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  1. The Riptide Collective

    Sounds good, i'm free from around 3pm-11pm most days, so i should hopefully be able to make it if the meeting is not held today.
  2. The Riptide Collective

    If we're doing the meeting today i'm free until 9pm EST
  3. The Riptide Collective Media Thread

    Family Photo @Taryn @Otter Cool sunset over camp from a while ago Neat view
  4. The Riptide Collective Media Thread

    You spelled sweaty wrong
  5. The Riptide Collective

    So long buddy, we will definitely miss having you around, take care of your self IRL o7 ;_;
  6. Guide Section Remake

    I'm a huge fan of this, before the guides section was rather daunting and was hard to find what you were looking for. I think the changes you guys made in organizing the guides into sections was a good idea and will help people find what they are looking for. Good job guys!
  7. When you are a complete sellout


    1. Saints



  8. The Riptide Collective

    Farewell, captain o7
  9. o7

    Goodbye for now, i hope you come back soon. Take care ;_;
  10. S2: Cherno - ARDM (Invalid KoS) - 08/19/17 ~ 02:00

    Pretty much as @TheTrueHawk described, i logged in, walked into the stairwell of the building, then got shot by some random person i had never seen before. He didn't say anything to me, just straight up shot me. Not much else to it. Given that i believe it was RDM, i don't see a need for a report, i wasn't bothered too much by it, and some nice RP resulted from it.
  11. The Riptide Collective Media Thread

    A few screenshots from tonight's RP session
  12. Had an amazing and hilarious RP session with @TheTrueHawk @Taryn @Saintz @WulfeGirl @Otter @Jman14102 and anyone else i have missed. #VDV
  13. [GAME] Continue the Story

    Caught in a landslide
  14. The Riptide Collective Media Thread

    Must be nice...
  15. Danny Giovanni

    Danny was born into a lower-middle class household in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was the third child among three other brothers. His father, Geno, worked long hours at the steel mills for little pay. Geno insisted Danny's mother, Francesca, stay home to raise the children. A typical evening in the Giovanni consisted of Geno coming home late from work, often working overtime and hitting the local bar afterwards. Consequentially, Geno would come home drunk and angry most nights, taking out his stress and frustration on the rest of the family. He would physically abuse Francesca and the brothers on a regular basis. The oldest brother, Michael was typically spared their father's wrath after a night at the bar, as he was the favorite child. Michael made no attempt to stand up for the other brothers, except for Alfie, the second oldest brother and Michael's best friend. This left Danny to take up that responsibility. Danny usually tried to stick up for himself and Louie, the youngest of the brothers, when Geno made his rounds late at night. As a result, it was rare for Danny to get through a week without a busted lip, black eye, or cigarette burn. During his time at school, Danny met Vincent King, the leader of a clique that dressed and acted like greasers from the 1950's. Vincent had an attitude that appealed to Danny, a "take it easy but don't take shit from nobody" attitude. Soon enough, Danny fell in with Vincent's gang, the Street Serpents. Together they would hang around town, especially that the local diner. When Danny was fifteen years old, his oldest brother Michael moved out. This was about the same time that Danny found his interest in automobiles, especially classic muscle cars. The auto shop down the street, "Terry's Auto and Body", was offering a job to anyone willing to work. It didn't pay well, but any money was good money to a fifteen year old desperate for cash, and Danny was exactly that. Before he had a job, Danny would steal sodas and cigarettes from the local gas station. Once they caught on, he had to buy them from his cigarettes from his buddy, Enrique. Enrique was about seven years older than Danny, and sold Danny and other neighborhood kids cigarettes and alcohol for an inflated price. To be able to keep buying cigarettes and alcohol from Enrique, he would need a source of income. Danny was only fifteen, so he could not legally work at the body shop, so Terry had to pay him under the table, and what he did pay was not much. Almost every cent he made went into cigarettes and booze. The body shop was owned by Terry Donovan, a short but stocky Italian man who hardly knew how to speak English. He spoke in a mixture of Italian and English which Danny was eventually able to pick up on. Terry specialized in fixing up vintage cars from the 1960's and 1970's, which is where Danny's passion for muscle cars was born. Terry taught Danny the basics vehicle utility. Danny learned thing such as how to change oil, change a tire, jump start a car, siphon gas, and so on. The skills that Danny learned while working for Terry cemented his place in the Street Serpents. A few weeks after he turned eighteen, Danny stopped seeing Enrique around town, he just disappeared without notice. Danny kept working at the body shop throughout the rest of high school, earning a few raises as he got older. About a week after he graduated, Terry came to Danny, saying he received a letter from Chernarus addressed to Danny. It was from Enrique, telling Danny that he needed someone he could trust to help him move some guns across the country to sell on the black market. He promised that it would pay good money, and that meant very good money by Danny's standards . Danny, ignorant and desperate for cash, figured it would be a piece of cake and took Enrique up on his offer. Danny told his pal Vincent about the job and he was in as well. Later that day, Danny quite his job and stole $500 dollars from under his father's mattress and bought a plane ticket to Chernarus with Vincent to meet up with Enrique. Enrique met them at the airport in Miroslav, and drove him to the warehouse in Chernogorsk where the weapons were being kept before they were ready to be moved. The weapons they would be moving included automatic weapons, handguns, shotguns, plastic explosives, and everything in between. Just a few days before the weapons were set to be moved, all hell broke loose, and Danny's world would never be the same.