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    1. Crescendo


      ffs stop this meme died when it was conceived.

  2. Played as a chernarussian character with an american accent
  3. Made a new character, maybe i'll actually get in-game soon...


    1. Raptor


      Like father like son <3

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      It's your fault he's like this. My boy... My innocent little boy...

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      It's not a phase!

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      Father Phill , get my akm . And make sure it's full .


  4. Danny Knight

    Danny was a single child, raised in a low-income home in Baltimore, Maryland. His father was an auto-mechanic and his mother was a waitress. Due to the fact that both of his parents worked jobs, Danny learned how to take care of himself from a young age. This lack of parental guidance and presence also bred his attitude and personality. Nobody was really there in his life to teach him right from wrong, so Danny did whatever suited him. He didn't feel much compassion or empathy towards others. From a young age, Danny would always wind up in trouble. In his preteen years, he would typically shoplift from local stores, stealing candy bars, sodas, and cigarettes. As he became older, he began to endeavor into more dangerous activity. As a teenager, Danny became involved in the drug trade. Danny would help some buddies of his sell drugs, mostly marijuana and prescription drugs, to fellow teenagers and even a few adults. On an average weekend, Danny would make upwards of $500. Danny would drop out of school on his seventeenth birthday. During the summer of 2017, Danny was approached by a friend about a business opportunity in Chernarus, a poor eastern European country recently ravaged by a civil war. His friend told him that he had connections to the drug trade in Chernarus, and would like for Danny to travel with him to Chernarus to try to make a good bit of money. Danny agreeed, having already dropped out of school and having no real connection to his parents. While his parents were at work, Danny packed his bags and purchased a plane ticket and left the country in the middle of July.
  5. 2A06ACECD026BF23D6C9C1EA35EB8BBE6933A20C

    When you kill 6 unarmed men right off the bat

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  6. i think i'm going to be sick...


  7. My Last Jedi review: could have been better tbh...not bad...just could have been better.

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    2. CorbSlayer


      @Saints...left theater feeling disappointed:(

  8. Weather

    If a house has a fireplace with a chimney, you are able to craft a fireplace (sticks + rag) and place it in the actual fireplace, effectively warming you up and keeping you out of the rain.
  9. Show some love <3

  10. Show some love <3

    Alrighty bois lets do this... @Taryn My dayzrp mom. Great roleplayer, great leader, great friend. You put in a ton of work when it came to getting Riptide up and running in time for the lore wipe and i'd like to thank you for that c: i hope to come back to rp soon, miss you a ton @Raptor My REAL dayzrp dad. My favorite bad influence, promise to come back soon™. i appreciate ya <3 @Saints Really good roleplayer and a great person to chat with. Miss you pal c: @neckrorazul Lowkey the best RP'er on the server, miss the good ol' days rolling around with you right after the wipe @Macbrine oi...its a wild macbrine. Best blogger on dayzrp @knightcrasht good buddy from back in the day, love brainstorming character ideas with you @Shroud Lit nibba from way back let your boi know if he missed anyone
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  12. 10x Hall of Fame giveaway

    it's your boi hit me up wit that good stuff