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  1. Not a stupid one at all, the UI for it is a little wonky so bear with me. On the main menu where you see your character, flip through the pages of your characters by pressing the side arrow button. Flip through until you see an unnamed character and it allows you to customize the character instead of just renaming them. Once you customize them to your liking, press apply. To my understanding, this character will be the one used when you next respawn.
  2. At the main menu, create a new character with the appearance and gender of your liking. Then log into the server and kill yourself with 'f11'. Hopefully you should respawn as the new character. Not 100% sure this is how it works but it worked for me.
  3. Danny Greyson was a single child born in a middle class family in the United States. His mother and father both worked office jobs, raising Danny to eventually go to college and do the same. As a result, Danny did well in school despite it not being his interest area. Danny aspired to eventually become a pilot after he finished high school, whether it be commercially or for the military. Before his senior year of high school, Danny and his family took a trip to see the world as none of them had been out of the country. Having a curious personality, Danny is adventurous and enjoys exploring places such as abandoned buildings and the wilderness.
  4. CorbSlayer

    The Hanseatic Conglomerate: [Recruitment Open]

    Goals look pretty dope tbh, would consider being a part of this group (if i was active for more than a week at a time lmao)
  5. *Oliver would dust off the old radio he found as he looks out the window to the street below. He raises the radio to his mouth and presses the PTT button* "If there is anyone listening to this, my name is Oliver. I could use an extra set of hands with a "job" of sorts. It's something i can't do alone and i could use someone who is capable of using a gun and or driving a vehicle. If you are interested, meet me in Chernogorsk and we can iron out the rest of the details. And yes, you will be compensated for your trouble." *He releases the PTT button and waits for a response*
  6. Likewise, i find time to play when i can. Glad you're here regardless and welcome
  7. CorbSlayer

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    In my opinion, change it back. As long as good RP is provided, robbery shouldn't be something people are bitching about ooc'ly. It is an apocalypse setting, people are going to want each other's things and that's that. If good RP is not provided then simply report it.
  8. welcome back, i missed you buddy, might come back soon as well.
  9. CorbSlayer

    Where does your Political Compass lie?

  10. CorbSlayer

    Stupidest thing you ever did as a whitename?

    Played as a chernarussian character with an american accent
  11. Danny was a single child, raised in a low-income home in Baltimore, Maryland. His father was an auto-mechanic and his mother was a waitress. Due to the fact that both of his parents worked jobs, Danny learned how to take care of himself from a young age. This lack of parental guidance and presence also bred his attitude and personality. Nobody was really there in his life to teach him right from wrong, so Danny did whatever suited him. He didn't feel much compassion or empathy towards others. From a young age, Danny would always wind up in trouble. In his preteen years, he would typically shoplift from local stores, stealing candy bars, sodas, and cigarettes. As he became older, he began to endeavor into more dangerous activity. As a teenager, Danny became involved in the drug trade. Danny would help some buddies of his sell drugs, mostly marijuana and prescription drugs, to fellow teenagers and even a few adults. On an average weekend, Danny would make upwards of $500. Danny would drop out of school on his seventeenth birthday. During the summer of 2017, Danny was approached by a friend about a business opportunity in Chernarus, a poor eastern European country recently ravaged by a civil war. His friend told him that he had connections to the drug trade in Chernarus, and would like for Danny to travel with him to Chernarus to try to make a good bit of money. Danny agreeed, having already dropped out of school and having no real connection to his parents. While his parents were at work, Danny packed his bags and purchased a plane ticket and left the country in the middle of July.
  12. If a house has a fireplace with a chimney, you are able to craft a fireplace (sticks + rag) and place it in the actual fireplace, effectively warming you up and keeping you out of the rain.
  13. CorbSlayer

    Beni's Character Page Rating System

    i like +1