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  1. Whitelist Applications

    alright, well you have answered my question well enough, thanks alot and you may set this to solved now, unless im the one who has to do that i have no idea how this works
  2. Whitelist Applications

    i can try and find it in my history, ill reply again if i have it. found it, but noticed it was back in the dayz mod days, so maybe it was different then, anyways, here it is: so if im rejected forever now, and the new whitelisting system is activated, will it be possible for me to apply again? and if so, around when is it going to be activated?
  3. Whitelist Applications

    when i first wanted to apply, i watched a few youtube vids to get an idea of how to write stuff down, i remember in one youtube vid the guy said it was his fifth time applying, but i got to three and it says i can't apply more, what's going on?