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  1. Marshall Nash was raised on a Ranch on the outskirts of Amarillo, Texas. WIP
  2. William "Liam" Knight spent much of his youth in his his hometown of Winter Park in Orlando, taking frequent trips around the world with his family. During his childhood, he often wrote stories in his free time, and eventually, at the age of 16, published his first novel. Embracing his love for writing, yet knowing that it wouldn't be a stable income, Liam sought further education, earning a bachelor's degree in Journalism. After working with the Orlando Sentinel for a few years, Liam joined USA Today as a field reporter. He found himself reporting from hostile environments such as South Sudan, Takistan, Croatia, Ukraine and most recently: Chernarus. Once the outbreak hit, Liam took his chances and stayed in the country in an attempt to document the event quietly, in case of a press censorship. Once it became apparent that the infection had spread abroad, Liam realized the mistake in staying. Falling in with a group of well armed militia that had been bought out by a wealthy businessman in the first hours of the infection, Liam did his best to help the group in whatever way they could as they made their way to an apparent "safe haven" promised by their benefactor.
  3. Wyatt Forsell spent most of his childhood in his hometown of Boulder in Colorado. The second to last youngest of five, Wyatt often looked up to his older brother, and always stuck his neck out for his younger one. As a teenager, Wyatt often entertained the thought of becoming an actor, but never followed through, eventually settling on creating a Youtube channel, which helped support him, along with other odd jobs he'd pick up. He split his channel into various different activities, from firearms, gaming and pop culture. Although his channel was by no means famous, he kept a moderate, loyal following. He often vacationed to various parts of the world, VLOGging his experiences. When his oldest brother, who was serving as a UN Peacekeeper was killed in Takistan in early 2017, Wyatt was crushed. During his mourning, Wyatt developed a mild distrust of native Takistanis. In an effort to move past his brother's death, Wyatt decided to take yet another trip, this time to his family's native land: Hungary. During his trip, he decided to extend his vacation to both Austria and Romania for another two months. While finishing up his trip in Romania, the infection gripped the country. Unable to leave the country as a result of the borders being closed, Wyatt was forced to remain in the country and fight for his life. For the next year and a half, Wyatt has moved from multiple different countries and groups, the latter of which have all dissolved from one thing or another. In the past couple of weeks, Wyatt has wandered into the country of Chernarus, and soon after, the region of South Zagoria.
  4. Definitely had a great time with all you guys. Thanks for helping me get by feet wet again @Conor @Aisling @Harvard and @InactiveNate!
  5. Nicholas Daniels was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to an Irish father: Sean and Italian mother: Maria. Throughout his youth, both Nick and his mother were abused physically and emotionally by his alcoholic father. To avoid his father's liquor-fueled mood swings, Nicholas spent most of his time away from home. After he graduated from high school, Nick applied to 28 different colleges, all out of state, and jumped at the opportunity to attend Portland State University in Oregon with an almost full-ride. After graduating at the top of his class with an associates degree in criminal justice, Nick was hired by the Seattle Police Department. Nick met his future wife, Christine, on a routine traffic stop during his first year in the department, where she drove off with his number instead of a ticket. Less than a year later, in 2009, the two were married. After two years of marriage, Christine soon gave birth to a son, whom they named Cole, and the following year Nick was promoted to detective. After solving a number of murder cases, Detective Daniels received commendation after commendation, cementing his position as one of the youngest and most successful detectives in the department's history. After being tasked with investigating a string of murders in 2014, Nick followed the trail back to Obshchina; the local Chechen mafia. After dirty cops leaked Daniels' progress to the Obshchina, the mob staged an assassination attempt to cover their tracks. While driving Cole to their nanny's house on Christine's and his' date night, a semi-truck rammed into the side of Nick's car, killing Cole and putting him in the hospital with thirty-four broken bones. In the aftermath of his son's death, Nick fell into a deep depression, and began drinking incessantly,. Becoming paranoid that someone purposely caused the accident, he became obsessed with finding those responsible for the hit, Daniels began spending entire nights at the office, which drove a wedge between himself and Christine. Nick's temper flared up constantly as well, resulting in multiple fights between himself and other officers. After decking his lieutenant, Daniels' was fired from the department, but was spared from criminal charges. Soon after, Christine left Nick, and moved out to live with her parents, leaving him nothing but a letter and her wedding ring. Daniels' continued to search for the man responsible for the death of his son after being dismissed from the department, becoming a PI to meet ends meet, as well as a cover for his activities. After finding the man behind the wheel of the semi, Nicholas 'interrogated' him, discovering Daud Basayev, the head of Obshchina had ordered the hit. After killing the driver, and dumping the body into the Salish Sea, Daniels' began casing Basayev's private estate outside of the city limits. When he was finally ready to put his plans into motion, Nick hired a discreet hacker off of the deep web to disable Basayev's alarm system. Sneaking into the estate, Daniels found Daud alone in bed. Drugging the mob boss, Daniels' dragged the man to his car, threw him in his trunk, and drove out to the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. Once the crime lord came to, Daniels gave him a monologue about how what he had taken from him, then shot him in the head, burying him in the woods. A few months later, Daniels was hired by a wealthy investor, named Jacob Cohen, to find his daughter Zoey, who had allegedly eloped with her boyfriend after he froze her accounts in protest to her decisions to continue seeing someone he saw as a miscreant. Without much effort, Daniels soon tracked Zoey Cohen to Chernarus, and soon found himself on a plane towards the eastern European country. As soon as he stepped off the plane, he arranged a meeting with one of his contacts in Belozersk, who informed him that he had met a foreigner named Zoey in a bar in Kirovograd. On his way to Kirovograd, he learned of an epidemic spreading in South Zagoria, although he paid little attention to it. Upon arriving in Kirovograd, he learned that leaving the country was no longer an option. As society began to fall around him, and with no way home, he decided to continue searching for the investor's daughter, knowing deep down that this was the only purpose he had left in life.
  6. I appreciate all the feedback from all of you, thanks
  7. With farming being implemented into the game, it's possible to have a small farming estate, where a player can grow their own food. Many farms don't only grow their food, but oftentimes they raise cattle, chickens, etc. Would it be considered powergaming to RP out having a cow or two for milk, or a few chickens for eggs?
  8. Iyezekiil Yevgeniy was born in a smaller town to the east of Moscow in 1990 to father Alexei Yevgeniy and mother Anastasiya Yevgeniy. His father was a carpenter, and his mother a stay at home mom. Once he was seventeen, he took on his father's occupation full time, working as his apprentice. He worked as a carpenter for his father for the next nine years, and continued into the apocalypse that engulfed the rest of the world. Early into the apocalypse, Iyezekiil agreed to travel out of Russia with a PMC group to clear infected out of the Ukraine. The night before he left, he wrote his family a note, telling them that he was leaving for Chernarus for a few months, and that he would be back soon. The PMC group didn't last more than a few weeks, as they were picked off by infected, whom they underestimated. Iyezekiil survived only by opening a manhole, and jumping down to the sewers with two other PMC operators. The two operators went north through the sewers to make sure they were clear, while Iyezekiil went south to do the same. When Iyezekiil arrived back at the rendezvous point, the others weren't there. After waiting four hours, he left, taking the sewers out into a lake. He continued south, knowing that without the clearance the other senior operators had, he couldn't get back into Russia. He began wandering, eventually arriving into South Zagoria, where he has remained.
  9. Second Issue is live. Find one in a town near you!
  10. Over the next day or two, fresh, handwritten newspapers would be found pinned to light posts, signs, billboards, and other various places around South Zagoria. Issue #2 THE CHERNARUS GAZETTE Wednesday, December 8th, 2017 PAU ATTEMPTS TO CONTROL PRESS The People’s Army of Ukraine recently held our field reporter at gunpoint after he approached them for an interview. After taking our reporter’s backpack and rifle, the proceeded to accuse the newspaper of spreading “lies” about their organization. During the interrogation, our field reporter managed to conduct a short interview of his own. After the interview, our field reporter was told that he could no longer write anything negative about the PAU, and focus on spreading false propaganda about them. He was also told that The Chernarus Gazette could no longer cover the goings on in any part of Chernarus or South Zagoria, except inside Stary Sobor. Our reporter was further intimidated into agreeing to their demands, and as one of the PAU soldiers stated, if we did not bend to their whims, they would have to “blow our brains out”. The PAU claims to be in South Zagoria to help the people, and bring peace and order to the land. All the while, they wave guns in the faces of civilians, rob them of their supplies, and try to keep the people of South Zagoria all blissfully ignorant of the reality of the world. It is unknown if the PAU’s true leadership has come with them to South Zagoria, or if they remain in the Ukraine, or even if they know of how their troops are conducting themselves here in Chernarus. There are also reports of the PAU actively searching for our news team; our field reporter/writer in particular. If the reports are accurate, they mean to silence The Chernarus Gazette through any means necessary, even murder. WOMAN FORCIBLY DRUGGED IN STARY SOBOR A woman named Quinn Gray was forcibly drugged on the 21st of November. The perpetrator, whose identity is unknown, managed to slip away before anyone could stop them. Quinn was left in a dilerium for quite some time after the unknown drug was injected into her. After becoming violent to others in the area, our field reporter momentarily restrained Gray with a Taser Baton, which in addition to her drug-addled state, knocked her unconscious. After coming to, and down from the drugs, Quinn returned to her normal self. POLICE OFFICER BURNT TO DEATH IN KABANINO Tragedy struck the small town of Kabanino last Saturday morning, the 2nd, when a police officer named Cecil was killed in a burning shed. During the beginning of an interview with the officer inside of a shed, both the officer and another man named Brock Spencer sitting in during the meeting smelled gasoline, before the temperature in the shack began to rose, and smoke filled the single room. When our reporter went to open the door, it was locked from the outside. As flames began spreading inside, our field reporter began trying to break the door down with a fire axe. Finally, the door gave way, and our field reporter and Brock fell out of the doorway, finally able to breathe properly. The officer, Cecil, was not as fortunate, as the flames consumed him during his escape. Before anyone could help him put the fire out, he was gone. Around four men stood around the shed, who had been present before the interview, muttering amongst themselves as we tried to save Cecil. The men opted to run off soon after, heading east towards Stary Sobor, with Spencer going with them. It is suspected that these men started the fire which lead to the death of Cecil. Only a few minutes later, Spencer returned to Kabanino, and sat with our reporter by a fire, sharing with him what he knew about Cecil. The pair then buried the man in the Kabanino cemetery. Only a single suspect was identified, one Hondo Francios. SURVIVOR PROFILE: BROCK SPENCER In this new addition to The Chernarus Gazette, we will include a report each Issue about a survivor that our field reporters have talked to in depth between papers. At the age of 23, Brock Spencer moved to Philadelphia, where he became a driver for an influential mob boss in the city. At the request of Mr. Spencer, the boss’ identity will remain a secret. The mob boss was liked by many in the city, and even did a large portion of business that was legal. During his employment, he became close friends with the mob boss, who began teaching him the tricks of the trade. After eight years of employment, the mob boss invited Spencer to accompany him on a business trip to the small country of Chernarus, as to teach him more about his line of work. When they landed at Krasnostav Airport, they found it practically deserted. Once near the outskirts of the runway, they found a man missing an arm, who Spencer states should have been dead. The man growled at the mob members, before charging at them. One of the enforcers escorting the mob boss brought the feral man down with a hit to the head. After this, more crazed individuals came out of nowhere, surrounding the group. The party ran to a vehicle that was awaiting their arrival, and sped away from the scene. Later, when the group stopped at a gas station to figure out what was going on, they met some people who explained the outbreak to them. After losing his group over the past months, he headed south, meeting the late Officer Cecil, who was recently burned to death by unknown pyromanics. TRADING OUTPOST ESTABLISHED OUTSIDE OF TORTUGA/STARY SOBOR A trading outpost has recently been opened outside the town of Stary Sobor. Starting off as a few tents with some spare supplies in them, the outpost quickly grew into a thriving business. The traders moved their business across the street and into a large red barn, allegedly to prevent theft, which was a common occurrence at the old location. The owner, only known as Joey, set up the outpost less than a month ago, but has quickly turned it into the biggest trading hub in South Zagoria. The outpost offers food, water, clothing, weapons, ammunition, medical supplies, you name it. Despite their improvements, some fear that a group only known as “the Communists” may try to bring down the trading operation, seeing it as an offense to their beliefs. Neither the traders, nor these “Communists” could be reached at this time for questioning. NEW SLAVERY RING PLAGUES SOUTH ZAGORIA A woman who was allegedly forced into slavery by a small group of bandits came to Tortuga (Stary Sobor) Thursday, December 7th. Estimates show that the group of slavers are at least 3-5 strong, and all heavily armed with automatic rifles. The escaped slave, who will remain anonymous for security reasons, claims that there were three other slaves when she escaped. The slavers also allegedly won’t enter Tortuga, supposedly in fear of the retaliation the civilians may give them. Their base of operation, as well as their “hunting grounds” are unknown at this time. MARRIAGE OUTSIDE OF TORTUGA TRADING POST A wedding was recently held outside of the trading post located on the outskirts of the town now known as Tortuga. The marriage was apparently a spur of the moment decision on the behalf of David and Fae Anderson, proposed by one of David’s friends, Josh. The couple were married by Minister Parker Lee on December 7th.
  11. Ezekiel would pick up the radio quickly, anxious for a response. "I did hear about the trader's moving, but not the reasoning behind it, so I do appreciate that. I'll also have to see if I can get down south to those communists I've been hearing so much about. I've heard they're holed up in Chernogorsk, is that true? Anyways, I do really appreciate the help; having an extra pair of ears is an amazing thing. If you need anything else, contact me here, or if we arrange a meeting in person sometime, I'll give you my private frequency. Don't want any Ukrainians to hear and try eavesdropping on it." He would end the transmission, grinning ear to ear, and happy to have someone else to help him gather the truth.
  12. Ezekiel replies quickly "Sounds good to me. Anything in particular you want me to collect for you as payment?"
  13. @EzraGlad to see you're still thinking of me. I'm lucky to have you as a friend.
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