners [Active] [Recruitment: Open]

    <3 <3 <3
  4. Rich Tea

    DayZ STW!

    LOOL, Mc Double A :3
  5. Rich Tea

    Radio chatter rules have been updated

    Exactly this.
  6. Rich Tea

    What is your best hostage situation? (either POV)

    *COUGH* You beat Laura. That's why you died. nice last words by the way, what was it you said.. "you're a cunt"
  7. Rich Tea

    What is your best hostage situation? (either POV)

    That. Fucking loved it. I wish you guys were still around. It was as good for me (and Jenny I hope) as it was for you! I loved the aftermath... "Yes we have you some slaves..." (brings 15 people down to kick your ass)
  8. Rich Tea

    [UPDATED] My Story and who I am today. [New Chapters]

    *Imitates Elvis* Uh-huh-huh! Thanks, I'm gonna be modest and say I'm far from impressive lol, Just an average, motivated fella. <3
  9. Rich Tea

    [UPDATED] My Story and who I am today. [New Chapters]

    I'll start off with the sprints. When you go into a routine of exercies and specific exercises at that, your body and muscles adjust to that specific exercise after a prolonged period of time. When you switched to adding sprints into the mix aswell you essentially shocked your body. I guess you could say it wasn't prepared for it. It was expecting a simple jog/run. I presume you stretch before such long distant runs but will stress it anyway, make sure you are stretching before sprinting or running, especially if exercising your legs, as they are the largest muscle group and can be pulled/strained relatively easily. You may also have over-trained by adding sprints in, again, your body wasn't prepared so to speak, you should have implemented sprinting in slowly, maybe do a standard run but you could mix it up and when you reach halfway you could sprint for 100m, then run for 100m, sprint for 100m etc etc. and do that for a kilometer or 2? As for "breaking the wall", It's an issue that alot of people face, a sort of plateau. The only real way that I've learned, from other people, articles written from people's experiences and I'd say somewhat of my own experience is to: - Train - Eat - Alot of sleep Make sure you have a solid workout, I provided a calisthenics (body weight) workout in the OP which is what you said you have access to. Feel free to use that, experiment with it, try different routines, exercises. Improving your health physically can be challenging and I prefer to see it as an experiment. Test out different routines, mix things up, change it everyday, do not let your body get used to the same routine every day otherwise it will become accustomed to the same stress each day and won't strive to grow.. It will just... Satisfy. If you want to "break the wall" Train hard and then Eat, Eat and Eat some more. I know little to nothing about your body type but wherestill, I can be confident in saying the only way you will succeed in breaking that wall is going at it full speed. Sleep for 8-10 hours daily, give your muscles time to repair before going hard again. If you're running alot, maintain a high carb diet providing you with sufficient energy to continue running/sprinting without overtraining. With that said, If there's anything else, do not hesitate to ask again. I love answering!
  10. Rich Tea

    New torture method?

    Ayyy, glad to know it can provide an RP expansion for you! Thanking you Jamie boi, It would be interesting!
  11. Rich Tea

    New torture method?

    Definitely agree with that being an issue: "The main problem is that once someone starts this, everyone will pick it up and FORCE this state on people and claim 'Im a doctor'." On the other hand, yes, everyone reacts differently and people have different natural tolerances toward opium/opioid based substances however the only factor that will differ is how MUCH morphine/opioids that person needs to enter OIH. Some people may have too high a tolerance to it which the person can decide themselves negating the powergaming factor and if they have too high a tolerance they would end up dieing from overdose if someone continued to try and force them into OIH therefore without their explicit permission to continue dosing them (which would effectively kill them), you would need to stop injecting them with it.
  12. Rich Tea

    New torture method?

    I understand completely where you're coming from, It takes a varied amount of time depending on the person before they "come out of their shell" as an RP'er and some people never gain enough confidence to fully... "go for it" so to speak so it may help some, but I believe alot of those people would agree with me when I say there's nothing anyone else can do to bring them out, it just takes time and experience as an RP'er but maybe them trying to spice things up might allow them to experiment. Unfortunately you have to row your own boat, no one else can row your boat.
  13. Rich Tea

    New torture method?

    I agree with you in the respect that there are certain criteria which must be met for a character to have knowledge of this, It is for other people who may have a charcter who they feel should know this etc. I for one, won't use it on this character I'm currently using, Eddy Jaeger, but possibly in the future. With the whole "force them to react" aspect, I don't want it to be classed as powergaming by forcing them to react a certain why but I can't help but stress enough, this entire torture method revolves around FORCING them into a state of OIH. I wouldn't class it as powergaming when they're a hostage and you can do what you will with them so I agree with you on that one too.
  14. Rich Tea

    New torture method?

    Yeah, I can imagine it now, the issue I see most clearest is having to use alot of //Your pain sensitivity is rising and your heart rate increases etc. etc.
  15. Rich Tea

    New torture method?

    Yeah of course, It would have to be character specific, depending on whether your character knows about it or not. As far as I'm concerned Eddy Jaeger has no clue how to cause OIH and only "professional torturers" I guess would know about this lol, *cough* I lead a secret life *cough* Again, you're right in the respect that you won't get much out of someone if they're constantly screaming and passing out which is why, personally I would do it this way: Threaten them to put them into the state of OIH, and give them a dose each time they ignore the question or don't give the answer you wanted, getting them closer to OIH and if they continue to not answer you over time, well... I think they'll regret it.. hehe