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  1. Met a ton of new and old faces today. Shoutouts to @Roofstone, @Lexii, @Rory, and quite a few others. Great RP today! Stay frosty Vlad!
  2. Vincent King

    Born to Italian Immigrants Antonio and Maria King in Pittsburg, Vincent was no stranger to poverty. His father worked construction, and his mother stayed home to care for Vincent until he was old enough to care for himself, after which she got a job as a waitress in a retro 50's diner. Often visiting his mother at the diner, he and his friends frequented the place, and is also where his love for the era came from. Growing up listening to constant Danny Kaye, Bobby Darin, Ella Fitzgerald, and many other artists from that time, he spent his free time learning all he could about the era. Adopting the 50's culture, he began dressing, talking, and acting like a greaser from the era. At first, the kids at school mocked him for it, but after a few knuckle sandwiches, they kept their mouths shut. Some of the kids took on his style, and a few he invited to form a gang. After much deliberation, they came up with the name Street Serpents, emblazoning their jackets with their logo: A snake wrapped around a road. Soon, the Street Serpents became the school's most popular and exclusive group. Flipping the social hierarchy upside-down, the kids who originally picked on Vincent ended up being the ones who were picked on. The gang spent their time smoking behind the school, hanging out at the Downtown Diner, picking on kids, and later in life, working on cars. By the age of 10, nearly every Serpent had a girlfriend, and when things "didn't work out", they'd have another almost immediately. Vincent ended up teaching himself about automobiles, and spreaded his knowledge to the rest of the crew. After working part-time under the table at various places, he scrounged up enough money to buy an old 1957 Chevy Impala, which was basically a husk. He ended up working on her constantly, replacing basically everything, and even updating her a bit. When he was finished nearly two years later, he had a beauty that collectors have dreams about. Still only 15, he couldn't legally drive her for nearly a full year. Not as if he cared. When he wasn't with the gang, he was working on other junkyard cars, rebuilding them from the ground up. Although he didn't earn that much fixing them, he continued to fix them up for the next couple of years. After he graduated high school, Vincent and his boys continued with their routine of loitering around, smoking, fixing up cars, and drinking. That changed when Danny, a respected gang member, came to Vinny with a proposition. Apparently, some old mentor of Danny's was moving some weapons, and was looking for some extra muscle. And the pay was big. They all bought plane tickets and flew over to Chernarus, arriving in Miroslav, meeting Danny's contact at the airport. After being driven to a warehouse in Chernogorsk, the gang found shotguns, handguns, automatic rifles, explosives, and other goodies, all ready to be moved. Vincent was ecstatic; this was he and his boys' big break! At least, that's what he thought before all hell broke loose, and the dead started to rise.
  3. The Departed

    Then I guess you know when to fold 'em?
  4. The Departed

    Who's to say that? Can you see the future? Mama Murphy?!
  5. The Departed

    Yes, yes it does. It makes your post look like apart of the old meme thread. Why aren't you poking at the "holes" in other groups' lore. As for you not liking her answers: who cares? It's your opinion. You should keep it to yourself sometimes. She doesn't owe you an explanation to her lore. This. Your buddy says that he is surprised/upset OOC that you said no to NATO. He's salty that something in-game didn't go his/your way. RP is a two-way street. If someone doesn't wanna ally with you, that's fine. It's their choice. If they deem you unprofessional or anything else, they can say no.
  6. The Departed

    What's with the constant gifs of disbelief? Stop picking other people's lore apart. There's a fine line between constructive criticism and picking something apart because you're salty something in-game didn't go your way.
  7. Thanks @Elmo! I had a ton of fun with Novak too. Kept on thinking of that one town in New Vegas
  8. Ezekiel Venzor

    Ezekiel was born early in 2001, and was raised by abusive parents. Ezekiel and his younger brother were used as a punching bag by their father at an early age, and Zeke began to provide for his brother and himself, with his parents either high, or gone from the house. His parents abusive behavior ended up scarring Ezekiel both socially and emotionally, causing him to become a timid little boy. When he was six, Ezekiel and his family were in an automobile accident, which resulted in the death of his two parents. Both of the children survived, and ended up in foster care. Luckily, the two didn't spend long in foster care, as they were both soon adopted by a small town preacher and his wife. The change was a complete 180 for Zeke, who found himself in a loving home, and still with his brother. Despite the fact that it upset his parents, Ezekiel still claims that his parents' death was the best thing to ever happen to him and his brother. For the next decade, Ezekiel lived a fairly ordinary, if not boring life. Even with his loving parents, and growing up in a caring church, he still retained most of his introverted nature. Throughout his schooling, he was considered a nerdy, but nice guy; nice enough to form a relationship with a girl who many would consider out of his league named Selena. They both spent a great deal of time together for the next three years, often going to church together, as well as mission trips. For his fourth mission trip, the church planned to assist in the rebuilding of a small town in the country of Chernarus called Kumyrna, which was shelled in the civil war almost a decade prior. Ezekiel, his Father, Selena, and around a dozen other church members arrived about a week before the outbreak began. When it did hit, everything went to chaos. Infected ended up flooding out of the trees around the isolated town, killing many of the Chernarussians of Kumyrna and church members. After witnessing the death of his father, Ezekiel fled with Selena to the ruins of the church, locking themselves in the cellar. They waited there for what seemed to be hours, until the screams and the moans of the undead faded. It was when Ezekiel let Selena fall asleep on his shoulder that he noticed the bite on her arm. Being a nerd, he became aware of the situation that they would soon be in. Taking a piece of rebar near him, he held it ready with his free hand, with his other around his girlfriend. When her breathing stopped, Ezekiel began weeping, realizing that he was now completely alone. Wrapping his arm around his dead girlfriend's neck, he held her as she turned, then gave her mercy. He dug a shallow grave for her the next morning behind the ruins of the church, then retreated back to the husk of the building, hiding there until his few scavenged rations ran out. Once that happened, he took a dirt road out of town, not knowing where he would go, or what he would do.
  9. Ezekiel Venzor's POV: I had been with @RogueSolace and a few others running around for a couple of hours. No hostile action had been taken by any of us towards anyone. After being initiated on by Rat Pack outside of Stary, my friend @Sunny D were let go, while @RogueSolace and @Undead were taken back into Stary Sobor. Sunny and I waited on the outside of Stary for our friends to be released. We went back into the town after we saw Rat Pack leave and pass us, and met up with Rogue, Undead, and @Otter. After a bit of fun and entertaining RP, Solace had to bandage Otter, but as she was doing so, dropped dead as a gunshot rang out. No further shots were taken, and the rest of us took shelter inside the Stary Church. We hadn't done anything hostile to anyone for hours before this, so I see this as blatant KoS.
  10. 42.0hz (Private Frequency)

    *Ezekiel would respond to the last radio frequency* I'll be working extra hard to get that next shipment in. Unfortunately the crops have been effected by some sort of virus. It'll be another day or two before I can get anything else to you. Apologies on the delay, but I'll get it ready as soon as possible. Stay tuned, i'll get back to you as soon as the next shipment is ready. *Ezekiel would release the PTT button, put his radio away, and continue to tend to his crops*
  11. 42.0hz (Private Frequency)

    *Ezekiel messes with his radio, adjusting his frequency, picking up the frequency just after it begins* Glad to see that you enjoyed the drop. I would have had it sooner as well, but some of your boys came by and said they'd take care of it the day before. Hopefully we can continue this, seems to benefit both of us fairly well. I'll keep in touch. *Ezekiel releases the PTT and ends the Transmission*
  12. Your worst death in Dayz?

    Was fixing up a Bus in Stary with a friend when a group of 5-6 guys roll up. We offer to give these guys the bus but they initiate once we jump in the bus to see if we'd fixed it up enough to run. We comply and are lead to some woods to the south. We're told we're now slaves and are given some numbers. My friend refuses after a bit to comply and is shot in the head. They tell me to cut up my friend, and I do, experimenting with some psychotic traits and smear him over me to freak them out a bit. They ask to perma my character, despite the fact I've listened to their every command, and I reply no since I hadn't met them before or done anything to them. They kill me anyways, and an unsuccessful report later (lack of footage), I start the hunt for Kristof Vander, and still am. Hopefully it'll lead to some good revenge RP some day.
  13. Day Humanity

    +1, Nuf said
  14. I'm out see ya guys

    I guess good luck elsewhere Oh Dark One
  15. Todd's Art Thread

    Great work there Todd, miss seeing the Clowns actually showing bandits how to hostile RP