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  1. Sorry about that, I have fixed my characters name.
  2. Anybody play Armored Warfare?

    Ive been playing AW for a while now and have gotten to the tier 9 m1a2 abrams if anyone wants to play! comment your username and ill add you
  3. Was whitelisted now im not.

    Hi, i applied way back in august of 2015 and was accepted, i also played on the server a ton but then my friend and i took a break and have recently decided to come back to rp. I went to the whitelist tab and logged in and it says i have to go through the whole whitelist application again. i can link my intro post and a question i posted a long time ago to help support what i am saying. I played on here with cherno and kony way back then. Could someone please help me get my whitelist back or let me know if anything happened. Links: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Hey-Guys--71478 http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Most-populated-town Thank you in advance, Boone
  4. Most populated town?

    Hi, I was wondering what the most populated city is now last time i played it was berizino is it still?
  5. Hey Guys

    Hey Guys/Girls, My name is Boone and im hopefully going to be whitelisted into the community so i can play with and meet you all. I look forward to meeting you guys, Boone