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  1. CorbSlayer

    The Hanseatic Conglomerate: [Recruitment Open]

    Goals look pretty dope tbh, would consider being a part of this group (if i was active for more than a week at a time lmao)
  2. *Oliver would dust off the old radio he found as he looks out the window to the street below. He raises the radio to his mouth and presses the PTT button* "If there is anyone listening to this, my name is Oliver. I could use an extra set of hands with a "job" of sorts. It's something i can't do alone and i could use someone who is capable of using a gun and or driving a vehicle. If you are interested, meet me in Chernogorsk and we can iron out the rest of the details. And yes, you will be compensated for your trouble." *He releases the PTT button and waits for a response*
  3. Likewise, i find time to play when i can. Glad you're here regardless and welcome
  4. CorbSlayer

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    In my opinion, change it back. As long as good RP is provided, robbery shouldn't be something people are bitching about ooc'ly. It is an apocalypse setting, people are going to want each other's things and that's that. If good RP is not provided then simply report it.
  5. if you like halo you need to try halo online


    1. Mexi


      Is it only Custom games?.. Or can you actually play Slayer etc against anyone?

    2. CorbSlayer


      @Mexi there are quite a few servers hosted by people running slayer, king of the hill, ctf, infection etc.

      my friends and i haven't been able to figure out how to host our own server reliably but we only tried for like 10 mins. 

  6. on this day we lost a great man and a patriot, o7

    1. Raptor


      Come back when beta drops my son

    2. CorbSlayer


      will do, dad<3

  7. ill give far cry 5 a 9.5 out of 10, its definitely my favorite one in the series

    1. Raptor


      But the endings...smh

    2. CorbSlayer


      unpopular opinion but i was actually kinda fan...

    3. Raptor



    4. Cuntstable


      Far cry 3 is still my favorite tbh. Can't beat nostalgia. 

    5. Raptor



    6. Cuntstable


      Come to think of it Far cry 3 had the best endings i have ever witnessed . 


      1. You could choose to leave with your friends , and finish the game in a happy way. 

      2. Or you could kill all your friends and get a sex scene .


    7. CorbSlayer


      what i liked about the far cry 5 ending was that 


      the antagonist was right and you lost either way, regardless of what you chose which some people may not have liked which is understandable


    8. Cuntstable


      Farcry 4 Ending was shit aswell . 

      Far cry : Primal.... i don't even think anyone beat that piece of shit of a game.

    9. Raptor


      Whatever, Faith Seed is my new waifu

    10. CorbSlayer


      funny thing about 4 was that you were literally just a terrorist and the 'meme ending' at the beginning of the game was the one that made the most sense.

      also raptor that's facts

  8. welcome back, i missed you buddy, might come back soon as well.

    1. Crescendo


      ffs stop this meme died when it was conceived.

  10. CorbSlayer

    Where does your Political Compass lie?

  11. CorbSlayer

    Stupidest thing you ever did as a whitename?

    Played as a chernarussian character with an american accent
  12. Made a new character, maybe i'll actually get in-game soon...


    1. Raptor


      Like father like son <3

    2. Taryn


      It's your fault he's like this. My boy... My innocent little boy...

    3. CorbSlayer


      It's not a phase!

    4. Cuntstable


      Father Phill , get my akm . And make sure it's full .